Community Business Crowdmatch

The fund is now closed, no further applications will be accepted.
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Inactive Power To Change: Community Business Crowdmatch project fund
Power to Change: Community Business Crowdmatch
Get up to £6,000

Up to £6,000 of extra funding to help start or grow community businesses in England such as community owned shops, pubs, sports facilities and local landmarks.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.


For full details please see the Community Business Crowdmatch Applicant Guidance

Please be aware the applications deadline is the 30th November 2019 and the remaining funds will be distributed on a first come first served basis.
Eligible organisations...

Must demonstrate they are running or creating a community business in England which has the following features:

  • Locally rooted
  • Accountable to the local community
  • Trading for benefit of local community
  • Broad community impact

Must demonstrate that the community business has charitable purposes at the heart of what it does. Charitable purposes can include:

  • the prevention or relief of poverty
  • the advancement of education
  • the advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • the advancement of citizenship or community development
  • the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science
  • the advancement of environmental protection or improvement
  • the relief of those in need because of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage
  • the relief of unemployment
  • the promotion of urban and rural regeneration
  • the promotion of social inclusion

Must demonstrate that the community business has at least one of the following impacts on the community:

  • Reduce social isolation
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Increase employability
  • Create better access to basic services
  • Improve local environment
  • Enable greater community cohesion
  • Foster greater community pride and empowerment

Must demonstrate how the funding will support the community business to start up or to become more sustainable.

Will have at least 3 unrelated local individuals on the management committee/board of trustees.

To receive a pledge, projects will:

  • need to achieve at least 25% of the funding target, which must have come from at least 10 unique backers
  • achieve the total project target (at least 100% funded) to receive the funds
  • agree to supply monitoring reports at key stages

Please see our Terms and Conditions

Get started on your community business crowdfunding plans

Up to £6,000 to support new or existing community businesses.

Do you run a community business and have plans to expand, or to diversify your activities?

Are you part of a local group which has a plan to set up a community business?

Community Business Crowdmatch will support communities to develop, test or grow your community business. Use the power of the crowd to raise funding to cover key costs, as well as build your network of supporters. 

Whether it’s a community building (shop, pub or hub), green space, an energy project or sports or arts facility or service - if it’s owned and run by the community this fund is for you.

Power to Change will match fund up to 50% of your target, to a maximum of £6,000, as long as you can raise the rest through crowdfunding.

There’s plenty of expert support and advice available to get you started on your crowdfunding plans from Crowdfunder and our sector experts. 

To apply for this fund take the first step and start crowdfunding. If you've already started, continue setting up your project.

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