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Help us create free-to-use school laundrettes so children living in hygiene poverty can access clean clothes via Suds in Schools.

by smol in United Kingdom

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On the 2nd October 2023 we'd raised £30,038 with 1075 supporters in 31 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Let’s talk about hygiene poverty and how YOU can help school children trapped in it...

Imagine not being able to afford the basics to keep yourself clean; that’s hygiene poverty, and it has a heartbreaking effect on our kids. In fact 66%* of schoolteachers say that they have witnessed the bullying of a child because of poor access to hygiene.


As we’re a cleaning products brand (here at smol) we knew we could do something to help… so we started the Suds in Schools Project.

Creating free mini-laundrettes in schools across the UK, providing a washing machine/dryer and all the laundry detergent needed to ensure that no child in their care has to suffer from the shaming, bullying and exclusion of not having clean clothes/uniforms.

And so to keep creating more mini-laundrettes… we need YOUR help.

We want to raise more funds so that we can keep adding these Suds in Schools sites to more schools who are still so desperate to have them 


All donations will be put straight into helping kit out and install new washer-dryers into schools in a suitable location. Ongoing, you can leave the detergent supply to smol… we’ve got that covered for as long as the scheme is needed.



Everyone deserves to feel clean Hygiene poverty impacts over 3 million of us here in the UK but it slips under the radar because there is a stigma to not being able to keep clean and as a nation we just don’t discuss it.

It all adds up to a hugely negative impact on children’s mental health – over 72% suffer low self esteem, question why they cannot invite their friends over, and their school performance takes a hit. 

8 in 10 primary school teachers say they have witnessed a rise in the number of children attending school unwashed or wearing unclean uniform in the last 5 years and have found themselves intervening at an increasing rate (one third of teachers regularly buy their pupils toiletry essentials).


Here at smol, we knew that together could make a difference. We’re a laundry capsule company after all! And with over 50 school laundrettes set up so far, we have not looked back.


There's 3 easy ways your can support Suds in Schools;

  • Pledge your support. Every £1 counts and the difference one machine can make to so many school families is incredible. smol will be supplying free capsules to keep the machines running so your donation goes straight into buying and installing the washing machines/dryers into schools.
  • Spread the word and share our crowdfunder page. The more eyes that see our Suds in Schools campaign the better. Not only can it boost the funds raised, it can help shine a light on this hidden, stigmatised issue.
  • Nominate a school that needs our help. Perhaps you belong to a school that would benefit? If so, please fill out the form here.

If you’re interested to learn more about The Hygiene Bank and the work we do at smol to help fight hygiene poverty you can learn more here.


*Boots commissioned survey of 500 schoolteachers, 2021
**research from The Hygiene Bank and YouGov


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Thank you, thank you, thank you. With your donation, we'll keep you updated with news from the schools you have helped support, and even be included in our Suds Club shout out on email. Every donation to support children living in hygiene poverty counts!

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Join the Suds Club!

smol things make a big difference, and your donation will help children who really need some support. As a thanks, you'll become part of smol's Suds Club - where we'll share the real life stories of the families and schools you are helping, and get the latest Suds in School news too. EVERY donation counts!

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Suds Club member + FREE tea towel AND smol bundle!

Wowee, thank you! For your donation, you'll be included in our suds wall of fame at smol HQ and on our website, get a limited edition smol tea towel and a box full of smol goodies to clean your home. Plus, we'll send you regular updates from teachers and families to hear how your support has helped. Why not try fundraise together with your work team or family?

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Sponsor a Suds in Schools laundrette!

For your incredible donation, you'd sponsor a full Suds in Schools laundrette. You'll name the machine, be included in the smol Suds Club wall of fame and receive a limited edition smol tea towel, a box of smol goodies and get updates from those you have helped. Thank you so so much.

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