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Prize Draws

A great way of raising funds if you have something amazing to raffle.

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Big Impact

Could your idea raise more than £50,000 to make a big social impact?

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Community Shares

Communities are stronger when they own the things that matter most to them.

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Helping you raise more by giving you an extra boost

There's over £10million in +Extra funding available from a selection of national and regional partners to help support your charity or community project.

Helping you raise more with +Extra funding

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Crowdfunder for Charities

If you're from a charity, learn how our features and services can supercharge your fundraising efforts.

Join the crowd today and start your charity's fundraising journey on Crowdfunder.

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Start a prize draw

Prize draws are a great way to engage supporters, generate excitement and raise money on Crowdfunder. 

All you need is a great prize and an engaged audience to start raising funds for your great cause.

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Crowdfunder Knowledge Hub

Crowdfunder Knowledge Hub

The go-to place for all the advice and guidance to help you make your project a success no matter what stage you're at.

Interactive sessions

Join our interactive sessions

Our team regularly host live and interactive sessions to share all the tips and know-how you need to be successful on Crowdfunder.

The Help Centre

The Help Centre

If you're not sure where to start, our Help Centre will give you all of the information you need to see success with your crowdfunding project.