We CAN rejoin the EU! Help us prove it.

by Stay European in United Kingdom

We CAN rejoin the EU! Help us prove it.
We did it
On 10th April 2023 we successfully raised £22,884 with 729 supporters in 28 days

Rejoin Resources will provide the definitive facts about how the UK can rejoin the EU.

by Stay European in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We are now pushing towards our final target.

This crowdfunder has already allowed us to hire our first ever staff member (part-time!) to work on the project. And it will fund designers, illustrators, video editors and more to make Rejoin Resources really shine. To us, this is serious money and we are going to use it to produce serious work.

Here at Stay European, the pennies really matter, and every penny will make Rejoin Resources even better. If we hit our final target for Rejoin Resources, you will see how far we'll stretch that funding, and the huge impact that we hope and expect this project to have.

Thank you – it means the world.

Britain wants to rejoin the EU. In poll after poll, a majority back rejoining. Now they want to know whether it is really possible - and how.

This is a critical moment for rejoiners to make and win those arguments. What happens in these years will decide Britain's future.

Rejoin is possible - and we're going to prove it. Rejoin Resources will debunk the lie that Brexit is 'too difficult' to undo.

Bust the myths

To make the case for the UK to re-take its place in Europe, we must urgently separate fact from fiction. We often hear myths such as "the EU wouldn't have us back" or "rejoining would take decades" - when the reality is the exact opposite.

We will investigate the precise technical and legal position behind each of these claims, and publish our findings. Some of these issues are simply fictional, and others can be overcome -Rejoin Resources will show how, clearly and concisely.

Rejoin Resources will be professionally designed, written, edited and fact-checked, and easy to share.

It will be the definitive knowledge base for rejoiners, helping our whole movement to win debates by collecting the facts about the process of joining the EU in one place.

The material will be made available in a wide range of formats:

Website, social media, leaflets, and videos (stretch goal)

Build the movement

Rejoin Resources will also include a range of activist resources. To begin with:

  • A regularly-updated map of active pro-rejoin local groups
  • A directory of national groups committed to rejoin
  • A calendar of events, open to all rejoin groups for submissions

We want to make Rejoin Resources the ultimate starting point for anyone looking to get involved in rejoin campaigning.


Make Rejoin a reality

We believe that Britain can rejoin the EU by 2030 - and this project is crucial to increase public support further by outlining a realistic path to that goal.

Please support Rejoin Resources today to take rejoin campaigning to the next level. The more this crowdfunder raises, the better the project will be. We can't wait to start building it.


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