The Sutton Hoo Ship's Company

RCN 1175475, Woodbridge

The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company has taken on the iconic task of building and taking to sea in, a copy of the ship that was buried in at Sutton Hoo in around 625 and is possibly the grave of King Raedwald. The ship is being built as authentically as possible in the Longshed at Woodbridge, Suffolk, by local volunteers using traditional tools and a design based on the best archaeological knowledge from the site plus modern day research techniques. It is planned that the maiden voyage will take place in 2025!

We are a group of volunteers with a love of history and ships, many of whom have never done any woodworking  previously and we have come together to build and take to sea in, a full-sized replica of the Anglo Saxon ship found buried a Sutton Hoo and made famous by the film “The Dig”.

We welcome people of all abilities and offer a fantastic environment for them to learn new skills and make new friends and social contacts. We have also created a new tourist attraction on the quay at Woodbridge and bringing vitality and new visitors to the area.

Your support will enable us to build this magnificent ship and to carry out research to understand more about how our ancestors lived and worked over 1400 years ago.

Once we set to sea, the ship will sail to areas of England that its predecessor might have visited and we hope to promote a love of Old English sea faring history along the North Sea coast.

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