Crowdfund Stirling

Crowdfund Stirling is an exciting initiative to support businesses and communities across the area. We provide an opportunity to crowdfund and promote all types of projects.

Your project will have a digital presence with access to a large network of potential supporters. Additionally matched funds have been created to help launch your project.

This fund is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis. Please be aware that applications to the fund are not being reviewed at this time.

About this fund

Inactive Crowdfund Stirling project fund
Crowdfund Stirling
Get up to £2,500

Stirling Council provides match funding for businesses, communities and individuals for projects which promote economic growth.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

What is the Crowdfund Stirling Grant Scheme?

Crowdfund Stirling is a grant to help businesses and communities across Stirling to deliver the Economic Development priorities of the Council including:

  • Increasing visitor numbers and spend
  • Supporting new events that attract visitors from out with the area
  • Activities that stimulate growth
  • Activities that attract investment
  • Activities that increase export levels

For eligible projects, Crowdfund Stirling can match fund a maximum of 50% of your target up to a maximum pledge of £2,500

Applications to Crowdfund Stirling should be made as early as possible before you start your campaign, and at a minimum one month before you launch. Before completing your application please read our guidance notes fully. Read here.

If successful, you will be subject to Crowdfund Stirling's terms and conditions.

Who can apply?

Any Stirling based, business, local development trust, constituted group, charity, partnership of various groups or a Stirling branch of a national organisation. We would encourage your membership to be open to all.

Who can't apply?

  • Non-Stirling based organisations
  • Organisations running events associated with sectarian or political marches, protests, processions or any event deemed divisive.
  • Organisations with “closed membership” e.g. proposing and seconding or restricted membership except in the case of organisations where membership is restricted for legal or specific reasons.

What can we fund?

  • Buying new equipment, materials, expertise you do not already own that will expand your activities and encourage more people to get involved in your business/group
  • Advertising and marketing an event or a new brochure
  • Commissioning a technical study if you are developing a new facility or service
  • Travel costs for businesses/groups to attend a nationally significant event that aims to attract investment and/or increase customer base
  • Costs of running an event
  • Your project could combine a range of different activities but will be assessed on a case by case basis.

What can’t we fund?

  • Financial and other statutory charges
  • Expenditure invoiced out with the project timeframe
  • Recoverable VAT
  • In kind costs
  • Payments not supported by invoices

This fund is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

 Please be aware that applications to the fund are not being reviewed at this time. Want to learn how to crowdfund? Find out more about support from the wider Crowdfund Scotland campaign.

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