You give 100%. So do we. 

We’re building an army of fundraisers at Crowdfunder — the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform — and we’re asking you to join us.

Setting up a fundraising page with us takes minutes,it's completely FREE and Gift Aid is included.So why not take on the challenge?

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The only 100% free fundraising platform with UK based coaching and support and Gift Aid as standard.

So what are you raising funds for?

Fees. Forgotten.

If you’re raising funds for a charity, we won’t charge fees or commission, which means ALL of the funds you raise (and more!) go directly where they’re needed.*

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*Gift Aid as standard if you're an eligible UK taxpayer

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How do we compare?

Even well-known fundraising websites chargefees for your charitable efforts, surprising isn’t it?

Crowdfunder won’t take a single penny from your cause, which means 100% of the money you raise remains in your pot.

Plus with Gift Aid as standard, your charity could receive up to an additional 25% compared to a loss of around 3% in charges with other websites.*

How we compare to other platforms

*A small transaction fee applies for personal causes. Gift Aid is added as standard if you’re an eligible UK taxpayer. **Costs are calculated on 100 donations totalling £1000. A 1.9% + £0.20 fee per donation is charged byJust Giving. A 1.9% + £0.20 fee per donation is charged by GoFundMe. Platform fees of 2% plus payment processing fees @ 2.5% is charged by Virgin Money Giving. We have assumed donors have not covered the charity fees.

Choose from over 20,000 charities

We’ve partnered with Charities Trust to set up over 20,000 of the most popular UK charities on our website, so you can start fundraising directly, simply and within minutes.

St John Ambulance and Macmillan
Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity
Cancer research UK and Marie Curie

Getting personal.

Setting up a fundraising page is super simple.

Quick, easy and secure. Setting up your fundraiser only takes a few moments. So if you need to raise funds for a personal cause, you can concentrate on what really matters.

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Setting up a fundraising page with us takes minutes, it's 100% free and Gift Aid is included. 

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