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Barking and Dagenham Community Fund
Get up to £10,000

Funding for local projects and initiatives which benefit the community or improve the lives of local people.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.


London Borough of Barking and Dagenham may pledge up to 50% of your project target, up to £10,000 maximum pledge.

Essential criteria

  • The project must be local to the borough and benefit people who live or work in Barking and Dagenham.
  • The project must have regard to equalities and diversity. It must therefore be inclusive and accessible to everyone.
  • The project must have strong local support, shown through a vibrant crowdfunding campaign.

Desirable criteria

  • The project helps residents into employment, or closer to employment, or brings economic benefit to the borough.
  • The project improves the health and wellbeing of residents.
  • The project builds cohesion in the community or encourages civic pride.
  • The project creates volunteering opportunities for local people
  • The project focuses on improving equality for a particular protected characteristic, as defined in the Equality Act 2010.

Download the Crowdfund Barking and Dagenham guidance here

Funds available for local community projects

Crowdfunding harnesses the power of the community, along with the local Council to support projects within Barking and Dagenham. 

The Council has put aside up to £120,000 to match funding that is raised from other sources. 

Projects which get local people into employment, improve health and wellbeing, encourage civic pride, and build cohesion will be considered for matchfunding. To access matchfunding you will need to complete a simple application process to show how your project meets our criteria. 

Projects can receive up to 50% (up to a maximum of £10,000) of their overall fundraising target.

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Get the word out

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