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Crowdfund Stirling Grant: up to £2,500

Stirling Council provides match funding for businesses, communities and individuals for projects which promote economic growth.
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Crowdfund Stirling

We're supporting great ideas in Stirling

Crowdfund Stirling is an exciting new initiative to support businesses and communities across our area. We provide an opportunity to crowdfund and promote all types of projects.  

Crowdfund Stirling gives your project a digital presence with access to a large network of potential supporters. Additionally matched funds have been created to help launch your project.  

Please note: It is important that you apply to Crowdfund Stirling as early as possible before you start your campaign and at a minimum one month before you launch. This will allow time for feedback, additional information and will ensure your project’s success. 

Contact Sarah Phillips for more information.

Crowdfunding is an innovative method of supporting projects and Crowdfund Stirling has the potential to deliver significant benefits for you and our area. 

Want to learn how to crowdfund? Catch up on our recent series of online workshops for projects in Stirling. 

Or find out more about support from the wider Crowdfund Scotland campaign.

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More Than a Post Office Stirling and Falkirk

We want to buy the local newsagents, lease the property to a social enterprise to run the Post Office, newsagents, sign post and host CAB.

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  • 68 supporters
  • £8.5k raised
  • 98 days

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