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Our target is to raise £30,000 to fund our team to build the next level of our NHS privatisation map to share with the public.

 New stretch target

We will continue to update and add to the map as it is a living document.  


Help us to shine a light on NHS privatisation

The NHS is being privatised

Despite the repeated protestations of Health Secretary after Health Secretary, EveryDoctor’s work over the last 3 years has clearly demonstrated that NHS privatisation IS happening.

With your help and generosity we built our map of privatisation and outsourcing.  


First we highlighted the extent of privatisation and outsourcing in England.  In the next phase we added information for the devolved nations.  In 2022 we researched the extent of the (massive) Private Finance Initiative debt that the NHS has been saddled with and added it to the map.  

In early 2023 the team dug deep into the links between Westminster MPs and the private healthcare industry; we added the names of 88 MPs (that’s 13.5% of MPs) to our map together with the details of the donations, earnings or benefits in kind they have received from those with private healthcare interests.

As recent headlines show ⇩⇩⇩⇩ the battle is far from over and we need your help.


How can you help?

Thousands of our supporters have viewed the map and shared its contents with others.  It has been reported in the press and we want to add to it and make sure it gains even more attention.  The next steps are:

  • Research and add information already shared by hundreds of supporters about creeping privatisation in their own areas.
  • Update the government’s own data when it releases new information about private provision later this year.
  • Expand the services that are included to examine other parts of the NHS that are being privatised - one example is the ongoing stealthy privatisation of ambulance services.
  • Speak to patients who have chosen or been forced to use private healthcare providers about their experiences.

All of this work is essential to keep the public informed about what politicians falsely consistently deny is happening - the NHS is being privatised - but it takes up an enormous amount of team time and resources which costs money.  That is where you can help.  Our target is to raise £30,000 to help us fund the time needed for our team to conduct all of the research as well as to pay for the software and IT support needed to upload and present the data in a way that is useful and meaningful for the public.

We know times are really tough for so many people right now but without a publicly funded, publicly provided, not for profit healthcare system they would be unthinkably awful.  Any amount that you can give will be put to good use and will help us to keep holding our politicians to account.

Thank you for your overwhelming support so far. 

Dr Julia Patterson, and the EveryDoctor team. 

Any funds exceeding our Crowdfund target will be used to continue our work fighting for a better NHS for all NHS staff and patients. 

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