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We have helped loads of cricket clubs across the UK to produce campaigns that engage their fanbases at a time they need to most.

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Together we're making a difference at cricket clubs through the crowd

Cricket clubs are increasingly turning to Crowdfunder, working with their communities on a range of fundraising campaigns to generate essential revenue and meaningful fan engagement. 

We also have a pot of over £6 million in +Extra funding  to pledge up to £15,000 on grassroots crowdfunding campaigns.

When you create your project you will automatically be matched to our partners if you're eligible.

Get in touch for a chat with our dedicated sports team if you want to find out more.

Why Crowdfunder?

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Zero platform fees

If you’re raising money for a non-profit charity or organisation you won’t pay any platform fees, meaning you keep more of the money you raise

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Sports experts

Our dedicated sports team will sit down with you to shape your campaign

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+Extra funding

We have almost £6million for grassroots sports clubs

Ready to raise funds for your cricket club?

I'm crowdfunding for a profit-based sports group or organisation

  • 5% (+VAT) fees + transaction fees
  • Access to relevant +Extra funding
  • Ability to offer rewards
  • Access to free coaching and rewards
  • Dedicated team of sports experts on hand
Start crowdfunding

I'm crowdfunding for a not-for-profit sports charity or organisation

  • Zero platform fees
  • Could be eligible for +Extra funding
  • Ability to offer rewards
  • Access to free coaching and rewards
  • Ability to collect Gift Aid
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Crowdfund rugby

Crowdfunding and extra funding for rugby

Up to £15,000 of extra funding available for your cricket club

We're working with our partners, including Sport England, to channel over £6million of extra funding into local cricket clubs, charities and voluntary organisations.

We're here to help you every step of the way

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Live and funding in cricket

South Shields CC Hit COVID for six 2021!

Please help us raise funds to compensate for the significant loss of revenue due to COVID season of 2020

We did it