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Active Together

Get up to £10,000 to keep your community physically active

Crowdfunder and Sport England have teamed up to make £7.5 million of match funding available to help the sport and physical activity sector to recover, reinvent and build resilience.

We’re encouraging not for profit organisations who play an important role in keeping their community physically active to get involved.

If your sports club has experienced financial difficulty due to Covid-19, the emerging energy, cost of living or other local crises, or maybe needs to adapt how it operates post-pandemic, follow the link below to start setting up a crowdfunding campaign and apply for up to £10,000 match funding today.

If you have already started a crowdfunding campaign you can apply for the match funding via your Crowdfunder dashboard.

See the eligibility criteria below for more information.
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About this fund

Sport England: Active Together
Sport England: Active Together
Get up to £10,000

Match funding to help the sport and physical activity sector recover, reinvent and build resilience.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

Active Together - Sport England’s Extra Funding Scheme to help organisations recover, reinvent and build resilience.

This programme aims to help sport and physical activity organisations to move forward with priority projects and running costs that they might still be struggling with.

It can help with projects that cannot be afforded right now due to the impact that Covid-19 continues to have on an organisations normal income streams, as well as a broader spectrum of issues that most of us now face. It is a fund about recovery, reinvention and building resilience, so your project for example could be for:

  • facility refurbishments, maintenance or improvements,
  • adapting your facility to ensure a safe return to play
  • running new activity to meet demand, post-pandemic, helping your community to recover,
  • unforeseen events continuing to impact on your finances - fire, theft, vandalism or adverse weather,
  • the emerging energy crisis – changing your facility to lower your energy consumption.

Our match investment, of up to £10,000, aims to help organisations start to help themselves on the road to recovery. It's specifically targeted at organisations who have a role in supporting the nation to be active but who are experiencing short term financial hardship or the ceasing of operations due to crisis.

Ideally you should apply to us before you launch your campaign, however campaigns that have already launched and still actively fundraising may be considered.

To be eligible to apply, organisations must be:

  • Local sports clubs,
  • Charities, community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations that deliver sport and/or physical activity in their local community, including organisations that are not solely or primarily sports organisations,
  • Town or parish councils delivering activity within their community,
  • Education establishments that provide access for their whole community,
  • For the benefit of people residing in England.

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Individuals or sole traders,
  • For profit businesses or partnerships,
  • Local authorities, with the exception of town and parish councils,
  • Commercial sport and physical activity providers, e.g. private gyms,
  • Leisure operators.

Pledge Criteria

If your application is approved, you’ll get match funding of up to 50% towards your initial crowdfunding target, up to a maximum of £10,000.

To receive a pledge, you will need to do two things (the ‘pledge conditions’):

1) raise at least 25% of your initial target,

2) raise this from a minimum number of supporters

Following receipt of a pledge you will also need to reach 100% of your initial funding target to receive the funds from Sport England.

Please note, organisations that have already secured Active Together funding on three separate occasions will be limited to a maximum pledge of £1000. Please note, this funding will match donations pound for pound. Find out more in the pledge criteria.

Note – Sport England reserve the right to vary these pledge criteria; projects will be notified if their pledge criteria will vary from the stated terms above.

Before completing your application please read the full Eligibility and Pledge Criteria.

Funded projects will be required to agree to the Active Together Grant Conditions.


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