Save our Bookshop

by Deb Bromage in Birmingham, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Save our Bookshop
We did it
On 31st March 2023 we successfully raised £32,568 ( + est. £3492.25 Gift Aid ) with 548 supporters in 42 days

Is to raise £30,000 for repairs to our bookshop to prevent closure, without taking from funds raised for MAE Hospice patient care.

by Deb Bromage in Birmingham, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


As you may have heard a difficult decision has been made by Mary Ann Evans Hospice to, close Books Revisited in Coleshill on 1st April 2023. The main reason being down to the costly repair work needed. The hospice shops are essentially there to raise vital income for patient services not take from them, which would become the case, due to the rented shop having a full repairing lease. Therefore we, the volunteers have set up a Crowd Funding page in order to try and raise the £30,000 needed. Details of this can be found on Facebook through the B46 pages, we can also accept donations through the shop, in an envelope including your name and contact details so that the money can be returned if the target isn’t reached. Please if you are able, give what you can, it all adds up. We only have until 1st April to raise the funds. If you have any other ideas on how you could support us, whether it be financially or through labour and/or materials then please get in touch with one of the team at the shop. We, as a community would stand to lose so much from Books Revisited closing and many have been asking what they can do to help to keep the bookshop going and this is why…


  • We raise vital funds for Mary Ann Evans Hospice, providing services for free to those living with life limiting illnesses and their families, caring for people in their own homes, including a 24hr on call Rapid Response Team supporting those within Northern Warwickshire. We also have a Family Support Service that offers bereavement counselling and other support to both adults and children across the country.
  • We are at the heart of the community. We have helped people to form friendships, links, and a community spirit. We host a thriving book club once a month which brings people together. Other voluntary groups have started up through volunteers at Books Revisited like Scouts for one, with whom we have a good working relationship.
     It was purely by chance that a leader from another district came into the shop and mentioned to us about the potential for having a group in Coleshill and it stemmed from there, thus establishing links and strengthening the community with enriching activities.
  • Provide a service and a warm place to visit to our local community selling a variety of donated goods as well as books at low-cost prices, ensuring that reading is accessible to all for enjoyment and/or educational purposes. It is true the town has a much needed library. However, the last 10 years or more have proven a great need for us both.
  • The shop has given many of us in the local community the opportunity to volunteer and support our local hospice charity. Through volunteering at Books Revisited we have supported many in returning to work by helping to build confidence and essential skills.

We are GREEN! Reusing, recycling and sustainability are at the heart of us. We ensure that no book ends up in landfill by selling our damaged/surplus stock to a specialist recycling centre, that not only sends stock to third world countries, but they also pulp them to be reused. Recycling paper uses 70% less energy and water than creating new paper from trees. Due to the way in which books are bound not all are able to be recycled by normal means, meaning they could end up in landfill.

The hospice raises funds for patient care, but we as volunteers know that the bookshop has much more to offer the community in a variety of ways. Therefore, we are seeking any funding opportunities specifically available to help with repairs, without taking funds away from patient care. The building is Grade 2 listed and resides in a conservation area so there are certain standards which need to be adhered to, increasing the cost further. The funding needed is mostly to repair and replace the windows and frames across all three floors.

Sadly, there are no other properties of this size to rent in Coleshill nor any that would lend to our needs, in order to house the many donations that we so gratefully receive. If you have visited, then you will know it really is a gem but, as it is an old building, it understandably needs essential maintenance.

We think the repair work would also benefit the town of Coleshill as it is a heritage building and its appearance brings value to the overall aesthetic of the town. It is important to maintain the history for future generations. Keeping Coleshill looking every bit the old coaching town is essential. The ‘old library’ is proof of that, with it being lovingly restored to its former glory - even attracting enough interest for a TV programme. We have a beautifully historic town and it's vital we do all we can to keep it that way.

SAVE OUR SHOP, SAVE OUR HIGH STREET! The shops, cafes and restaurants are essential in helping to combat loneliness and support the wellbeing of our community. Your support is so gratefully received.

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