Up to £3,000 match funding for projects making a difference in Devon

Devon County Council and Crowdfunder have teamed up to support local projects that make communities stronger, more connected, capable and inclusive; helping communities have more control to achieve the things that matter most to them, in the ways that they choose.

Devon County Council have available £50,000 of match funding. Most pledges made by Devon County Council are typically under £3,000 per project.

About this fund

Active Dcc's Community Chest project fund
DCC's Community Chest
Get up to £3,000

Funding available for constituted not-for-private-profit organisations and charities, town and parish councils serving Devon.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

What can we fund?

Campaigns launching as part of CrowdfundDevon could be eligible for a contribution from DCC of up to 50% of their funding target (up to a

maximum DCC contribution of £3,000.* Constituted not-for-private-profit voluntary or community organisations (including town and parish councils) and charities can apply.

We are keen to support local projects that aim to make communities stronger, more connected, capable, active, safer, fairer and more inclusive; helping communities have more control to achieve the things that matter most to them, in the ways that they choose.

Crowdfunding projects must raise 25% of their fundraising target and must also have contacted the appropriate Elected Member/s about their project before being considered eligible for possible funding.

Eligibility criteria

Funding is available to support community projects within Devon, that help meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • benefits communities or places of interest by either making them stronger and/or more connected, collaborative, cohesive, capable, active, safer, inclusive and/or fairer
  • care for the environment and help tackle the climate change emergency by becoming carbon neutral with sustainable growth that both protects and makes the most sustainable use of natural resources
  • helps delay or reduce demand for Devon County Council services in the community
  • supports and enables vulnerable groups, and/or community safety, crime reduction and cohesion, and/or helps tackle social isolation/loneliness
  • demonstrates added economic benefits for the county, for example, developing the skills of local people and/or providing opportunities for people to actively support their communities
  • enables communities to enhance the look and feel of their local area, for example; making improvements to recreational areas
  • encourages active and sustainable travel, especially in or near to Exeter, Newton Abbot or Barnstaple.

The small print...

*Only projects registered on Crowdfunder are eligible for consideration of Crowdfund Devon extra funding. Monies pledged by DCC towards a project will only be released by DCC if the project goes on to crowdfund 100% of their project target within the original project deadline set, and only once the DCC terms and conditions applying have been accepted in writing.

** The area administered by DCC with at least 75% of the people benefiting from your project living in that administered area. Before applying you need to discuss your project proposal with your Local County Councillor.

DCC seeks to distribute funding in an even-handed way across the area of Devon it administers and reserves the right not to make a funding pledge to a particular project.

Please see DCC's Community Chest full terms & conditions.

Further help and support
CrowdfundDevon contains links to various advice and support resources to help your project become a reality. Also, for further help and support visit:



How to apply for this fund

Start by setting up a crowdfunder project, if eligible you will be able to apply 

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