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The top 100 crowdfunding projects

The results are in! Introducing the top 100 crowdfunding projects from the last 12 months, as nominated by the Crowdfunder staff. Together, these projects have raised an astounding £18,001,681, supported by 405,876 individuals.

The list embodies our commitment to empowering communities to enact change, creating sustainable solutions and transforming lives. These 100 projects are just a glimpse of our broader impact, with over 80,000 projects funded to date. Uniting for good, they highlight the power of collaboration in driving positive change.

Explore their incredible stories and let them inspire your own ideas.

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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image

1: Win Glastonbury Tickets and Support Turkey-Syria

Raised: £1,044,190

Supporters: 46,392

When the earthquake struck in Turkey and Syria, no one could have foreseen the support that came from across the UK. Where Oxfam and Glastonbury partnered together to raise over £1 million to support the Disaster Emergency Committees.

The prize of 10 pairs of tickets to Glastonbury's famous festival caught the imagination of the nation and even has seen them return in 2024 to raise even more for good causes.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image

2: Noah Donohoe Investigation

Raised: £179,023

Supporters: 5,909

The disappearance and death of 14-year-old Noah brought Belfast to a halt. With information and evidence difficult to obtain, filmmaker Donal Macintyre and Noah's family set out to conduct an independent investigation and documentary to help find more answers.

As the Crowdfunder project grew, the news of the story started to gain attention across the UK, with many more people coming forward to help or donate. We hope the documentary will help the family gain full details into what happened to Noah.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image

3: ERBD's Earthquake relief

Raised: £261,123

Supporters: 2,281

In an immediate response to the earthquake in Turkey, a group of employees of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) put together a response page for people to pledge towards supporting local organisations and non-government response groups.

The EBRD offered to match the donations 1:2, so as the pledges soared past a quarter of a million in under 60 days, this meant a huge amount was able to go to organisations on the ground in Turkey very quickly.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Let's smash the political silence on Brexit

Raised: £103,113

Supporters: 3,441

The European Movement group has been conducting research into the public response to the impact of Brexit, and they state that only 32% of the UK now support the decision to leave the EU. They created an awareness campaign to help those supporting their cause champion the aim of shifting the political agenda back towards cooperation with Europe.

Their actions have led to the issue being discussed in Parliament and even some decisions being reversed.

View project here

European Movement Group has raised £585,136 from 5 projects with 18,354 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Salford Red Devils community share issue

Raised: £363,770

Supporters: 1,290

The rugby league club Salford Red Devils took on another challenge to make their club the first fully community-owned club in top-flight rugby. With a share issue target of £250,000, they smashed their way through £350,000. Now, they are looking to see if they can take on the challenge of raising £2 million.

They imagined a situation where supporters could say 'my team plays here' as they come to the stadium, and that dream is coming true.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Securing the future of East Woods

Raised: £144,128

Supporters: 1,567

When a collaboration of local community and nature groups got together to form 'Otley 2030', they set out on a mission to make Otley a carbon-zero, sustainable, and fair town by 2030. As part of this ambition, they realised a key part of this plan was to secure green spaces in and around the town.

When the opportunity to purchase a 20-acre mature woodland arose, they created their campaign to secure East Woods for the future of their local community.

View project here

Otley 2023 has raised £155,392 from 6 projects with 1,718 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Blue for Bob

Raised: £69,191

Supporters: 1,990

Prostate cancer is the number one diagnosed cancer for men in the UK, with over 11,000 dying each year. When cricket legend Bob Willis lost his fight against this cancer, his story became a huge driver for increased testing.

The Bob Willis Fund launched the 'Blue for Bob' day, which has now entered its third year and is showcased at prestigious cricketing events and across Sky Sports and other TV channels to continue to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

View project here

Bob Willis Fund has raised £572,044 from 7 projects with 8,968 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Raised: £50,107

+Extra funding: £21,132

Supporters: 842

When the BA Better World Community Fund heard about the events in Turkey and Syria, they were quick to work with the Disaster Emergency Committee and their employees to raise donations to go straight to the emergency response.

The fund matched donations and saw over £20,000 in pledges doubled. Over £50,000 went towards immediate medical treatment for the injured, shelter for those who had lost their homes, heaters, blankets, warm clothes, as well as the provision of food and clean water.

View project here

Disasters Emergency Committee has raised £280,808 from 3 projects and 38 fundraisers with 5,243 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Uncovering the scale of the NHS's privatisation plans

Raised: £30,580

Supporters: 2,105

The EveryDoctor team were back with their 7th Crowdfunding campaign, focusing on exposing the amount of NHS services that are being privatized across the UK. Their privatisation map continues to provide a real-time view of Government and NHS decisions regarding our nation's healthcare.

EveryDoctor continues to campaign, fighting on behalf of patients and staff to secure the future of the NHS, regularly reaching decision-makers that are often difficult for the general public to access.

View project here

EveryDoctor has raised £225,865 from 7 projects with 11,908 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


East London Waterworks transformation

Raised: £547,447

+Extra funding: £20,000

Supporters: 5,120

When someone pitches the idea to transform a derelict East London industrial site into a community-owned natural swimming pond and a biodiverse park, it catches the attention.

A group of volunteers is now making this a reality as they develop a former Thames Water depot site, to provide a sustainable future designed to benefit the whole community. With over 5,000 supporters, they also received £20,000 in match funding as they went on to raise over half a million pounds.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


The Power of Lies

Raised: £100,524

Supporters: 2,962

A private prosecutor, Marcus J Ball, was responsible for building the case against our MPs to ensure that lying in government should become a criminal offence. During this process, Marcus claims there were underhand actions to derail the prosecution's case, and now he is on the journey of creating a docuseries to highlight what took place and what needs to happen for the case to be reopened.

Supporters of the campaign have been able to see Marcus's updates on a regular basis, helping the prosecutor at every stage of the documentary, which should be released in 2024.

View project here

Marcus J Ball has raised £965,162 from 8 projects with 26,885 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Save Our Venues

Raised: £2,353,753

Supporters: 1,250

The Music Venues Trust has been looking after and supporting music venues across the UK for over 8 years to keep the UK's music scene alive. As the industry continues to suffer due to increased costs, rent hikes, and landlords selling up to other property developers.

So they helped create a spin-off called Music Venue Properties with the aim of creating a community share offer that the public could buy into to help purchase venues nationwide. With an amazing response, now lots of MVT's members are setting up their own community share offerings to 'Own Their Venues'.

View project here

Music Venue Trust has raised £2,359,190 from 2 projects with 6,387 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Suds in schools

Raised: £37,862

+Extra funding: £5,000

Supporters: 1,139

The cost of living crisis has had an impact on us all, but many can't imagine having children go to school in dirty clothes as parents struggle to pay for electricity and detergent.

This is where smol has stepped in to create a number of school laundrettes across the country. Where people donating will help raise money for the schools to purchase washing machines, and they will continue to provide all the laundry products required to keep these laundrettes running free of charge. An wonderful story of how people and companies can work together to help every community.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image



Raised: £95,444

Supporters: 2,759

The King's coronation in 2023 bought up the topic of the 'relevance of the monarchy', something that is hotly debated. The movement called Rupublic used this opportunity to champion their cause to have a public debate about the role of the Royal Family in a modern democracy.

Whichever side of the discussion you sit on, there's no doubt you noticed the campaign across the coverage with the distinctive #NotMyKing campaign.

View project here

Republic has raised £149,149 from 3 projects with 4,681 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


All sound in the end

Raised: £46,590

Supporters: 1,242

After obtaining Carbon Neutral certification and gaining national and international recognition, the UK's inaugural music venue found itself grappling with the threat of closure, despite its accomplishments.

The Sound Lounge encountered mounting debts, escalating prices, and challenges in retaining staff amid the live music industry's struggle to endure the Cost of Living Crisis. Urgently, the committed management team appealed to their supporters to aid them during this period and ensure the continuity of remarkable Arts & Music initiatives accessible to all in Sutton.

View project here

The Sound Lounge has raised £84,364 from 3 projects with 1,765 supporters.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


The future of music

Raised: £73,227

Supporters: 189

Amidst the closure of music venues across the UK, choosing to open a new one requires a bold mindset. So when the concept of 'Corn Exchange' emerged in Newport, getting support from the local community would become essential.

Launching a £40,000 community share initiative, the team managed to surpass expectations by securing £73,227 from investors, as we now eagerly await the opening of the venue.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Go Big or Go Home

Raised: £71,441

Supporters: 1,483

Glosters Pottery were back with their second fundraiser, as the husband and wife team based in Porthmadog looked to expand their thriving pottery business.

As they've grown, they now employ 10 people and have run out of space to fulfill the orders flooding in. So, they came up with a convincing plan to presell items and offer rewards to customers who were able to help fund their expansion plans with great success.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Led by Donkeys

Raised: £81,824

Supporters: 3,823

The activism group 'Led by Donkeys' continued to surprise the nation with another instant reaction campaign.

As the words "Brexit has failed" left Nigel Farage's lips on Newsnight, the wheels were in motion to have his new slogan plastered across social media and huge billboards across the country.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Every Street needs a PowerStation

Raised: £80,728

+Extra funding: £20,788

Supporters: 731

The Optimistic Foundation were back with their third campaign, to help other streets around the UK transform themselves to create their own power in a sustainable way.

Having converted their street in London to generate electricity for all the residents, they started their mission to create a manual and a supporting documentary to help others start their Power Station journey.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Saving the Side Gallery

Raised: £67,278

Supporters: 1,900

With the arts and museums under threat from a lack of funding, the Side Gallery in Newcastle already faced the situation that the gallery was going to close.

Not happy with their fate, they turned to crowdfunding to raise the £60,000 required to keep the gallery open. The impact of the campaign saw a collective response from other galleries, and visitor numbers increased to help their cause.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Freeing Julian Assange

Raised: £244,674

Supporters: 4,490

Journalistic rights are never far from the front page of many news sources, but the case of Julian Assange has been one of the biggest showcases. With multiple jurisdictions and laws, Julian Assange and 'Wikileaks' released information that presented the US government as of having committed War Crimes.

As the US looks to extradite Julian Assange, the campaign to keep him in the UK and eventually freed is supported by Amnesty International, the National Union of Journalists, and Reporters Without Borders.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Free Aafia

Raised: £73,623

Supporters: 993

The US actions regarding the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and the handling of overseas prisoners have always drawn the attention of the global audience. Many of the detainees of these programmes are not provided with due process.

Dr Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist and mother of three, is currently held in a Texas Federal Prison, in the 13th year of an 86-year sentence for attempted murder. Human rights lawyers 'The Justice League' were able to fund their investigations and support for the case.


Preserving history

Raised: £60,780

Supporters: 1,116

Doc Rowe has been documenting the folk traditions of mainland Britain since the mid-1960s and has built up a vast collection of irreplaceable audiovisual material spanning 60 years.

When filmmakers Rob Curry and Tim Plester wanted to use some of his footage, they realized that vast amounts were not digitised and likely to be lost. They set out to digitise it all, and the rest is history.

View project here

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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Building a pub for the community

Raised: £547,210

Supporters: 508

When a local village community want to buy, renovate and run a thriving community pub and social hub, there's really no stopping them.

The Drewsteignton community took to creating a community share project that welcomed locals and visitors alike to invest into the running of their dream. With the climate of pubs and restaurants closing down across the country, this is a heartwarming story of how pubs can be repurposed to meet the needs of a community.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Save Sutton Community Farm

Raised: £60,845

Supporters: 975

Sutton Community Farm has been looking to secure it's future for at least the next 12 months, with a campaign to offer rewards to customers in return for their support.

Their mission is to provide locally produced organic fruit and vegetables from thier farm in south London. The community project is sustained by donations, sales and volunteers and has become a huge part of Sutton.

View project here

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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


In memory of Dean and Charlie Lowe

Raised: £53,645

Supporters: 1,147

Dean and Charlie Lowe sadly lost their lives after being struck by a van while walking home in Jersey. Their family started a page to collect donations for a cause close to Dean and Charlie's hearts.

Little did they know that they would go on to raise over £50,000 to provide support to those with learning disabilities, access to amateur dramatics for aspiring entertainers, musicians, and drama students.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


A fight to be heard

Raised: £35,505

Supporters: 1,212

With the Covid investigation well underway, decisions made to expedite the investigation have been thrust into the spotlight. One of those decisions saw public outrage from bereaved families, who believed that it's their right for families to be better represented during the investigation.

During the height of Covid the families formed the group 'Covid Bereaved Families For Justice', and their initial campaigning led to the investigation being held, but now the challenge is to be heard.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Oxfam's fundraiser for Gaza

Raised: £41,393

Supporters: 1,150

As tensions grew in Gaza, Oxfam was one of the first charities to start getting small amounts of aid into Gaza to help those most in need. As the situation heightened, they now await permission to re-enter Gaza to help install water aid and plans to restore water to the area.

Within a few hours of launching, Oxfam had taken over £30,000 in donations for their cause.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


What's real?

Raised: £38,144

Supporters: 973

In an age where 'Fake news' is rife in daily life, many will read fake news and take it as real, while real news is perceived as fake. It's truly very difficult to keep up with the outcomes of many news stories as they play out. The UK government has a Counter Disinformation Unit that polices the internet and other sources to make this easier.

But what happens if you suspect that real news is being censored? Big Brother Watch set out to take the first-ever legal action case against our government's Counter Disinformation Unit's actions.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Cricket for all

Raised: £37,392

Supporters: 1,475

A small village in Dorset made it into the national news after their cricket pitch was deemed too small for adult cricket. Residents of the houses surrounding the pitch regularly had to take cover from the sixes reaching their properties.

With the suggestion of only youth cricket taking place, the Colehill community came together to install larger nets on the edge of the pitch to stop the ball from reaching the houses, meaning adult cricket could continue for more generations.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Dancing for Vicky

Raised: £53,079

Supporters: 759

When you find out that your only option for MS treatment is to travel to Mexico, then you might not expect your friends to find most of the £60,000 to make it happen.

So it's even more surprising to see the dance scene in both the UK and Ibiza join together to hold a fundraising party on both islands for 'Vicky Drama'. Their fundraising campaign, along with prize draws, has seen the campaign reach their target.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


First past the post... forever?

Raised: £33,180

Supporters: 1,172

With studies showing that 9 in 10 people believe that our political voting system needs reforming to remove the first-past-the-post voting in favour of proportional representation.

Unlock Democracy believes they can gain the support of all the main party leaders to make a change, but they need more people to step forward. As they champion for the next government to be brave enough to make the change.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


In aid of Turkey

Raised: £55,266

Supporters: 754

As the impact of the earthquake in Turkey hit, Suleymaniye Aid took to Crowdfunder to raise funds with their campaign available in both English and Turkish.

The international aid organisation based in London was quick to establish contacts in the affected areas with the aim of providing funds for instant shelter and food to those in the most need. They raised over £50,000 in 40 days to make a real difference to many people's lives.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Building a new clubhouse

Raised: £83,439

+Extra funding: £10,000

Supporters: 396

The impact of Sport England's places and spaces fund can be seen in full force when clubs like Pontefract use the power of their players and members to maximize the match funding.

Setting a target of £20,000 to refurbish their clubhouse, the rugby club turned to its local community for support to unlock £10,000 in funding. They went on to raise a phenomenal £80,000, which has allowed the club to also look into further improvements.

View project here

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Save Our Hope

Raised: £103,250

Supporters: 450

Hope Fashion prides itself on creating wearable and stylish British women's clothing for real body shapes and proportions. So when faced with potential closure after planned investment into the company fell through, they started a prize draw for vouchers and a makeover.

They went on to raise an impressive £100,000, which has given them the room to continue on and build for a stronger future.

View project here

Hope Fashion has raised £167,912 from 2 projects with 538 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Vans without borders

Raised: £68,026

Supporters: 614

When aid was stalling to get into Ukraine, many took to unconventional methods of getting food and supplies into the area. Vans Without Borders took it upon themselves to make several trips from the UK to Ukraine to ensure aid reached the people of Ukraine directly.

The work they did saw them heavily featured in The Telegraph, The Sun, and The Express newspapers, as well as television coverage on GB News and the BBC.

View project here

Vans without borders has raised £118,793 from 11 projects with 1,172 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Visiting the mountain gorillas of Rwanda

Raised: £31,590

Supporters: 1,301

The international wildlife conservation charity Fauna & Flora, which operates with conservation partners in over 40 countries to protect and restore habitats.

They were raising funds to help protect the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Many people remember their initial campaign back in 1978 after Sir David Attenborough came to them with a plea to save them following his famous encounter with them in the wild. They launched an amazing prize draw to win an experience to visit the mountain gorillas, an opportunity that would typically be out of reach for most of us.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Reopening the Rhubarb

Raised: £45,225

Supporters: 885

Local residents in Barton Hill were able to save their local pub from the hands of potential housing developers. After securing the site, they needed to press on with plans to transform the Rhubarb into a community pub that offered locals a place for music, community groups, workshops, and affordable food.

They set a target of £35,000 and smashed their way to £45,000, as donations still keep coming in to help them develop the pub further.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


A welcome hand

Raised: £68,103

+Extra funding: £33,484

Supporters: 413

The Welcome Centre is the largest independent food bank in the UK and supporting the Huddersfield community for more than 25 years. Their biggest challenge quickly has become how do they help people trapped in long-term poverty and unsure how to break free.

With our funding partner Aviva they raised £69,000 to help grow their Advice, Guidance, and Support (AGS) team to start making a real impact by helping people regain their financial independence.

View project here

The Welcome Centre has raised £135,485 from 2 projects with 737 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Fibre to Fabric

Raised: £41,273

Supporters: 567

As times change and the skills taught become more digital. Areas of the country known for certain industries start to fade away. In Northern Ireland Mourne Textiles are standing up for famous textile industry.

They are striving to keep the textile business green and sustainable, to harness innovation and tradition. As they raised over £40,000 to restore vintage flax processing and spinning equipment, allowing them to revive the full natural fibre manufacturing process and make it fit for the 21st century.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Rising to the top

Raised: £42,002

Supporters: 566

Setting up a new bakery in the current climate could be seen as a tough task. However, with years of experience in the restaurant and food industry, Anna and Paris took the leap in opening up the Quince Bakery in Islington with the support of over £40,000 from their soon-to-be customers.

Having started out in April, the pair were able to confirm this December that the lease had been obtained and the building work was now well underway.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Streets of London

Raised: £30,115

Supporters: 1,366

Streets of London is a charity aimed at helping those who are homeless on the streets of our capital. They set up a series of amazing prize draws with donations from the music industry. With the chance to win Mark Knopfler's guitar leading the way.

If you're running a prize draw series, you'll be hard-pressed to beat a list of prizes that featured items from the Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, Coldplay, Duran Duran, Florence + The Machine, Frank Turner, Freya Ridings, Lewis Capaldi, Paul McCartney, Stormzy, The Vaccines, and The 1975.

View project here

Streets of London has raised £138,286 from 41 projects with 6,850 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


A musical legacy

Raised: £31,269

Supporters: 704

Following a brain tumour diagnosis Ian Stephenson didn't let that stop him with his ambition to create a song book of his music compositions and the creation of a new music album.

Ian is a highly regarded in the music industry for his abilities as a musician and composer after playing in bands such as Kan, Baltic Crossing and 422. So as Ian undergoes his treatment, he will be focused on delivering something amazing for his army of music fans.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Medical Aid for Palestinians

Raised: £31,053

Supporters: 910

Labour MP Jess Phillips headlined the news agenda following her cabinet resignation due to Keir Starmer's approach to the Gaza crisis falling short of Jess's convictions.

As the MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Phillips had already established a strong relationship with the organisation Medical Aid for Palestinians, following visits to the region. So when they launched a Crowdfunder together and the publicity, it was no surprise to see them raise over £30,000 to help those in need.


Conquering Everest

Raised: £274,341

Supporters: 910

Former British soldier Hari Budha Magar set out and achieved the title of becoming the world’s first double above-the-knee amputee to climb to the summit of Everest. A huge success that saw Hari feature across all the major news stations, including the BBC.

In addition to raising a significant £270,000, his project even saw two sisters take on an Arctic Ultra, covering 430 miles on foot in -40°C, to help raise another £7,000 for Hari's cause.

View project here

Hari Budha Magar has raised £290,016 from 2 projects with 1,086 supporters.
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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


The Archer Project

Raised: £105,686

+Extra funding: £50,234

Supporters: 579

When an idea to serve breakfast to the homeless in Sheffield from the Cathedral turned into a new location and services to support the most vulnerable in the area, The Archer Project was born, and they quickly became integral to the city.

Through setting up a Crowdfunder to raise funds, they opened up access to Aviva's funding, which saw an extra £50,000 pledged to take their total raised to over £105,000. This amazing amount will now be used to help more vulnerable people gain access to the tools to rebuild their lives.

View project here

The Archer Project has raised £198,813 from 5 projects with 1,305 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Celebrating 50 years

Raised: £38,032

Supporters: 694

The Christian music event 'Greenbelt Festival' was approaching its 50th anniversary. Looking to commemorate this landmark, they set out to design and publish a large-format full-colour 256-page book, full of striking designs, photography, and graphics inspired by the festival's past, present, and future.

With the incentive of having your name printed in the book, they went on to raise nearly £40,000 and invited all the contributors to the launch of the book at an exclusive event.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Ticket to escape

Raised: £44,369

Supporters: 445

When the Russia-Ukraine war began, many Ukrainians were forced to flee into Russian territory. Once there, they found a new challenge as many wanted to escape to other neighbouring countries. However, with sanctions in place, many found that their bank cards and credit cards were unusable in Russia.

This project gave people the opportunity to donate money to buy these people bus and train tickets to allow them to escape to relative safety. As of July 2023, they had bought over 19,433 tickets.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


MUD for everyone

Raised: £56,315

+Extra funding: £24,756

Supporters: 508

The Manchester Urban Diggers had a simple plan to use their existing market garden programme of providing free meals for thousands of people to further use by opening their local sanctuary to refugees coming to the UK.

They established weekly sessions bring to asylum seekers, refugees and friends of all ages out of isolation to celebrate different cultures, their recipes and stories from their homelands. Helping those stuck in contingency hotels, temporary accommodation and hostel to work or connect with their new country.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Black Friday strikes Amazon

Raised: £25,717

Supporters: 958

When Amazon workers in a Coventry warehouse took on Amazon over their pay and employment contracts, they made history. Supported by the GMB Union, they fought to get improved pay to ensure a living wage for all employees working for Amazon in the UK. The story was covered extensively across the UK and US media around their Black Friday strike action, and the strikes are continuing into 2024.

Their Crowdfunder was set up to help support these workers while on strike, where they raised £25,000 to support their cause.

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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Brian Haw remembered

Raised: £25,651

Supporters: 1,039

In June 2001, Brian Haw began a peace protest at Parliament Square in Westminster, where he remained for nearly ten years. Now in 2023, campaigners following in his footsteps set up a campaign aimed to fund the installation of a small statue of Brian, facing the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, creating a permanent symbol of protest for peace.

It's now been confirmed that the statue will be placed at The School of Historical Dress, and following some additional donations, it is on track to be installed shortly.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Christmas prize draw to help cancer sufferers

Raised: £22,398

Supporters: 1,154

Every year, the Hebridean Men's Cancer Support Group holds a Christmas Prize Draw, and every year they receive amazing support from businesses, fundraisers, and individuals. This year's draw saw them accrue 126 prizes to create one of the largest prize draws on our site.

More importantly, it attracted over 1,100 supporters and raised £22,000 through the prize draw and a further £1,000 through their charity profile page. All with the aim of providing support to cancer sufferers and their families.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Community Owned Arches in Hackney

Raised: £32,392

Supporters: 466

When faced with a hefty rent arrears and the increasing chance of more local businesses coming into the same situation. The Hackney community came together to raise over £30,000 to keep three east end companies situated in the famous Hackney arches.

This quickly became more than the story of these busineses as they look to obtain a community land trust and change the rules at a local level. In order to create permanently affordable spaces for the diverse communities of East London for generations to come!

View project here

East End Trades Guild has raised £50,154 from 2 projects with 586 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Defending human rights for all

Raised: £23,506

Supporters: 889

When the Civil Liberties Trust heard that politicians were looking to take the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights, they knew they had to take action to highlight the wider impact of the decision.

Citing that the convention has held our government accountable for unlawful use of mass surveillance as well as being instrumental in forging peace in Northern Ireland, their fundraising gained traction, raising over £23,000 to help create awareness and educational material around any potential decisions.

View project here

Civil Liberties Trust has raised £138,774 from 7 projects with 5,046 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Making ways better

Raised: £38,362

+Extra funding: £19,508

Supporters: 508

Imagine having access to a digital platform that maps out all walkways, enabling you to walk, run, or ride with ease. A platform also allows you to report any issues hindering pathway usage or blockages. Additionally, users can suggest new pathways where people are currently forced to take more hazardous routes.

This is the vision of Make Ways, and with over £30,000 raised, the development of the site has commenced in early 2024.

View project here

Slow Ways has raised £55,006 from 2 projects with 1,473 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


A new home, a new hope.

Raised: £55,778

Supporters: 288

Kijana Kwanza (Young People First) supports disadvantaged young people in Tanzania, particularly orphans, street children, and victims of child labour, by providing access to education, vocational training, and life skills training.

So when twenty orphaned boys, aged 6-12 years, were evicted from their home as their orphanage closed, Mohammed Sadiq Mamdani wanted to build them a new one.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Turning the page

Raised: £32,568

Supporters: 548

When a local charity bookshop found itself in a predicament, facing a repair bill exceeding £30,000, they were hesitant to divert funds from those in need.

Books Revisited in Coleshill raised over £30,000 without compromising their ongoing support for MAE Hospice patient care. As their shop operated under a full repairing lease, they turned to the community for assistance.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Feeding Tower Hamlets

Raised: £57,000

Supporters: 309

Bow Foodbank was started by local residents to ensure none of their neighbours go without food. The current cost-of-living crisis has seen more people than ever in the UK needing the support of food banks.

Helping the people of Bow and Tower Hamlets, the food bank has delivered over £1 million worth of food to families, pensioners, and those in need. They turned to the community to raise money not just to feed the community but to focus on how they could together start to tackle the crisis.

View project here

Bow Foodbank has raised £98,153 from 2 projects with 571 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Debbie's fundraiser

Raised: £24,000

Supporters: 832

Debbie Morton was diagnosed with Metastatic Osteosarcoma (primary bone cancer) which spread and tragically claimed her life.

Determined to support Debbie's children, family and friends organized a prize draw for the campervan through Crowdfunder. With a prize draw of prizes contributed by friends, they raised over £24,000.

View project here

Alice Brown + Milo Locke have raised £24,905 from 2 projects with 856 supporters.


Coexist into the future

Raised: £63,090

+Extra funding: £47,500

Supporters: 286

Coexist Community Kitchen in Bristol aimed to raise £50k for the refurbishment of their community kitchen. The project gained significant attention when it was revealed that the kitchen aimed to support individuals dealing with mental health challenges, food insecurity, domestic abuse, and even those at risk of trafficking or seeking refuge from war.

Through the combined efforts of the community and our funding partners, they surpassed their goal, raising over £63,000 with £47,000 provided through our funding partners. This funding not only covered the refurbishment expenses but also allowed them to expand their services to the community in a sustainable manner.

View project here

Coexist Community Kitchen has raised £108,305 from 3 projects with 559 supporters.
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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Fact checking Brexit

Raised: £22,884

Supporters: 729

Rejoin Resources was established to offer a verified status update on the statistics concerning the UK's departure from the European Union. Recognising the growing desire among the majority of UK citizens to reconsider our previous European agreements, they sought funds to support action groups in uniting with consistent and accurate information. The resources will be professionally designed, written, edited, and fact-checked for easy sharing.

Their fundraising efforts provided the opportunity to recruit their first employee, marking a transition from a volunteer-based initiative.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Rebuilding the Sutton Hoo

Raised: £26,487

Supporters: 488

If you've watched the Netflix film 'The Dig', you'll be familiar with the tale of the ship, the gold, and the potential grave of King Raedwald. The archaeological excavation to uncover the burial ship of the Anglo-Saxon King at Sutton Hoo has captivated the imagination of history enthusiasts and treasure hunters alike!

The local community recognized this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconstruct the ship using the designs of the recovered pieces, with the intention of sailing it along the original route. Perhaps there's another Netflix special in the making!

View project here

Sutton Hoo Ship's Company has raised £28,610 from 2 projects with 577 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Brick by Brick

Raised: £27,821

Supporters: 508

When Dundee's Maryfield Tram museum received planning permission to fully restore the site, they embarked on a fundraising campaign to finance the build. As the site gained popularity among locals and tourists alike, they estimated they needed around 2,500 bricks to complete the restoration.

The concept of selling virtual bricks online for £10 each propelled them towards their £25,000 target and enabled them to secure the necessary funds to commence the restoration work.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Foxie's Future

Raised: £45,754

Supporters: 329

When the Girlguiding group decided to close a popular activity centre in the New Forest and put the Foxlease site up for sale, the local community wanted to ensure they could purchase the land to secure its future and remain a site that can continue serving the area's children.

With a potential valuation of £3 million, the group has so far raised over £666k through a mixture of crowdfunding, grants, and low-interest loans as their plans continue into 2024.

View project here

Foxie's Future has raised £90,640 from 20 fundraisers with 1,067 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Creating a Fair Farm

Raised: £97,100

Supporters: 193

Tyddyn Teg, which means 'fair farm' in Welsh, is seeking community investors. With the appealing slogan ""Have you ever dreamed of buying a farm?... for as little as £100!"", the Tyddyn Teg Co-operative aims to attract more investment opportunities.

They are seeking to reach their target of £400,000, and so far, Crowdfunder's supporters have contributed £100k towards that goal for this community share offer.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Safer streets

Raised: £21,673

Supporters: 703

The charity Neighbourhood Watch Network surveyed a large group of 16-24 year olds. It showed that most of the respondents were most concerned about crimes, including mugging, drink spiking and street harassment, but many didn't know how to help solve or prevent these crimes safely.

The cost of living crisis is seeing minor crimes on the rise in many places across the UK and the Neighbourhood Watch Network raised over £20,000 to help fund a new role focused on providing support, materials and action groups to help tackle these growing issues.

View project here

Neighbourhood Watch Network has raised £22,163 from 2 projects with 737 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Reopening the doors

Raised: £25,607

Supporters: 561

After years of witnessing the Portobello Town Hall fall into disrepair, the City of Edinburgh Council has acknowledged that it requires the community's support to revive the site, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Constructed in 1914, the Portobello Central SCIO had their proposal to assume community management of the site on a 25-year lease accepted. They completed their initial steps by raising £25,000 to assist in reopening the doors, along with hundreds of hours of volunteer support.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Covid bounce back - the next chapter

Raised: £35,670

Supporters: 308

Since 2013, Spitalfields Life Books had published 15 books until the pandemic forced them to halt operations. They sought to raise £35,000 to restart and release a series of new titles.

Their achievement has enabled them to cover the expenses for their next three books, with revenue from sales supporting further publications. As part of their fundraising efforts, they pledged that all publishing activities would occur within Europe and that all paper used would be sourced from sustainable sources.

View project here

The Gentle Author has raised £57,481 from 2 projects with 713 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Six inches of soil

Raised: £37,609

+Extra funding: £5,660

Supporters: 289

With industrial farming dominating the agricultural industry across the UK, there is a growing movement to focus on regenerative farming. Colin Ramsey is a filmmaker whose work has been featured in news sources such as Nature Magazine and the BBC's popular technology programme 'Click'.

His latest film, 'Six Inches of Soil', tells the story of extraordinary farmers, communities, and small businesses who are leading the way in transforming how our food is produced and our land cared for. This ambition led to over £5,000 in funding from our Save Wild Isles funding partnership, helping Colin through the post-production stage.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


For the love of dogs

Raised: £21,557

Supporters: 588

Alina saves hundreds of dogs from kill shelters in Romania. However, her shelter faced closure due to government regulations, demanding costly improvements like better pens and a sewage system.

Well-wishers came together to help raise over £20,000 to provide the improvements and support Alina's mission to ensure the continued safety and well-being of dogs in Romania.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image



Raised: £61,789

Supporters: 349

When the renowned youth-led community radio station REPREZENT in London informed its listeners about a funding shortfall jeopardizing its programming and career prospects for 2024, they sought help from Crowdfunder.

Through collective effort, they successfully preserved their 20-year legacy of empowering young individuals from diverse backgrounds with their first opportunities in the media and creative sectors.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Opening up

Raised: £34,227

Supporters: 282

When a successful food business considers expanding to a new location, it's often because another business has closed down. Upon hearing that a beloved bakery was leaving the high street, the Bridport community united to support the new business coming in.

Brassica Forno launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise funds for acquiring the site and offered rewards such as pre-selling products before their official opening to garner support.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Popping up to help the homeless

Raised: £56,454

+Extra funding: £34,155

Supporters: 203

When a pop-up dinner club evolves into a community gem, Fat Macy's embarks on a mission to empower the homeless through training and employment in the food industry.

Collaborating with local restaurants and catering services, Fat Macy's endeavors to provide its trainees with over 200 hours of work experience and additional assistance to secure accommodation. Their initiative garnered widespread support from our funding partners, resulting in a total of over £56,000 raised, with more than half coming from match funding.

View project here

Fat Macy's has raised £133,990 from 4 projects with 514 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Wizard works wonders

Raised: £18,945

Supporters: 1,482

After Cyclone Gabrielle devastated significant areas of Hawke's Bay in New Zealand, Wizard Works, a London-based bike and accessories company, initiated a distinctive prize draw to support the survivors.

By offering bike parts and accessories as prizes, they successfully raised over £18,000, which was donated to The Hawkes Bay Foundation.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


British Red Cross in Gaza

Raised: £39,539

Supporters: 363

The British Red Cross swiftly established a fundraiser to aid those affected by the initial impact of the situation in Gaza.

Their prompt fundraising efforts resulted in over £40,000 in donations, providing medical support to the thousands injured. With personnel already on the ground in Gaza, the BRC was ready to offer assistance immediately.

View project here

British Red Cross has raised £205,862 from 4 projects with 628 supporters.

Helping you raise more with +Extra funding

There's millions in +Extra funding available from a selection of national and regional partners to help support your charity or community project.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Homeless this Christmas

Raised: £20,330

Supporters: 616

Homelessness charity Shelter turned to Crowdfunder ahead of Christmas to raise awareness about the number of children facing homelessness or temporary accommodation during the holiday season.

With their support lines busiest during this time, our Crowdfunder community rallied together and raised over £20,000 to sustain their invaluable services.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Hope for Christmas

Raised: £138,514

Supporters: 7,958

Scottish artist Hope Blamire specializes in painting the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. For the past five years, she has organized highly successful charity raffles in support of several UK charities.

With an impressive array of prizes, this year's raffle benefited Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance, Eilidh’s Trust, Calum's Cabin, and Beautiful Inside & Out SCIO. Once again, the response was remarkable, with over £138,000 raised from 8,000 supporters in under two weeks using our prize draw functionality!

View project here

Hope Blamire has raised £408,986 from 4 projects with 22,838 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Popular Skateboard park grows again

Raised: £35,209

+Extra funding: £14,400

Supporters: 382

The Covid-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to sports, especially community venues like TR7 indoor skatepark in Newquay, which had only opened a few weeks before the outbreak.

As lockdown measures eased, TR7 skatepark saw a surge in popularity as people resumed normal activities. This led to the site becoming a Community Interest Company. The increased demand necessitated a move to a larger location. With funding from Sport England and local councils, they've raised over £35,000 to facilitate this relocation.

View project here

TR7 Indoor Skatepark CIC has raised £39,791 from 2 projects with 494 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Helping Yang Guang and Tian Tian

Raised: £20,410

Supporters: 1,243

Crowdfunding is a great way to support zoos, and we were thrilled when Edinburgh Zoo returned with yet another exciting prize draw, offering people amazing experiences.

In their 12th prize draw, participants had the chance to become a 'Panda Keeper' for the day, among other prizes. Winners could meet Yang Guang and Tian Tian, the UK’s only giant pandas, before they returned to China. This draw helped raise another incredible amount of money to support the protection of animals at Edinburgh Zoo.

View project here

Edinburgh Zoo has raised £399,326 from 12 projects with 16,745 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Zero Carbon back on track

Raised: £36,506

+Extra funding: £15,825

Supporters: 262

Following its recognition as an Innovative UK Community Project from the Climate Coalition, the charity Zero Carbon faces relocation from its Guildford center to a new premise as their lease ended.

With the support of Aviva's Community Fund, they've raised over £36,000 to establish a new facility. As they looks to get back on track with their mission to restore the local environment and combat climate change through inclusive, community-driven solutions.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


No more cold showers

Raised: £52,437

+Extra funding: £10,000

Supporters: 303

When a thriving community rugby club's boiler reaches the end of its life, it affects everyone involved. Cold showers, lack of hot running water, and a chilly clubhouse contradict the welcoming atmosphere a community club strives to maintain.

Having previously raised over £58,000 through a Covid bounce-back project, Stockport Rugby Club was once again able to secure funding from our partners, Sport England. Together with their community, they raised an additional £52,000.

View project here

Stockport Rugby Union Club has raised £110,583 from 2 projects with 693 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Brewing up a storm

Raised: £34,020

Supporters: 284

Since 2022, State of Kind Brew Co in Wigan has been making waves in the brewing scene, with their brewery and pub becoming a local sensation. Their products consistently sell out, attesting to their popularity.

To meet the growing demand, they launched a Crowdfunder campaign with the goal of raising £20,000 to acquire four new fermentors. The success of their #Sokfam campaign, which offered discounts and merchandise, exceeded expectations, reaching a total of £34,000. This substantial amount not only enables them to purchase the fermentors but also allows for the replacement of the shutters on the front of their premises with a stylish glass frontage.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Free swimming in Greece

Raised: £17,409

Supporters: 1,252

The UK's Outdoor Swimming Society is dedicated to safeguarding the essence of free swimming and fostering connections among enthusiasts. Given the inherently cost-free nature of their mission, they continually seek innovative fundraising methods to sustain their wide array of resources.

This past Christmas, they organized a delightful prize draw featuring enticing rewards like holidays and wetsuits. Their efforts yielded an impressive £17,400, which will contribute to keeping their community informed and safe.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Break bread and walls

Raised: £22,445

Supporters: 486

The Early Bird Bakery, located in Birmingham's bustling Kings Heath High Street, has enjoyed considerable success. As popularity surged, challenges emerged, notably longer wait times for tables and the risk of losing customers to competitors. The team confronted the possibility of relocating to address these issues.

Fortunately, an opportunity arose when a neighboring business offered them space to expand. With supportive landlords backing their endeavor, they surpassed their £20,000 target. The funds will facilitate the expansion by breaking down walls to create additional seating and a new pastry kitchen, ensuring continued growth and customer satisfaction.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Inspiring artists with nature

Raised: £101,378

+Extra funding: £51,574

Supporters: 228

Intercultural Roots encourages artists and practitioners to work creatively and collaboratively. Running a series of residencies across the UK from Dartmoor to the Yorkshire Dales. Each residency is designed to inspire and connect practitioners with the natural world, themselves, and each other.

They turned to Crowdfunder for their latest project, ""Human-Nature Connect"" and alongisde Aviva Community Fund and Save our Wild Isles Community Fund smashed through their initial target and stretch target to enable them to continue these experiences to be connected with nature in an extraordinary way.

View project here

Intercultural Roots has raised £130,688 from 2 projects with 293 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Giving you butterflies

Raised: £19,494

Supporters: 712

Rowland Wood, located in East Sussex, has been under the ownership of Butterfly Conservation since 2010. Changes in forestry practices over the years resulted in significant habitat loss for butterflies, with their numbers reaching critically low levels by the late 2010s. Urgent reintroduction efforts were deemed necessary to address this decline.

The Butterfly Conservation group faced a £12,000 shortfall in funds to support the protection of butterflies and moths within the woods. However, the local community rallied together to support their cause, contributing over £19,000 to ensure the preservation of butterfly habitats.

View project here

Butterfly Conservation has raised £164,952 from 18 projects with 6,197 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Solid foundations

Raised: £18,625

Supporters: 1,353

The Ipswich Town Foundation, known for their serial prize draws, sets an example for all professional football foundations in generating consistent income through club offerings. In the past, they've collaborated with celebrities like fan Ed Sheeran.

One draw that particularly stands out is their initiative to offer all 16 playing shirts from their match against Charlton Athletic. Rather than auctioning them off to the highest bidder, they allowed 16 supporters to receive a signed shirt, attracting attention and donations in the process.

View project here

Ipswich Town Foundation has raised £56,115 from 17 prize draws with 4,337 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Lighting up Rochester

Raised: £25,750

Supporters: 651

Who doesn't enjoy Christmas lights? In Rochester, a remarkable sum of over £25,000 was raised to support the funding of Christmas lights for 2023 and beyond.

As numerous councils scale back or eliminate budgets for Christmas activities, organizations such as the Rochester City Centre Forum are turning to platforms like Crowdfunder to garner the backing of local communities. These funds help create vibrant light displays and adorned trees that communities can take pride in.


Improving climate change awareness and education

Raised: £110,612

+Extra funding: £55,980

Supporters: 290

Third Sector Renewables work to improve access to education and awareness around climate change, and their latest project invited people from all over the UK to participate in local environmental arts in nature and community climate action projects.

Raising over £110,000 from their crowd as well as multiple Extra Funding partners, they hosted a range of diverse events from Yorkshire to Northern Ireland to London, allowing their supporters to get closer to some amazing projects.

View project here

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Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Bridgnorth's big build

Raised: £34,808

+Extra funding: £8,000

Supporters: 151

Charity and rugby club Bridgnorth RFC are already a success story, with multiple teams covering the local community. However alongside flooding from the River Severn and having outgrown their clubhouse, the club opted to build a new HQ but needed some help.

In March 2023, they brought their community together combined with Sport England funding to raise over £33,000 to go toward their big build to secure the future of their club with modern amenities, protect against floods and provide the area with a space they can be proud of.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Creating a new generation of basketball officials

Raised: £55,506

+Extra funding: £25,575

Supporters: 112

"Basketball is the game, social change is the mission" is the motto of the London Basketball Association, a charity working across the city aiming to certify new referees, officials and coaches in the sport.

They came together with their community and raised over £55,000 including extra funding from Aviva Community Fund to provide access to individuals who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to become part of this expanding network.

View project here

London Basketball Association has raised £83,600 from 2 projects with 167 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Securing the future of Weston Pantry Shop

Raised: £168,350

Supporters: 115

Weston SOS Limited is dedicated to saving the Weston Pantry Shop and Post Office by transitioning it into community ownership. Initiated in 2023 amid concerns of the owner's retirement, the committee formed aims to secure the shop's future. The shop serves as a crucial community hub, offering groceries, local produce, and postal services, while fostering social connections.

The community came together and successfully raised over £168,000 to purchase and run the shop through a community share offer on Crowdfunder.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Patchwork's prize draw to help women in need

Raised: £13,726

Supporters: 1,643

The Patchwork House Women's Centre supports families across Torbay, as well as offering domestic abuse courses, trauma courses and more. They ran a prize draw in November to help support their women's centres, their community fridge and other projects.

With a stretch target of £5,000 they smashed through it and raised over £13,000 towards their work!

View project here

Patchwork The Store has raised £117,406 from 18 prize draws with 15,032 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Foleshill Community Centre's bid for a new sports hall

Raised: £50,562

+Extra funding: £10,000

Supporters: 144

Feeding Coventry, a charity aiming to revamp their sports facilities, provided nearly 10,000 food parcels last year. They turned to Crowdfunder to modernise their sports hall and facilities, to make them safer, more usable and accessible for the whole community in Foleshill!

The project directly impacted the Foleshill community, offering free sports activities to promote inclusivity, social inclusion, and a lasting legacy of improved facilities, and attracted Extra Funding from Sport England's Places and Spaces fund.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Bringing the osprey back to Cornwall

Raised: £29,775

+Extra funding: £20,645

Supporters: 264

Kernow Conservation CIC is a non-profit focused on restoring wildlife and biodeversity in Cornwall. With an aim to to reintroduce ospreys to the area, they came equipped with plans to research and identify areas that are suitable for ospreys to nest, and to install artificial nesting platforms where possible.

With support from over 260 people as well as multiple funding partners including Save our Wild Isles Community Fund and Cornwall Council, they broke through their stretch target and have plans to start building artificial nesting platforms in the spring of 2024.

View project here

Kernow Conservation CIC has raised £39,257 from 2 projects with 369 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


A good day for Day One

Raised: £45,289

+Extra funding: £22,672

Supporters: 384

Day One were looking for additional funding to support their services across the North of England and a National phone line. In order to help more people who have suffered a catastrophic injury with professional and compassionate support to many individuals and families who have never been in this situation before.

Their campaign not only caught the imagination of hundreds of people they were also supported by our Aviva Community Fund after featuring an video from Lucie that spoke so bravely about the situation that she's faced.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


One for the metal heads

Raised: £16,511

Supporters: 311

Set to go into the studio to record their third album, metal band Ward XVI needed a little help from the fans due to production costs increasing since the last time they were in the studio.

In November 2023 the band turned to Crowdfunder to help fund their new album, while offering rewards such as making supporters ""Certified Inmates"" with exclusive and personalised merch. They smashed through both their initial target and stretch goal thanks to the power of crowdfunding!

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


From Shipwreck to Showpiece

Raised: £18,453

+Extra funding: £2,500

Supporters: 414

Inspired by the plastic pollution they saw while diving in Scotland, Ally started a project that turns old ropes and fishing nets into recyclable plastic pots for plants. Now he wants to take on a new challenge by recycling hard plastics found on beaches, but they need new equipment to do it.

His project - supported by Creative Scotland Crowdmatch - looks to make a bigger difference by including hard plastics in their recycling process. This shows a community-driven effort to clean up plastic pollution on Scottish beaches.

Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


This makes Sidmouth feel like dancing

Raised: £21,245

Supporters: 601

The Sidmouth Folk Festival is celebrated for its diverse range of traditional music, dance, and song. This includes the Bulverton marquee which is known for its energetic gigs, ceilidhs and late-night revelry. However, due to the cost of living crisis the festival faced increased costs and challenges, leading to adjusting the plans for the Bulverton's dancefloor.

With feedback from the festival community stressing the importance of a quality dancefloor, the festival turned to Crowdfunder to raise funds to make sure the spirit of the space was in tact and the late-night dancing could continue!

View project here

The Sidmouth Folk Festival has raised £127,881 from 2 projects with 1,638 supporters.
Crowdfunder's top 100 list 2023 - project image


Save The Margate School

Raised: £41,106

Supporters: 240

The Margate School is a pioneering independent, not-for-profit postgraduate liberal arts institution that has become an integral part of Margate's regeneration story, however in early 2023 they were facing suspension of activites due to lack of funding.

After several funding bids failed to come through, they turned to Crowdfunder to raise enough to keep the doors open. In a matter of just a few weeks they raised over £40,000 from their crowd of over 230 supporters, helping the institution survive to inspire the next generation of artists in the area.

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These figures were correct as of March 2024