Make Farage's new Brexit slogan famous

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

Make Farage's new Brexit slogan famous
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Nigel Farage has finally admitted that “Brexit has failed”. Let's get his words up on giant billboards across the country

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

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💥 Let's keep going. Every penny goes into booking more sites so if we raise more we get the message out to more of the country

  • 2016: Take Back Control
  • 2019: Get Brexit Done
  • 2023: Brexit Has Failed

Nigel Farage has finally admitted “Brexit has failed”.

It’s a colossal admission from the godfather of the Brexit campaign and should be the final verdict on the catastrophic experiment.

But the right-wing press who helped deliver our exit from the European Union will do their best to hide and spin Farage’s moment of honesty on BBC’s Newsnight.

That’s why it’s down to all of us to get his message out there, as a new 3-word Brexit slogan on giant billboards up and down the country.

(billboard images are mockups of what it's going to look a bit like)

We’ve spoken to suppliers who say that if we book in bulk we can get a billboard site for about £500. So if we raise £10,000 that’s 20 sites, £50,000 that’s 100 locations to be seen by countless people. Every penny raised will go for paying for the posters.

Brexit Has Failed. The argument’s over now. Let’s get the word out across the country.

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