The Change Homelessness Cycle Tour

by matt.fountain.58 in Glasgow

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In 36 days, unaided, living in a tent, and at times rough on the street, I will cycle 2,000 miles through Britain's areas most at risk of eviction and homelessness in order to raise £100,000 for Shelter.

by matt.fountain.58 in Glasgow

Through the story of my family's experience of being made homeless and how their former home was rather cruelly and publicly demolished on the national television show Top Gear, I have set up my own campaign called Change Homelessness. I want to raise awareness and fundraise £100k for Shelter. As I run this entirely myself, I need others help to make this possible, and this is where you come in!

My name is Matt Fountain. In 36 days (30th July - 3rd September), unaided, living in a tent and at times living rough on the streets, I will be cycling 2,000 miles around mainland Britain on a route through those areas most at risk of eviction and homelessness. I am attempting to raise £100,000 for Shelter but also raise awareness of this growing problem as the recession takes its toll on more and more people. By raising £100k for Shelter 100 families could stay in their homes for a further year. 

I have taken a year out of my career and I have invested all of my own savings into this campaign. For 6 months I have been trying to attract financial sponsorship from companies with no success mainly for the very same reason that people find themselves affected by this problem; the crunch of a poor economy.

Your pledge helps me buy vital cycle equipment, a tent, clothes, and food (on tour I will need to consume about 5000 calories a day!). I CANNOT BEGIN THE TOUR WITHOUT THIS VITAL EQUIPMENT. I will make the accounts of the Crowdfunding budget fully visible for investors, and where possible seek to further minimize costs. Any surplus will be added to the fundraising total.

This project is a charitable fundraiser but I don't believe people should invest without reward and I have spent the last couple of months working with designers to create a series of products which will be attractive to pledgers.

To find out more, including other ways you might get involved, go to

Thank you so much for your time.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

Change Homelessness Campaign Badge - show support by wearing the badge with pride!

£2 or more

£2 Reward

Change Box - a house-shaped money box you decorate, construct, photograph and upload to the internet to help #ChangeHomelessness. A creative activity for adults and children alike!

£6 or more

£6 Reward

Change Homelessness Tote Bag - hand-printed campaign tote bag, designed by Tedwood's Emporium

£18 or more

4 of 100 claimed

£18 Reward

The Change Homelessness T-Shirt - a cool summery campaign T-Shirt designed by Stephen Mellor. Please specify which size you require; S, M and L. Your name will be added to the 'With Special Thanks' page of the website also.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Join me for a night at one of the campsites I'll be staying at. I'll be staying in some stunning locations. Be a part of the campaign and enjoy an evening out in the open! ALL YOU NEED IS A TENT AND SLEEPING BAG!

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

For a pledge of £1000 I will give you the bike I use for the tour. It has been specially made by a local charity called the Common Wheel, which provides meaningful activity for people with mental illness by working with cycles. £1000 means Shelter can keep a family in their home for up to a year.

Let's make 'The Change Homelessness Cycle Tour' happen