Stronger communities in Angus

As part of Crowdfund Angus, Angus Council enabled individuals, businesses, and communities to create, establish and grow projects and services that made a real difference to local people’s lives.

Through a combination of expert crowdfunding coaching, events and grants, they supported projects to reduce child poverty, improve mental health and wellbeing, and increase accessibility and connectivity.

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Crowdfund Angus Community Grant

The Community Grant has been fully allocated, but you can still crowdfund in Angus by clicking the button below. You can see projects that are crowdfunding in Scotland here or check out the projects involved below. 

Live crowdfunding in Angus

Projects supported by Angus Council

Angus is a great place to live, work and visit – thanks to our strong local communities we use Crowdfunding to support projects that make a difference locally.

Shelley Hague, Business Manager (Funding, Policy & Projects), Angus Council

Crowdfunding in 60 seconds

Got a minute to spare? Watch our 'how it works' animation. You'll get a brief overview of how crowdfunding works and what extra support, services and money that only Crowdfunder can give you. 

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How +Extra funding works

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Start a new project

 Start a new project on Crowdfunder, tell us the basics and a rough outline of your story. Then we can show you funds that you may be eligible for.

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Apply for funding

You can then choose to make an application for a relevant fund. If a partner likes your project, they may agree to support it.

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Start raising money from the crowd and once you reach an agreed percentage of your target, one of our partners could boost your total with a large donation.

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