Glasgow Climate Challenge

Up to £15,000 in +Extra funding from Glasgow City Council went to planet positive ideas.

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Glasgow City Council and Crowdfunder joined forces to host #BackTheFuture LIVE: Glasgow Climate Challenge! The three finalists were awarded an +Extra funding boost to enable them to make a positive environmental impact on the city and its resident. Watch the LIVE event below.

And the winner is...
Bike for Good!

£13,322 +Extra funding from Glasgow City Council.

Bike For Good is a cycling charity based in Glasgow using bikes to do good actions.

Their aim to to foster an environment where cycling all year round is the norm, not the exception. They seek to address the imbalance in the cycling community and broader industry and create a healthier and more environmentally friendly Glasgow.

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Our three finalists

#BackTheFuture LIVE event

There was a chance for our three finalists to get their hands on £5,000 at our live-streamed event, as decided by our judges.

Bike for Good was crowned our winner and was awarded £5,000. Our two runners up were Stories of Glasgow and Locavore who received an extra £3,000 each from Glasgow City Council!

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