Crowdfunder's Fees

Date of posting: 15/01/2024

What are the fees?

Crowdfunder's mission is to tackle society's challenges by making ideas happen and our variable fees model helps us to achieve this. Any fee we charge helps us to improve Crowdfunder’s website, providing a secure and trusted place for fundraising across the UK and beyond.

These fees vary depending on what type of project you are raising funds for so please read carefully the information below and make sure you choose the correct option when adding your project. If you do not select the correct option, Crowdfunder will charge you the correct fee based on your project type.

Project type Platform fee + VAT Transaction fee Tipping +Extra funding fee
Charity profiles and fundraisers 0% 1.9% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 0-5% + VAT**
Personal fundraisers 0% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional N/A
Prize draws*** 0% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional N/A
Not-for-profit community projects, social enterprises, sports clubs 0% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 0-5% + VAT**
For-profit sports groups, for-profit campaigns, for-profit businesses and legal/regulatory proceedings projects 5% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 0-5% + VAT**
Community share offers**** 3% on the initial £300,000 raised, 2% on anything over £300,000 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 0-5% + VAT**

To see examples of how these fees impact the amount of funding you receive see this Help Centre article

* 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards

** Check the terms and conditions of the specific +Extra funding

*** Charities running a prize draw via a charity profile will have a reduced transaction fee of 1.9% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards / 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards. Find out more about prize draws.

**** In 2024, Crowdfunder will be offering a special 0.5% platform fee discount on the initial £300,000 raised for share offers that proudly hold the Community Shares Standard Mark before they go live. Find out more about community share offers.


Gift Aid data is available free to all projects (where applicable). If you would like our partner SwiftAid to process Gift Aid claims for you, they will charge a fee of 5% of the Gift Aid successfully claimed for this service.


Platform fee

On for-profit projects and community share offers Crowdfunder charges a platform fee of the total money raised by projects to invest into the platform so we can support more projects like yours. See above for more details on the specific rate.

Transaction fee

Crowdfunder charges a card payment processing fee of 1.9% or 2.4% on the amount you raise, plus 20p and VAT on each pledge made. If using a non-EEA card (for example, pledging from the US) the fee is 3.25%, plus 25p and VAT.

+Extra funding fee

A fee of up to 5% + VAT may apply to any match funding you receive from our partners unless we notify you otherwise. Pledges from our +Extra funding partners are not subject to transaction fees.

Optional tipping

Crowdfunder enables supporters to pay a little extra to help support Crowdfunder in its mission to tackle society’s challenges by making ideas happen. As a supporter pledges, they may also donate an optional tip to Crowdfunder.

Need more information? Please see our Help Centre.

The fees on this page apply to projects added from 15 January 2024 onwards. The fees for projects added before this date are unchanged.