Alina’s Shelter Fundraiser

by OUR Dog Foundation in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Alina’s Shelter Fundraiser
We did it
On 13th April 2023 we successfully raised £22,086 with 589 supporters in 69 days

Let’s help Alina, our real life wonder woman, get her shelter registered under new Romanian legislation.

by OUR Dog Foundation in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Create an even bigger and better shelter to allow even more dogs to be rescued from the kill shelter. We always have vet bills and foster fees so if the extra donations are not needed for the upgrade then they would be put towards the care of the dogs. 

As we are sure you all know by now, Alina is an incredibly important part of OUR. She works tirelessly, day in and day out, to fight for animal welfare in a country that is far behind the times. Hundreds of dogs have been saved from the kill shelter, and moved via rescues into homes, all thanks to Alina stepping up to save them. 

Unfortunately her vital work is at risk from the Romanian government. The DSV visited her on the 7th of November to inspect her property and have come up with numerous changes to be made to become a fully registered shelter, and a timescale put on these, despite her dogs being better cared for than the registered kill shelter.

Some of the changes that have been suggested are: improvement of pens (of which we have been fundraising for in the past), a sewage system, a surgery room (even though there already is one on site) and a euthanasia room to name a few.

Alina has been called to court numerous times to give evidence and fight her case, but this road is long from over. Each trip to court takes away hours from her precious time caring for dogs. With just her and her husband working with over 100 dogs, this time loss is devastating for them and the dogs in their care.

Alina may be one of a few fosters we use, but as her entire shelter, and all the dogs in it, are at risk unless it becomes registered before June, we now must step up to the plate and help her. The lives of all of the dogs in her care are now at risk.

This has come at an utterly devastating time, after overcoming the transport ban last year, and finally feeling like we were getting back on our feet we have been hit with this news. It is a huge blow not only for us, but for Alina, who has made it her life’s work to save these dogs. She lives on site and her whole world revolves around the dogs in her care, which makes the insinuation of inadequate facilities mind blowing to us.

Although this feels like a mammoth and overwhelming task, we simply can’t face the thought that if the work isn’t done, the dogs may be taken back to the kill shelter.

So we need to raise a minimum of £20,000 in order to save Alina’s shelter and all the dogs in it. We know times are tough but we are absolutely desperate and in uncharted territory. Please help however you can, no matter how small. Any additional donations over our £20,000 target will be put towards the care of our dogs if not needed for the shelter improvements. 

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