£5,000 match funding for small businesses in the North East

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Offering support in response to COVID-19

The North East LEP offered +Extra Funding to Small and Micro businesses, charities, social enterprises and sole-traders seeking to cope in challenging trading conditions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding aimed to help the region's businesses to access an immediate alternative revenue stream, and a community of support.

This round of the Covid-19 Grant has been fully allocated, but you can still crowdfund in the North East by clicking the start crowdfunding button below.

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Got a minute to spare? Watch our 'how it works' animation. You'll get a brief overview of how crowdfunding works and what extra support, services and money that only Crowdfunder can give you. 

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How +Extra funding works

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 Start a new project on Crowdfunder, tell us the basics and a rough outline of your story. Then we can show you funds that you may be eligible for.

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You can then choose to make an application for a relevant fund. If a partner likes your project, they may agree to support it.

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Start raising money from the crowd and once you reach an agreed percentage of your target, one of our partners could boost your total with a large donation.

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