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Raising money through community shares on Crowdfunder


The government’s new Community Ownership Fund provides a grant of up to £250,000 towards the capital you need, this must be matched through community share issue completed within 6 months.

We can help you meet that deadline with our partners at The Community Shares Company so you can quickly get legal, get live and get raising the money.

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Communities are stronger when they own the things that matter most to them

Community Shares are an effective way for groups to raise money for projects that benefit a particular community.

They're an increasingly popular way to secure the long-term future of community businesses, enabling money to be raised from the people who it matters most to – the right kind of money from the right kind of people.

And now Crowdfunder is making it even easier to run a campaign with over £1 million of extra match funding to help you along the way. So whether you're just starting out or a long way down the road, we can help.

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Five reasons to use Crowdfunder


Average pledge

Tens of thousands of projects have turned to Crowdfunder to raise funds, and as a result we know that supporters pledge an average of £50. With community shares projects, it’s a lot higher – at £520 – meaning it’s the best way to raise substantial amounts of money for community projects.


Success rate

To date our projects have raised almost £10 million for community projects through community shares on Crowdfunder. A combination of our platform, expertise and extra funding mean that we have a 98% success rate, giving communities across the UK the confidence that they will achieve their target.


Maximum reach

Crowdfunding is a natural social network, building crowds of supporters around projects that matter most to communities. Our experts work closely with project owners to maximise the potential of their networks to drive a further 10% of funding from supporters into the cause.


+Extra funding

What sets Crowdfunder apart from other platforms is our +Extra Funding from a wide range of different partners. There's literally thousands of pounds of extra funding available for your community shares project.


1-to-1 coaching

Our expert team are the best in the business and are behind almost £10 million of funding into great community projects across the UK. Our coaches are invested in success – on hand to help communities plan, create and run successful projects to own the things that matter most.

Watch our webinars

Our coaches run regular webinars that you can join, which will hopefully answer some of the questions that you have around Community Shares, and guide you during your own project. So if you’re interested in setting up a project for something near you, then watch our video here to find out more about what's involved or get in touch and our experts will help you on your way.

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Community shares success stories

How communities worked together to save the things they love

GlynWyvis Distillery

GlynWyvis Distillery

£2.5 million from 2,400 investors

Scotland's Dingwall in Ross-shire had a proud tradition of malt whiskey production since 1690. Ninety years after the last of the town's whiskey distilleries closed, GlynWyvis became the world's first community owned plant thanks to a staggering £2.5 million community shares fundraise on Crowdfunder. In the end more than 2,400 investors from 30 countries had bought shares in the largest crowdfunding campaign of its kind in the UK.

Positive News

Positive News

£263,422 from 1,525 investors

Positive News became the world's first global media cooperative in 2015 after a phenomenal community shares fundraise, £263,422 in just 30 days with their 'Own the media' campaign. The news organisation is committed to reporting positive developments, and aims to take a solution-focussed approach to the issues facing society. It has 1,525 shareholders from over 33 countries, consisting of readers, journalists and supporters.

Jubilee Pool

Jubilee Pool

£528,680 from 1,380 investors

The Jubilee Pool in Cornwall is widely considered to be the best example of a pre-war Lido in the world and turned to Crowdfunder to harness geothermal heat, enabling them to provide warm water swimming for their 40,000 visitors each year. They raised £528,680 from 1,380 supporters to make it a reality.

Wigginton Shop

Wigginton Shop

£149,550 from 168 investors

Wigginton is a village located on the edge of the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire and the local residents worked together to create a village shop to the heart of their community. Almost 200 investors raised £149,550 through Crowdfunder to own it and make it happen.

Komedia Bath

Komedia Bath

£379,200 from 304 investors

Komedia Bath is a vital lynchpin of Bath’s thriving arts community and successfully raised £379,200 thanks to their 304 investors, saving the city’s most diverse live entertainment venue from being lost while investing in its future for generations to come.

Projekt MCR

Projekt MCR

£132,194 from 70 investors

Projekt MCR wanted to build one of the most exciting skateparks in the UK and help shape the identity of Manchester so they ran a community shares campaign and raised £132,194, thanks to 70 investors. Now they run female-only classes, adults’ classes and reach over 3,000 children a year through their project.

Community Channel

Community Channel

£391,990 from 302 investors

Thanks to the support of their community, the media industry and their charity partners the Community Channel became the UK’s first community-owned broadcaster. It raised £391,990 from 302 investors and is the new 'do more' channel available on Freeview, Sky, Virgin and freesat.

Gardeners Arms

Gardeners Arms

£237,600 from 382 investors

More and more communities are turning to community shares to own their local pub. The Gardeners Rest, nestling in the fast changing Sheffield district of Neepsend, is one such example and was saved through £237,600 of investment by 382 supporters.

Community Shares projects in Crowdfunder

+Extra Funding for your Community Business

We have extra funding for Community Business projects on Crowdfunder

Funds available for community business projects

Reach logo

The Reach Fund

Get up to £15,000

Funded by Access for charities and social enterprises to apply for grants of around £15,000. The grants can be used to pay for specific support that may help them to raise investment.

Other support for community business projects

Connect fund logo

Connecting you to investment

The Connect Fund has been set up to strengthen the social investment market in England to better meet the needs of charities and social enterprises.

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Save the Duke: how a community rallied round to save its local pub

It's owners wanted to retire and sell up, but the prospect of redevelopment threatened this vital community asset with permanent closure.

But the Duke of Malborough is a beautiful, historic pub; a central feature of village life and the community wanted it to stay that way.

So they raised £186,570 through Crowdfunder to save it from closure. Cheers!

Save the Duke

Crowdfunder is absolutely the place to go if you're looking to do a community project.

John McKenzie, Director of GlenWyvis Distillery who raised over £2.5 million through

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