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Start crowdfunding and get access to millions of £s in match funding to support your fundraising campaign. Reach your target faster and raise extra money with matched funding from our national and regional partners. 

We have over £10 million in match funding grants available via +Extra funding to support your charity, community project or sports club. Check your eligibility and see our live match funds below.

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Matched crowdfunding for your project

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What is match funding?

Match funding is an easy way to raise extra money for your campaign by getting grants from corporate or public sector organisations, foundations, or trust funds. They’ll pledge to top up your fundraising total with extra money, or they may agree to donate a certain amount for every £1 you raise. 

With +Extra funding, Crowdfunder’s match funding scheme, you could receive a cash boost to take you beyond your original fundraising goal. Our matched crowdfunding partners include bodies like Sport England, as well as corporate organisations and local authorities across the UK. Get started to boost your fundraising pot with match funding grants.

See live match funds

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+Extra funding: grants available through Crowdfunder

Aviva logo

Aviva Community Fund

📍 National

£50,000 extra

Taking action for climate or providing services to make people more financial resilient.

British Airways logo

BA Better World Community Fund

📍 National

Fully allocated

Supporting communities to create a better world and more sustainable future.

Sport England logo

Sport England: Movement Fund

📍 England

£15,000 extra

Grant funding to improve physical activity opportunities for your community.

How match funding works

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Who is eligible for match funding grants?

Crowdfunding campaigns eligible for match funding include:

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Community projects

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Sports clubs

If you’re raising funds via a Crowdfunder rewards project, then you’re welcome to apply for a top up from one of our match funding partners. Each match fund has its own criteria, so check this before applying. Please note that personal causes and prize draws are not currently eligible for +Extra funding.

Match funding stories

Read how real projects received an +Extra funding boost thanks to donation matching for their incredible crowdfunding campaigns.

Two older women laughing together

Empowers Elderly through Crowdfunding Campaign

+Extra funding: £18,855

With a mission to enhance the quality of life for older people, PramaLife crowdfunded to raise essential funds that will directly support their cost of living initiative.

Young boy playing football at dark with floodlights

Becoming more sustainable at York RI AFC

+Extra funding: £6,000

York RI AFC, like many others, faced rising costs due to the cost of living crisis. Their crowdfunding campaign was to ensure a more sustainable future for their members.

Match funding for community projects

We’ve got millions of £s of +Extra funding available for community projects across the UK. If you’re fundraising for your sports team, local park, or community hub, you could be eligible to receive crowdfunding grants from our national or regional partners.

Start crowdfunding

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Match funding for charities

Charities can access crowdfunding grants from corporate and public sector organisations via Crowdfunder. Match funding can take you beyond your fundraising target, helping you to take your campaign to the next level. Apply for +Extra funding today to support everything from your local hospice to international causes. 

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Become a match giving partner and help people in need raise extra money. Join the likes of Sport England, Aviva and British Airways today.

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Live match funds

Find regional and national match funding partners to top up your crowdfunding total.

Access match funding for your cause

Boost your fundraising pot with Crowdfunder match funding. Simply add your project, tell us what you’re raising money for, and we’ll help you find a potential match.