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Whether you're a community hero, a charity worker, or someone with a vision for a better future, we provide the tools and support you need to make a real difference. Community grass roots initiatives are building a brighter future for Britain, one project at a time. This is not about politics; it's about people, communities, and the power of collective action.

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Explore the projects tackling society’s biggest challenges

Creating Jobs and Supporting Local Businesses

Explore the amazing projects that boost economic stability by creating jobs, supporting local businesses, and providing financial education. See how Crowdfunder helps individuals and families achieve financial security and resilience, building stronger, more vibrant communities together. We're all in this together, making a real difference, one project at a time.

Young waiter taking dinner orders

Popping up to help the homeless

Raised: £56,454 from 203 supporters

+Extra funding: £34,155

Starting as a pop-up dinner club in London, the charity 'Fat Macy's' is a first of it's kind. Their mission is to offer training opportunities through a work experience programme to support people living in hostels. The initiative received immense support from their crowd, plus an +Extra funding boost from our match funding partners.

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Project team celebrating with an award

Criminally good beer with a cause

Raised: £60,845 from 975 supporters

Tap Social has raised £69,787 from 2 projects with 743 supporters

Tap Social in Oxford create training and employment opportunities for prisoners and prison leavers through baking bread, brewing top notch beer and running community events in their five hospitality venues. The success of their crowdfunding campaign has helped to make 2024 a launchpad onto even greater things.

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Woman holding pile of books outside shop

Creating Clemo bookshop

Raised: £60,845 from 975 supporters

Last summer Jaimie struggled to find work, now she owns her own bookshop.

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Man smiling sat in chair

Helping 100 people move off the streets

Raised: £30,120 from 234 supporters

+Extra funding: £39,340

Standing Tall matches those experiencing homelessness find a stable job and safe home.

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Building Healthier and Happier Communities

Discover the crowdfunding projects dedicated to enhancing local healthcare services, providing crucial mental health support, and bringing essential medical resources to underserved communities. Crowdfunder empowers communities to address healthcare disparities and promote overall well-being through these vital initiatives. Together, let's build healthier communities for everyone.

Group of young people with art

The Drug of Art

Raised: £81,553 from 432 supporters

+Extra funding: £66,361

After the tragic loss of her 19 year old son, artist and disability campaigner Alison Lapper had a mission to create The Drug of Art. She successfully crowdfunded to facilitate and deliver a range of initiatives which combat isolation and loneliness through creative expression to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people. With the support of the crowd, she raised £81,553 including an incredible £66,361 in +Extra funding.

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Young girl with down syndrome with horse

Save our stables

Raised: £1,317,352 from 32,006 supporters

Park Lane Stables RDA is a registered charity that provides therapeutic horse riding and carriage driving to people with disabilities. Founded in 2006 by manager Natalie O’Rourke, the organization has been a beacon of hope and empowerment for countless individuals facing physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. A successful crowdfunding campaign meant more than just financial stability for Park Lane Stables. It symbolized a community’s determination to protect and preserve a space that embodied compassion, inclusion, and transformation.

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Empowering the Next Generation Through Education

Crowdfunder is the go-to platform for educational projects that provide resources, training, and opportunities for both children and adults. Whether it's charities empowering children to write, wild forest schools, or cultural projects by museums and the art sector, Crowdfunder can help you raise the funds needed to build a better world for future generations.

A group of school children with newspapers

Fighting for children's writes!

Raised: £37,645 from 204 supporters

+Extra funding: £19,210

The Bank of Dreams & Nightmares mission, is to build confidence and help mental health by empowering young people to unleash their potential through creative writing, exploring the natural world around them and get their imaginations firing. With the power of the crowd and +Extra funding from match funding partners like BA Better World Community Fund and Aviva Community Fund they reached their target!

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Two young people at a desk

Supporting young entrepreneurs

Raised: £60,845 from 975 supporters

+Extra funding: £31,660

Ultra Education's remit is to help young people, especially those from under-represented communities to gain the confidence and knowledge that will turn them into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. These are often girls and boys for whom conventional education doesn’t necessarily provide the perfect fit. They raised a staggering £51,429 with 131 supporters including £31,660 from our match funding partners.

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Two young people serving milkshakes

Saving 'No Limits' community cafe

Raised £36,621 from 396 supporters

+Extra funding: £18,182

An inclusive cafe, where people with different abilities gain new skills to work and be independant.

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Two young children playing outside

Creating an outdoor learning environment

Raised: £61,631 from 301 supporters

+Extra funding: £5,000

Creating a stimulating outdoor learning environment with exciting playground equipment.

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Protecting our Planet Through Environmental Initiatives

Crowdfunder is the best place to raise funds for your environmental sustainability project. Whether it's creating community gardens, launching renewable energy initiatives, or spearheading conservation efforts, Crowdfunder along with our +Extra funding partners can help you raise the funds you need to make a real positive impact to our climate.

Two outdoor veg growers in a field

Sutton Community Farm

Raised: £60,845 from 975 supporters

Meet the team at Sutton Community Farm, a community-owned initiative practicing nature-friendly farming and providing traineeships for young farmers. They sell locally grown produce and donate a portion to food banks and charities. With over 70 volunteers weekly, including those with learning difficulties, the farm fosters improved physical and mental health while imparting valuable skills. Embracing community food growing as a unifying force, Sutton Community Farm is dedicated to caring for the planet.

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Children protesting with Environmental placards

Every Street needs a Power Station

Raised: £81,395 from 742 supporters

+Extra funding: £20,788

This project has raised £249,114 from 3 projects with 2942 supporters

The Power Station's mission is to create a renewable power station across the rooftops of East London for the entire community. Frustrated by government inaction and rising energy costs, they took matters into their own hands. Supported by the Optimistic Foundation, their third crowdfunding campaign aims to help other UK streets generate their own sustainable power, providing a manual and documentary to guide the way.

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Graphic of soil

Documentary film - Six Inches of Soil

Raised £37,609 with 289 supporters

Extra funding: £5,660

The first major documentary feature film about the regenerative farming revolution in Britain.

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Two children walking through woodlands

Securing the future of East Woods

Raised £144,128 from 1,567 supporters

A community came together to purchase a 20-acre mature woodland in Otley to secure and protect it for future generations.

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Hand holding glass pouring beer

Fierce Beer Goes Green!

Raised £111,707 from 1,000 supporters

A rapidly growing UK based brewery aimed to become more environmentally responsible to deliver their green projects.

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Fighting Inequality and Injustice Together

We champion projects that are tackling critical social issues such as homelessness, domestic abuse, and inequality. We provide a platform to empower grassroots movements and charities who are dedicated to creating a fairer, more just society. 

Women covered in flour

Baking a way to a better world

Raised: £60,845 from 473 supporters

+Extra funding: £31,528

Luminary Bakery has raised £66,842 from 2 projects with 473 suppoters

For over a decade, Luminary Bakery have used baking as a tool to empower the UK’s most disadvantaged women; enabling them to gain employment and independence through training, support and community. By empowering women, they are not only changing individual lives but transforming their communities.

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Man sat at table eating

Transforming the lives of the homeless

Raised: £105,686 from 579 supporters

+Extra funding: £50,234

The Archer Project has raised £198,813 from 5 projects with 1,305 supporters.

The Archer Project has a proven history of transforming the lives of the vulnerable and homeless from Sheffield and the wider region. They are integral to the community of ostracised people who most need help and understanding. What began as a breakfast served by the congregation in Sheffield Cathedral has grown into a multifaceted range of services that support the people who need help on a journey from sleeping bag to home, which is both achievable and sustainable.

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Graphic of typography

Home is where the  harm is

Raised £19,771 with 411 supporters

Extra funding: £11,123

During the Euros 2024, Crowdfunder and partners launched an appeal to help those affected by domestic abuse.

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Group of big issue sellers

Hot drinks in a warm space with Big Issue

Raised £15,733 from 237 supporters

+Extra funding: £6,500

The Big Issue Foundation crowdfunded to create a warm and friendly place where Big Issue vendors can get the help they need whilst keeping warm.

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Man holding his arms out in front of gold curtain

Friends of the Joiners Arms

Raised £127,735 with 2,260 investors

Friends of the Joiners Arms are an award-winning campaign group who formed in 2014 in response to the closure of the Joiners Arms, a late license LGBTQIA+ venue in East London, at the hands of property developers.

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Strengthening Communities and Local Causes

We know the power crowdfunding can have in strengthening community ties, improving public spaces, and enhancing the quality of life in local areas for residents. We can help you raise the funds you need for the causes you care about with access to expert knowledge and resources and over millions of £s in match funding to support your fundraising campaign.

A crowd in an outdoor veg farm

Helping to grow stronger roots

Raised: £56,315 from 508 supporters

+Extra funding: £24,756

The Manchester Urban Diggers had a simple plan to use their existing market garden programme of providing free meals for thousands of people to further use by opening their local sanctuary to refugees coming to the UK. They ran weekly sessions to bring asylum seekers, refugees and friends of all ages out of isolation to celebrate different cultures, their recipes and stories from their homelands. The efforts helped those stuck in contingency hotels, temporary accommodation and hostels to work or connect with their new country and community.

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Two women cooking

A community for all to coexist

Raised: £63,090 from 286 supporters

+Extra funding: £47,500

Coexist Community Kitchen has raised £108,305 from 3 projects with 559 supporters.

Coexist Community Kitchen in Bristol aimed to raise £50k for the refurbishment of their community kitchen. The project supports individuals dealing with mental health challenges, food insecurity, domestic abuse, and even those at risk of trafficking or seeking refuge from war. Through the combined efforts of the community and our +Extra funding partners, they surpassed their goal, raising over £63,000 with £47,000 provided through our funding partners.

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Graphic of typography

Suds in Schools

Raised £39,124 with 1,138 supporters

Extra funding: £5,000

smol successfully crowdfunded to create a number of school laundrettes across the country, to help parents struggling with the cost of living crisis.

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Team of people campaigning

Community Owned Arches in Hackney!

Raised £33,237 from 481 supporters

The Hackney community came together to raise over £30,000 to keep three east end companies situated in the famous Hackney Arches.

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three young people playing cards outside

Securing the future of The Pearl Exchange

Raised £55,620 with 142 supporters

+Extra funding: £13,500

A rapidly growing UK based brewery aimed to become more environmentally responsible to deliver their green projects.

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