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We're relocating. Help us build a new indoor skatepark in Cornwall and to continue to grow our outreach programmes and skate community.

We're still collecting donations

On the 29th July 2023 we'd raised £35,010 with 378 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

By surpassing our crowdfunding goal, you become a crucial part of our success story. The additional funds will not only accelerate our project but also demonstrate a strong community backing. With your continued support, we can open our doors sooner, providing you and others with the amazing experience we've envisioned. Together, let's make this project a reality faster and create a destination that will bring joy and fulfillment to all who visit. Your contributions matter and are greatly appreciated. Join us in reaching our stretch target and be a driving force in making our dreams come true!

Our Story

TR7 Skatepark was established in early 2020 but unfortunately faced an unexpected closure of 8 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this we were determined to provide a safe and welcoming environment for skateboarders of all ages and abilities in Newquay, Cornwall. It started out small and with the help of our community: we were donated a mini ramp and successfully fundraised through Crowdfunder to finish building our small indoor skatepark.


The community have always been at the heart of what we do and so we recently made the decision to become a Community Interest Company. TR7 Skatepark have a dream to be able to provide even more opportunities to young people and communities through our outreach programs. To do this we need a bigger venue.

Skateboarding & The Olympics

Since their debut in the 2021 Olympics, the popularity of skateboarding and surfing has increased hugely. Skateboarding was the world's most 'googled' word in summer 2021 and skateboarder Sky Brown became Team GB's youngest ever summer medallist (at age 13), and then BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

New facilities have been opened nationwide that provide coaching to fulfil the steeply increasing demand from people keen to get into either skateboarding or surfing.

TR7 Skatepark grew in popularity, being the newest of only 2 indoor skateparks in Cornwall - despite Cornwall having a resident population of 572,000  (ONS, 2021) and experiencing barriers to physical activity and access to work, education and culture, especially for lower income households. Cornwall has a higher proportion of workless households than elsewhere in the Great Britain (15.7% of all households, compared to 14% nationally in 2022) and a higher proportion of people working in relatively low pay/low skill jobs (16.7% of working adults compared to 15.1% nationally), leading to significantly lower than average earnings (with residents of Cornwall earning £71 a week less than the national average). Together this points to the significant need for accessible, affordable local amenities for young people and adults of all ages.

At TR7 we've successfully completed over 2,000 lessons within 18 months and even started developing a new indoor surf training programme that we are really excited to share with everyone as well as a one of a kind rope system designed to help everyone give skateboarding a go without the risk of falling over. 

However, as demand has grown, we've realised that we need a larger and better-equipped facility to truly serve our community. That's why we're excited to announce our plans to build a brand-new indoor skatepark in Roche, Cornwall.


The Need for a Bigger Facility

Our previous location served us well, but we were limited in what we could achieve. By building a new, larger facility, we'll be able to offer more programs and reach more people in the community. We are well aware that there is a great need for this as we only have 1 indoor skatepark in the entire county at the moment. We found a new premises that has the potential to be more accessible for everyone and has enough space to offer more to our community and welcome more people than we did before. With a larger facility, we can increase our impact and help even more people. The new skatepark will be accessible for all ages and abilities and we're already working alongside different community interest companies (CICs) in Cornwall to host workshops and events that cater to other communities around us.


The Location

We started this project in Newquay, with the name reflecting the postcode of the town, but our customer base quickly outgrew Newquay and a lot of our regulars came from other parts of Cornwall, as well as other parts of the UK. We believe that the area where we are relocating will be very positive for the community around us as well as being closer and more accessible to others.

The new location for TR7 Skatepark will be strategically located in Roche, a village in central Cornwall. As Cornwall is known to be the capital of surf in the UK and has a thriving skateboarding scene, the area where it will be located has a significant reach to a number of skateboarders and surfers, with no nearby indoor skateparks. 

The village of Roche has several schools nearby, including Roche Community Primary School, Bugle School, and St. Stephens Community Academy, making it an ideal location for a skatepark and surf training facility. Additionally, being situated less than 2 miles away from the A30 as well as a few steps away from Roche Train Station which provides convenient access to the park for visitors from both within and outside the county. With direct connections to Newquay, Bugle, St. Columb, Quintrell Downs, Luxulyan, and Par, making it easily accessible by public transport.


The New Skatepark Plans

One of the most exciting things about our relocation, is that our new premises is around 370 sqm, which is more than double the space we had before! The size in particular will allow us to be able to offer more to our visitors. Using the feedback from our visitors in the previous TR7 skatepark in Newquay and local skaters, we designed a bigger and better beginner friendly skatepark that caters to all ages and abilities.


Our Programmes


Outreach Community Programmes

Our main programme that encompasses all the rest. We will be working with various communities around Cornwall to offer workshops, events, and mentorship opportunities to promote skateboarding, surfing and the benefits of an active lifestyle. Through this programme, we aim to create a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels comfortable and supported.

After School Programme for Local Students

We're planning to launch an after-school programme that will provide a safe and supportive environment for local students to learn new skills and make new friends. This programme will be open to students of all ages and abilities.


Women and LGBTQ+ Skateboarding Programme

We recognise that skateboarding has traditionally been a male-dominated activity, and we're committed to changing that. Our Women and LGBTQ+ Skateboarding Programme will provide a space where individuals who identify as female or LGBTQ+ can feel safe and welcome to skate and connect with others.


Youth Mentorship Programme

Our Youth Mentorship Programme will pair experienced skateboarders with younger participants to help them improve their skills and build confidence. This will not only help youngsters but can also create opportunities for employment, training, and skill development for our community.



Indoor Surf Training

In addition to skateboarding, we're also excited to offer indoor surf training at our new facility. This programme will be open to all ages and abilities, and will provide a safe and controlled environment for people to improve their surfing skills.


Adaptive Programme

We believe that everyone should have access to the joys of skateboarding, regardless of age or physical ability. Our Adaptive Programme will provide specialised equipment such as our rope system and instruction to help people with disabilities or recovering from an injury get on board.


Our Commitment to the Community and Environment

We believe that skateboarding can be an alternative treatment model and pathway to healing for people that have been victims of trauma, abuse, struggles with addiction & mental health challenges. A skatepark can be used as therapeutic environment, creating a physically challenging yet mentally relaxing release which can help people in need. Find out more here

We are also very passionate about sharing our skateboarding experience with the next generation, allowing them to progress quickly in a safe environment.

We're committed to giving back to the community and reducing our environmental impact. By having Roche train station so close and teaching people how to ride skateboards, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage eco-friendly transportation. 


How We'll Use Your Support

We are looking for £90,000 to unlock our new facility. This includes the costs for:

  • Building the skatepark (£50,000)
  • Getting the necessary equipment and facilities (£12,000)
  • Ensuring safety measures and meeting legal requirements (£8,000)
  • Running outreach programs and engaging with the community (£15,000)
  • Promoting the project and raising awareness (£5,000)

We know it is a very high number but if we raise the full amount, we will be able to complete the whole skatepark in 1 phase, which also means we don't have to close our doors in the future to finish it. By doing this Crowdfunder we are trying to do it all in one go and not divide it in two phases which also means the overall will cost more and take longer.

We're also actively seeking grants and other funding opportunities to help us reach our goal, all the funds on Crowdfunder will go towards making the new park a reality and will allow us to open our doors sooner. 

Our Rewards

We're grateful for any support you can give, and we're excited to offer some great rewards to our backers. From a seafood meal for two, to a custom made surfboard, there's something for everyone. We also want to highlight how grateful we are that we have a variety of local businesses around Cornwall that have supported us through this relocation process and have donated us a a wide variety of different products/services as rewards to our backers. Check out our reward tab for more information! If you have any questions regarding them, please email [email protected]



"TR7 is a great place to learn mini ramp, they guys have years of experience and a very relaxed manner in teaching, getting you to attempt tricks with confidence. They have a dynamic rope system that you can hold onto that takes the fear of slams away and allows you to try tricks or learn a new trick that you would take weeks or months building up too.
But don't take my word for it, book yourself a lesson and progress to your next level."

★★★★★ MARK C.

Booked a lesson for my wife’s birthday. A complete beginner but with Chaz’s exceptional teaching, quickly got to grips with the basics. She loved it so much we also bought a board! Excellent service and advice from all. Great shop and facilities too! TR7 will first be on the itinerary when we come back to Cornwall later in the year. Thanks guys!
★★★★★ LUKE H

My two children had a Duo lesson with Chaz. The two guys Harry and Chaz are great, they have patience and enthusiasm to encourage younger children. My two are 5 and 7 and really enjoyed learning the basics of skateboarding and had lots of fun on the ramps which is brilliant. They will be keeping it up 😎
★★★★★ SIDNEY D.

Cannot recommend TR7 skate enough. My 11 year old daughter loves skateboarding and was desperately trying to learn herself. I decided to buy 5 one on one lessons and she has absolutely loved every minute and improved in a safe environment.
The tutors are amazingly patient, safe and supportive. Every lesson has been worth every penny!!
★★★★★ MAND M.

I booked a course of skateboarding lessons for my daughter and she has absolutely loved them! She has come on in leaps and bounds and her confidence has improved enormously. The instructors are so patient and helpful, this is a fantastic facility- I only wish we lived closer so she could visit more often.
★★★★★ BILLIE V.


Join Our Community

At TR7 Skatepark, we're more than just a place to skate. We're a community of passionate individuals who believe in the transformative power of skateboarding and surfing. Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive and welcoming skateboarding community in Cornwall.


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£5 or more

WIN a Safari Card

Get a chance to win a Safari Card and dive into a unique and incredible skateboarding adventure! Experience the thrill of skating at 5 Top UK Skateparks: TR7 Skatepark, Graystone Action Sports (Manchester), Pitt St. Skatepark (Portsmouth), Spit and Sawdust (Cardiff), and F51 (Folkestone). Enjoy one visit per park, for an entire year. Only two of them exist. Winner will be announced over social media :)

£10 or more

1 X Set of Enuff Corelites Wheels

Discover the perfect set of wheels for skateboarders in the learning phase! This 4-pack of 52mm wheels offers a slightly softer composition compared to standard wheels, providing excellent grip on various surfaces. The dimensions include a wheel diameter of 52mm, width of 30mm, and a hardness rating of 100A. Crafted from durable PU casted material with SHR technology, these wheels guarantee reliability and performance.

£10 or more

1 x Bushcraft Gift Sets from Blystra Candles

Bushcraft Gift Set Camping candle with Pinecone Fire Starters all made from natural, sustainable Coconut & Rapeseed Wax. Each box comes with 4 fire starters and our gorgeous camping candle. Perfect gift for any outdoor lover. (Usually £16)

£10 or more

1 Full Session at TR7 Skatepark + 10% off TR7 Shop

A full skate session at TR7 Skatepark with a soft drink included + 10% off TR7 Skate Shop. Discount valid for 6 months! Valid for 1x person only.

£15 or more

TR7 Founders Beanie + 15% off TR7 Skate Shop

Donate 15 or more and get a Ltd. edition TR7 Founders beanie + 15% off TR7 Skate Shop. Discount valid for a period of 6 months! (Beanie RRP £18)

£30 or more

1 X Bottle of Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin

Contemporary twist on classic London dry gin. Distilled with 12 botanicals sourced globally and locally foraged on the Cornish coast. Balanced juniper, citrus, and floral notes. Try with red grapefruit and thyme. Fresh, crisp, and aromatic with a creamy, dry profile. Vegan-friendly. (RRP £35)

£30 or more

1 X Set of Enuff Decade Pro Satin Trucks 139mm

The Enuff Decade pro truck has all the features and hardwearing qualities of the standard Decade truck but with a sleek new finish. This particular set of trucks (139mm) are suitable for decks 7.9" to 8.4" inches wide. The high quality satin finish baseplates and laser etched hanger logos really set this truck apart from anything else on the market. With the strength you can trust and the backing of the Enuff team this is a must have truck.

£30 or more

6 Month Virtual Yoga Pass By Falmouth Yoga Studio

Access to Falmouth Yoga Space’s virtual library of classes! Choose from 100s of pre recorded classes to practice yoga whenever and wherever you like! Classes include vinyasa, general flow classes and also lots of yin classes which have been proven to be great for skateboarders looking to repair and recover from injury. (RRPP £60)

£35 or more

1 X Voucher Rehearsal Space at The Studios Newquay

Looking to rehearse the instrument of your choice? Or perhaps you fancy practicing your singing?! Enjoy a generous reward of 3 hours of exclusive rehearsal space at "The Studios Newquay"! (RRP £40)

£45 or more

1 X Voucher for Bare Feet Coasteering

Led by qualified lifeguards, the three-hour session includes jumping, swimming, and climbing along the coastline. No experience necessary, just a 50-meter swimming ability and some confidence. The voucher covers training, expert supervision, equipment, and Go Pro photos/videos. It's a thrilling adventure for one person joining a group, providing an unforgettable experience of Newquay's stunning coastal scenery! (RRP £55)

£45 or more

1 X Voucher for The Studios Newquay

Immerse Yourself in the Joy of Music! Enjoy a 1/2 term (7-Week) Package of Engaging Group Singing or Piano Lessons with Newquay's finest - The Studios Newquay. (RRP £52.50)

£49 or more

1 X MOT at Dolcoath Motors

MOT at Dolcoath Motors in Camborne, Cornwall. "Friendly, professional, efficient is how I would describe this place. 100% would recommend for anything car related. Mot, servicing, repairs they do it all!!" (RRPP £54)

£50 or more

£50 'El Hobo' Vintage Voucher

Voucher of £50. El Hobo’s speciality is reworking and re-loving. You’re sure to find stunning one off pieces with balloon sleeves and leather off cuts. Choose from jackets with colourful crocheted sleeves, or fabulous 60’s patterns. It’s a vintage lovers’ dream. Visit

£60 or more

1 x Voucher for Falmouth Yoga Space

Are you or someone you know interested in embarking on a yoga journey? Look no further, as this voucher offers the perfect opportunity. With this voucher, individuals can experience the countless benefits of a monthly unlimited pass at the delightful Falmouth Yoga Space. With unrestricted access to a wide range of classes, whether they are conducted via livestream or in-person, throughout an entire month. RRP £80

£100 or more

1 X Voucher for Skate to the MAX

The MAKER workshop is a two-day event where participants learn to build their own skateboard deck. In pairs, they attend two four-hour sessions. Session 1 includes a demonstration, glue-up, and vacuum pressing. Session 2 covers project removal from the press, sanding, and finishing touches. Participants leave with a handmade skateboard deck to decorate at home. RRP: £115.

£145 or more

1 X Gold Plated Prayer Ring by Reo Jewels

Crafted with care in a Margate studio, this unique piece can be seen at (RRP £160)

£175 or more

Family Activity Day at Porthpean (for 4 people)

Available to book at weekends and through school holiday periods, our Family Activity Days are a full-on day of fun, featuring a taste of both land and water-based activities, launching from our own beach, and on dry land, at our activity centre. Save £45 @porthpeanoec

£195 or more

1 X Voucher for 12 People Water & Stone Wild Spa

Relaxation seekers, rejoice! Private hour for up to 12-people at Water & Stone Wild Spa in Newquay - Wed-Sun, 2-5pm. An immersive natural Nordic experience. Take a moment away from the chaos; relax alone, with your family or friends and immerse into the sauna culture and embrace the known benefits to the mind and body. (12 people for the price of 10)

£250 or more

Birthday Party at TR7 Skatepark + 1x Complete

Celebrate your birthday at TR7 Skatepark! Enjoy exclusive access and skateboarding fun with up to 20 friends. Plus, get a complete TR7 skateboard as the ultimate birthday present. It's the perfect combo for an unforgettable day of excitement! (Up to 3 hours max. Includes a drink & snacks for all 20 guests) T&C apply.

£420 or more

TR7 Golden Ticket

6 months of general entry + TR7 Founders Beanie + your name on a chair at TR7. Fulfilment date will depend on opening scheule. This Golden Ticket will be valid from TR7 launch date for 1 year. (T&C apply)

£1,000 or more

TR7 Skatepark Crowdfunder Lock In

An opportunity to enjoy exclusive use 5 hours of the skatepark with up to 25 people total. This includes food and a soft drink per person. A founder beanie is also included per person. Fulfilment date will depend on opening schedule. This Lock In will be valid from TR7 launch date. (T&Cs apply)

£2,500 or more

TR7 Skatepark/Ramp Sponsorship

A rare opportunity to sponsor a part of the skatepark. Contact us BEFORE for information about this. Starting rate of 2.5k for 1 year. (T&Cs apply)

£2 or more

1 X Coffee at Box and Barber

1 X Any Coffee at Box and Barber! Enjoy a coffee from Box and Barber. A chill, cosy coffee shop offering espresso drinks, pastries and light fare, plus outdoor seating in Newquay, Cornwall. Very special price for the best coffee in town!

£5 or more

A HUGE thank you! + TR7 Stickers Pack

Thank you very much for supporting our project! + TR7 Stickers Pack (RRP £10)

£5 or more

1 X Enuff Essential T-Tool

The Enuff Essential T tool has everything you need to maintain your skateboard on the go! Equipped with kingpin, axle nut and truck nut sockets as well as an Allen key and Philips head attachment, this tool has everything you need to keep your board rolling wherever you are. Please note this item will need to be picked up from TR7, once we open.

£5 or more

1 X Smoothie at Box and Barber

1 X Any Smoothie at Box and Barber! Enjoy a smoothie from Box and Barber. A chill, cosy coffee shop offering espresso drinks, pastries and light fare, plus outdoor seating in Newquay, Cornwall. Very special price for the best smoothie in town!

£6 or more

1x Coffee and Cake at Strong Adolfo's

Indulge in a delightful reward! Enjoy a heavenly combination of specialty coffee and delectable cake at Strong Adolfo's in Wadebridge. A treat for your taste buds and a chance to experience the vibrant atmosphere that celebrates art, surf, and motorcycles.

£10 or more

1 X Skateboard Lesson with Franki Lanni

This is an entry into a 1-hour group lesson for 1 person led by the talented Franki Lanni. Whether you're a beginner looking to start skateboarding, eager to learn new moves, or seeking to make new friends in the skateboarding community, this experience is the perfect way to dive in!

£10 or more

1 X Breakfast & Coffee at Box and Barber

Enjoy a breakfast and coffee from Box and Barber. A chill, cosy coffee shop offering espresso drinks, pastries and light fare, plus outdoor seating in Newquay, Corwnall. Very special price for the best breakfast in town, only 2 of these!!

£10 or more

1 X Voucher for Load- A Waffle - Newquay Harbour

This mobile catering business (located in Newquay harbour) specialises in sweet loaded Belgian waffles topped with popular chocolate and sweet treats. They also serve barista coffee from their little box, and prioritise local Cornish produce. With a focus on quality, they provide a delightful culinary experience.

£12 or more

Get a Grip Griptape

Elevate your skateboard decks with a touch of artistic flair! Introducing unique and customized grip tape, hand-painted by the talented local artist Paul Bellamy (@getagrip_247). Add a vibrant and personal touch to your skateboard with these one-of-a-kind creations. RRP £15

£12 or more

1 X Coffee and brunch at Strong Adolfo's

Treat yourself to a heavenly combination of specialty coffee and a mouthwatering brunch at Strong Adolfo's in Wadebridge. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance that celebrates art, surf, and motorcycles while delighting in a satisfying culinary journey.

£15 or more

1 X Tarquin's Gin Distillery Tour

Ideal gift for Gin lovers! Experience the ultimate behind-the-scenes tour at Tarquin's HQ, the esteemed Cornish Gin distillery. Recognized with the 2022 Travellers' Choice Best of the Best Award, this tour ranks among the top 1% of global attractions. Discover the secrets of Tarquin's Gin from knowledgeable guides and embark on an unforgettable distillery journey. Perfect for creating lasting memories. RRP £18

£20 or more

1 Kilo Coffee Ltd. Edition TR7 X THE ROASTING ROOM

Calling all coffee enthusiasts! This is the reward crafted especially for you. Presented by The Roasting Room, a local company fuelled by an unparalleled passion for coffee, this experience will satisfy your caffeine cravings like never before. Indulge in the world of exceptional coffee with this extraordinary offering. (RRP £25)

£20 or more

Crowdfunder Event Entry + Your Name on a chair

An afternoon dedicated to our supporters after opening day, with food and drinks included + your Name on a chair at TR7

£20 or more

1 X Voucher for Heron Tennis Newquay

Seeking a tennis adventure? Discover the finest tennis courts in Newquay with this exclusive voucher! Enjoy outdoor court hire and equipment up to a value of £22, ensuring a memorable tennis experience. Embrace the thrill of the game while surrounded by top-notch facilities. It's time to unleash your inner tennis enthusiast!

£20 or more

1 x £25 Voucher for Lottie & Lysh

Voucher valid for £25 for the price of £20! Voted Ethical Children's Brand of the Year for the second year running Lottie & Lysh are specialists in Fresh, Fun & Funky Clothing for Children & Babies. Whether it's handmade leggings, children's pramsuits & jackets or super cute toddler dresses you're looking for you won't be disappointed by L&L's extensive range of ethically made children's fashion.

£20 or more

1 x 'No Flame' Gift Box from Blystra Candles

Our 'No Flame' Gift box consists of a luxury 100ml reed diffuser in a stylish clear glass bottle with a cork lid . The diffuser comes with 8 natural reeds supplied. It also contains a matching Botanical wax air freshener in a cute little hessian bag to complete the gift box. (Usually £25)

£20 or more

1 x Voucher for 2 People - 1 hr at Olla Hiki Sauna

Indulge in the Ultimate Sauna Experience for Two! Enjoy a Blissful Hour of Olla Hiki Sauna Therapy in a Communal Setting. Discover further details and uncover the secrets of Olla Hiki Sauna Therapy at (RRP £24)

£22 or more

'The Skateboarders Companion' Mag subscription

Experience the joy of an annual subscription to the fantastic 'The Skateboarders Companion' magazine! This publication is passionately committed to featuring skateboarding from all corners of our diverse islands. Discover fresh and rising talent, while offering established UK skaters an additional platform to garner significant national recognition. (RRP £25)

£23 or more

1 X Twin Fin Spiced Golden Rum

Twin Fin is both rich and smooth with bold vanilla notes combined with exotic citrus and a light smoky finish. Perfect in a spiced mojito for a refreshing summer cocktail or with fiery ginger beer with lots of ice and a squeeze of lime. (RRPP £28)

£23 or more

1 X Twin Fin Coconut & lychee Rum

Twin Fin Coconut and Lychee Rum is bold and bright with beautiful notes of fresh lychee and vibrant coconut. It has a lovely aromatic crisp finish of wild strawberry and melon. Perfect in a Pina Colada for a lively cocktail or with fresh lemonade and lots of ice. (RRPP £28)

£23 or more

1 X Twin Fin Pineapple & pink grapefruit

Twin Fin Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit Rum is bold and bright with tropical fruit and zesty pink grapefruit notes which ignite the senses before a light and refreshing finish. Perfect in a Pineapple Caipirinha for a vibrant cocktail or with fresh lemonade and lots of ice. (RRPP £28)

£28 or more

Enuff Classic Resin Deck 8.0¨

8.0¨ Enuff Classic Resin Deck. This awesome new take on the blank deck features a clear resin print which not only looks great but really improves the boards performance when sliding. (RRP £35)

£28 or more

Enuff Classic Resin Deck 8.25¨

8.25¨ Enuff Classic Resin Deck. This awesome new take on the blank deck features a clear resin print which not only looks great but really improves the boards performance when sliding. (RRP £35)

£30 or more

TR7 X PETH Changing Robes

Peth has crafted two exceptional and exclusive Changing Robes specifically for our project featuring a TR7 Skatepark logo! Designed with beach lovers in mind, these versatile products serve various purposes. Utilise them for changing, drying off, or simply staying cozy during those refreshing summer nights. Only 1 of each. Pick up from TR7. (RRP£42)

£30 or more

Haircut & Blow Dry at Frizz Unisex

Indulge in a fabulous hair transformation by one of Newquay's top hairstylists, or better yet, present it as a remarkable gift for someone dear to you! Treat yourself or your loved one to a delightful hair experience, ensuring a stunning and memorable outcome. It's time to revitalize your look with the expertise of Newquay's finest! RRP £35

£30 or more

1 X Set of Enuff Decade Pro Satin Trucks 149mm

The Enuff Decade pro truck has all the features and hardwearing qualities of the standard Decade truck but with a sleek new finish. This particular set of trucks (149mm) are suitable for decks 8.2" to 8.8" inches wide. The high quality satin finish baseplates and laser etched hanger logos really set this truck apart from anything else on the market. With the strength you can trust and the backing of the Enuff team this is a must have truck.

£35 or more

1 X Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet

A streamlined take on the classic skate shape that is certified for both skate and bike use. It's a perfect combination of great style, fit and protection. (RRPP £39.99)

£37 or more

1:1 TR7 Skate Lesson + TR7 Founders Beanie

A skateboarding lesson for one with one our TR7 instructors: Harry or Chaz + TR7 Founders Beanie. Only 10 of these available at a very special price! (T&Cs apply) (Save around £20!)

£45 or more

1x Set of Slayer Independent Trucks 144mm

Thank you Coastal Surf for the Indy Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks Standard Slayer Silver 144mm. Price is for a pair of Trucks enough for one Skateboard.144mm hanger size for deck width size 8.25". T6 Aluminum Hangers and Baseplates, 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles, and Grade 8 Kingpins. Independent Trucks #1 Choice for Professional Skateboarders since 1978. Renound high quality construction from the Independent Trucks Company. (RRPP £65)

£50 or more

1 X Skate Tattoo by Katie Lythgoe

A palm size tattoo by local artist Kate Lythgoe. Based in Newquay. @katestattydesigns

£55 or more

Enuff 'Big Wave' Complete Skateboard 8.0"

The Enuff Big Wave 8.0" Complete offers a board of real quality to anyone looking to make a real splash into the skateboarding world. Featuring Enuffs Decade trucks as standard this complete really does have it all.

£55 or more

1 X TR7 KERNOWFORNIA PINK Skateboard 8.0

Deck Only** Check out our Kernowfornia deck showcasing Newquay, including Fistral Beach, Concrete Waves and Cribbar Headland! Our UK-made TR7 Skateboards use top-quality hard rock maple from Wisconsin, USA. Check for details!

£60 or more

Enuff 'Hologram' Complete Skateboard 8.0"

The 8.0" Hologram complete skateboard is a great choice for all serious skateboarders. This board will suit the needs of any modern skateboarder. The holographic deck has a fantastic graphic designed to reflect when hit by light at the perfect angle. This complete comes in 8” and features our exclusive Decade trucks and high quality components ideal for riders of beginner or intermediate level looking for that genuine skateboarding experience.

£60 or more

Fracture x Adswarm 2 Complete Skateboard 8.25"

8.25" inches wide, medium concave deck. Complete deck comes supplied and fitted with Enuff Pro Trucks, Enuff Abec 7 sealed black sheild bearings, 52mm Black Sheep wheels, 1" black truck bolts & griptape. Strong 7 ply Candain maple construction with epoxy glues. Quality heat treated transfer graphics on underside.

£70 or more

A Tattoo by Jake Hickling Voucher

A voucher to spend on a tattoo by local artist Jake Hickling. Based in Newquay. @jakehicklingtattoo

£75 or more

Surf Lesson Voucher for 2 with Escape Surf School

Perfect for beginners looking for an introduction to surfing, or a quick surfing fix for those with some experience! 2 hours long surf lesson for 2 people in a group, includes all equipment. Usually £80

£80 or more

Family Voucher for Eden Project

Up to two adults and three children for the one visit to Eden Project! Trek through the world's largest indoor rainforest, take in the sights and smells of our Mediterranean Biome, and explore our huge outdoor gardens. At the Eden Project you'll discover the fascinating relationships between plants and people. (T&C: Booking needs to be at least 48 hs in advance) Usually £93.

£90 or more

Your Art printed on a Skateboard Deck!

Calling all artists! Here's an exclusive chance to personalize your own skateboard deck, featuring your unique artwork. Choose from a variety of sizes in the classic popsicle shape to suit your preferences. Whether you want to showcase your creativity while riding the deck or use it as an eye-catching wall display to enliven any space, this customisable canvas is perfect for your artistic expression. Free UK delivery

£95 or more

1 X £100 Voucher for Bubbles Fish Shop

Indulge in the 'Fruit de Mer' experience at the wonderful Bubbles Fish shop in Newquay harbour. This voucher covers a hot seafood platter featuring a variety of local delicacies like mussels, battered fish, steamed fish, lobster, and king prawns. Served with homemade chips, lemon, garlic mayo, and garlic butter, the platter can be customised based on seafood availability and requires a pre-order with 24 hours notice. Pay £95 & get £100 voucher!

£95 or more

1 X Custom Cornish Flag Bellyboard by DickPearce

DickPearce Bellyboards, a local business creating stunning bellyboards from locally sourced oak and elm. With captivating woodgrain patterns and a rich oil finish, these boards offer both beauty and functionality. Handcrafted in Cornwall, each board includes their signature Belly Rub for maintenance. Embrace the Kernow spirit with this special custom bellyboard featuring the St. Pirans flag. Experience the tradition and craftsmanship firsthand!

£190 or more

Two Nights for Two People in Breakers Guest House

Experience a fabulous getaway at the incredible Breakers guest house, Newquay, with a two-night stay for two people. Conveniently located just a short 10-minute stroll away from Fistral beach and even closer to the vibrant town center. The reward can be enjoyed any time of the year, except for bank holidays, June, July, and August.

£200 or more

1x 6 person Big Green Surf Monster SUP Voucher

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Big Green Surf School! This reward offers a 6-person Monster SUP tour voucher, allowing you and your friends to explore the stunning waters of Crantock in a whole new way. All equipment included for a 2 hour session along with an instructor. (RRPP £270)

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