Help Ward XVI record their new album

by Ward XVI in Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Help Ward XVI fund the final chapter of Psychoberrie's trilogy of concept albums by becoming a Certified Inmate of Ward XVI.

by Ward XVI in Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Although we have many running costs to maintain Ward XVI as a functioning band (rehearsal room rent, travel, costumes etc) The inmates of Ward XVI never take a penny from any income the band makes, it ALWAYS goes straight back into the band kitty, so with any extra funds raised through this, we will invest it straight back into the promotion of the new album be-it with our music videos, press promotion and  towards the design, dressing and build of a bigger.. badder.. bloodier stage of which you'd never have seen before.

We want this album to reach as far as possible and be of the highest quality, and with your help we think that we can do it. 

The sordid story so far..

Back in 2017, Psychoberrie began to tell the world her sordid tale on the album The Art of Manipulation.

Three years later in 2020 she released the second chapter of her story Metamorphosis, which delved deeper into her childhood and sought to answer the question 'Is Evil nature or nurtured?'. 

This album was met with insane positivity from reviewers and music lovers alike, while the stage show allowed the inmates to take Psychoberrie story from the album to the stage, with an elaborate stage show quoted to be "an actual show, not just some songs with bells on. These guys hand you a real show much like Alice Cooper and the early Dio gigs where music and theatre collided" Moshville Times.


Its now time for her to complete the story and invite you all for the ride, but we need a little help to fund the production costs, which have increased significantly since 2020.

This funding will allow WARD XVI to afford the costs of the recording/ production process, music videos and also the building and preparation of a whole new stage show.

"Why now?" we hear you scream!

Ward XVI have always self funded their art-whether that be music, stage show or videos, and have prided themselves on the quality and originality of it and what they delivered to you all.

Unfortunately with the increase of the cost of living, we are reaching out for a little assistance.

"What can I do? I'm not Jesus" we hear you cry..

We aim to do this in a unique way...we aren't yet ready to provide the album to you as part of this funding campaign but we want you to become a CERTIFIED INMATE which will provide you with exclusive rarities that no-one else will be able to get their grubby hands onto.

By becoming a Certified Inmate you will get insane perks like;

✔️Your own unique inmate number based upon the chronology of when you became an inmate (sorry.. I know everyone wants 13, 69 or 666 but it’s just not feasible to do it that way… this way will add kudos and exclusivity for you all In terms of being able to have a low number-we aim to potentially open this annually… plus being easy and fair to manage).

✔️A signed certificate of authenticity

✔️Exclusive shirt and patch which are marked with your specific number.

✔️A personalised ‘thank you’ video of Psychoberrie and the inmates marking the garment with your personal number

✔️Your name in the sleeve art work of album

✔️Your mugshot will be displayed upon the inmate wall of Ward XVI's website.

✔️Being an official inmate will also provide you with discounts and exclusive merch in future that will not be available to the general public.

But... this is not all...

We will also be offering special edition/ one off rewards, memorabilia, instruments, handmade inmate dolls and the chance of appearing in a future Ward XVI theatrical video.

“Help us Inmate Kenobi…. You’re our only hope.”

This will be the first stage of the process which will be followed by a pre-order campaign once the album is complete and artwork designed by the hands of Psychoberrie herself.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£50 or more

Be a Certified Inmate (EXTREME BUNDLE)

1. Your own inmate number. (the first order gets to be inmate 001 etc) 2. A signed certificate of authenticity 3. An exclusive UNISEX Shirt with your inmate number on 4. An exclusive patch with your number on it 5. A personalised thank you video of Psychoberrie and the inmates marking the shirt with your number 6. Your name in the sleeve art work of album 7. A mug shot on our website 8. Access to exclusive merch and presale tickets

£20 or more

Exclusive signed posters

Exclusive A2 prints signed by Ward XVI

£20 or more

44 of 50 claimed

Own your own Ward XVI inmate (single dolls)

Get yourself an exclusive plush version of one of the inmates. Choose from Psychoberrie, Doktor Von Stottenstein, Wolfy Huntsman, Bam Bam Bedlam, Rico or Mother or buy the set and have them all fight with each other like in real life.. the choice is yours. Each Plush doll is hand made by Mother's own hands.-the more you buy, the less time she has to get w*nkered and also reduces her risk of Liver cirrhosis. These are not childproof toys!

£25 or more

Be a Certified Inmate (basic bundle)

1. Your own unique inmate number based upon when you bought into it (i.e.-the first order gets to be inmate 001) 2. A signed certificate of authenticity 3. An exclusive patch with your inmate number on (NO shirt) 4. A personalised thank you video of Psychoberrie and the inmates 5. Your name in the sleeve art work of album 6. your mugshot on our website 7. With your number you will have access to exclusive merch and presale gig tickets!!

£30 or more

CD of the album 3 Demos.

Once the album is released you'll also get an MP3 copy of the final demo versions of all of the songs and audio commentary from the inmates on the writing process of each song. These are the stripped-down home recorded versions that will be very different than the final album tracks.

£50 or more

Hand written lyric book written by Psychoberrie

A personalised book containing album 3's song lyrics all handwritten for you by Psychoberrie herself.

£50 or more

Be an extra in a Ward XVI music video

Are you a budding stage and screen star? be on our next music video that will be released to promote the Album. NB. Please note that you'll have to travel and make yourself available on the date required which have yet to be arranged.

£20 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Signed Drum Skins

Get a drum skin used at a Ward XVI gig signed by all of the inmates..even the ones who cant write

£30 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Signed roller posters used at Bloodstock 2017

Get a signed roller poster stand used at Bloodstock 2017 and the Art of Manipulation tour. Only 2 in existence, each featuring the art of either the back or front art work from The Art of manipulation album. One features the Psychoberrie 'chess piece' and the other features the image of her victim from the album's story.

£50 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Signed drum cymbals

Get your grubby mitts on drum cymbals used by Bam Bam on the metamorphosis tour which will be signed by the band

£100 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Full set of plush WARD XVI Inmates

Get yourself the full set of exclusive plush versions of Ward XVI. Each Plush doll is hand made by Mother's own hands.-the more you buy, the less time she has to get w*nkered and also reduces her risk of Liver cirrhosis. Buying the set saves you £20! WARNING; These are not childproof toys!

£150 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Dok Von Stottenstein's costume

Doktor Von Stottenstein is offering his Art of Manipulation costume which he wore from 2017-2020 (striped tunic and top hat) and you have the chance to get your claws on it. Unwashed, bloodied and full of the experiences gathered over 3 years of touring, this is a made to measure, one of a kind costume.

£150 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Signed Straightjacket worn in promo photos

A signed White straight jacket worn by Psychoberrie in the metamorphosis promo shoot and on the following tour

£500 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Wolfy's Bass guitar

Want to slap Wolfy huntsman? I mean slap LIKE Wolfy Huntsman? well today is your lucky day as he is selling the bass guitar that he recorded Metamorphosis on. The guitar in question is an ESP LTD 4-string bass guitar in a spalted maple finish with strings older than Wolfy himself.

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