Prize Draws on Crowdfunder

Want to raise money for a cause and have an amazing prize to raffle off? Run a prize draw on Crowdfunder! They're really simple to set up and are easy to use from both a draw-runner and an entrant point of view.

 The basic rules are this: Each separate donation an entrant makes will count as one ‘entry’ into the draw. Entrants can increase their chances of winning by donating multiple times, therefore giving them multiple entries into the same draw. A winner is chosen from all pledgers when the draw closes, and they receive the prize!

Success Stories

Win Alex Turner's Fender Guitar

Prize draws can be hugely successful, as we saw when Arctic Monkeys raffled off Alex Turner’s guitar earlier this year, raising over £120,000 for The Music Venue Trust. The premise was simple - donating the suggested amount (or more) via the page gave you one entry into the draw, and you could enter/donate as many times as you liked.

One lucky winner got to walk away with a priceless piece of music history, and thousands of pounds was raised to help support The Leadmill in Sheffield, along with other venues in need.

Prize draw raised over £120,000 for 1 guitar

Setting up your own prize draw

Find a prize for your draw

Find a prize

Make it as unique, special and exclusive as you can.

Set up your project with your prize draw

Set up your project

Make sure it clearly defines how you're running the prize draw.

Go live with your prize draw

Go live!

Send everyone to the prize draw project and get them pledging to enter the draw.

Choose a winner!

Pick a winner

Choose a winner (or winners) and notify them that they've won a great prize! Dispatch your prize to the lucky entrant(s).

Please see our guidelines on prize draws here. There is also a useful article to read in our Help Centre if you need more information. Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries or questions.

Feeling inspired?

Start here and get your prize draw up and running in minutes.