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Remember Me

St Paul's Cathedral is fundraising to build a physical memorial to remember all those who have died as a result of COVID-19 in the UK.

With public support, it hopes to create a new memorial that people can go through into a tranquil space, draw breath and take a moment to remember the many individuals who have died as a result of the pandemic.

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Remember Me - messages of support


Christine Crowson 11th May 2021



Joyce Hibell 11th May 2021

I give thanks that I and my family were spared this devastating virus, but wish to offer support to those affected


margaret stott 11th May 2021

A wonderful way to remember the sacrifices made by all.


Victoria Rutter 11th May 2021

I lost my dad to the awful virus. He should still be here he was too young and I’m broken.


Anne Furness 11th May 2021

I am donating as I survived Covid pneumonia in January 2021 so grateful to all the amazing NHS staff in ICU I am alive when many did not survive. remembering all the people who died due to this terrible disease means a lot to me


Gillian Shaw 11th May 2021

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and others who are still recovering from this dreadful virus.


Robert and Diane Hollingsworth 11th May 2021

In memory of those less fortunate in a war against Covid 19


Alison Hewson 11th May 2021

Such a great idea, we had our first 3 grandchildren born in the pandemic and to have a place for them and everyone who lived and lost, to reflect on over this time would be wonderful 💓


Sonia Withers-Wilson 11th May 2021

We lost a dear friend to COVID and we want to support this amazing cause in honour of our darling friend Nick Freeney. RIP xx


Mrs Mary Marguarita Lock MBE 11th May 2021

My thanks to all who worked so hard to save lives including mine. Especially those in whatever capacity in the NHS who lost their lives helping all of us. Lest we Forget.


Sumita parmar 11th May 2021

Great idea , a place to grieve and remember loved ones .


Mrs Christine Brown 11th May 2021

My husband passed away 2 days into the first lockdown and I know was not alone in this. To honour those who have passed away is wonderful way of never forgetting them.


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