Tap Social Movement

by Brian Spencer in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 25th December 2017 we successfully raised £32,779 with 305 supporters in 28 days

We have a passion for good beer and social justice. Help us grow! #CriminallyGoodBeer

by Brian Spencer in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We’ve hit our target!! Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged! We really do have the most supportive and awesome community.

As a result of hitting our target, we are now fortunate to be able to stretch our crowdfunding goal to £45,000!

With the additional £15,000, we’ll be able to increase the number of people we are able to take on from prison and sustain more long-term positions with us and other employers, further increasing awareness of the importance of employment opportunities for people within the criminal justice system.

This money will also enable us to broaden our impact by developing a more formal outreach programme in partnership with local prisons as well as a series of employer engagement events across Oxfordshire. 


Team Tap Social, 


Craft Brewery. Community Space. Social Justice. Criminally Good Beer.

Founded in 2016, Tap Social Movement grew out of a passion for good beer and social justice. We are a craft brewery and community space which provides training and employment to people currently serving or recently released from prison sentences.

We specialise in bold and flavourful keg beer. We are the first brewery to bring sour beer to Oxford, and our core range includes an exciting mixture of hoppy pales, dark, Belgian, gluten free and sour styles. 

Our brewery taproom and event space is open regularly with all of our beers on tap and is host to a range of community events including live music, arts and cooking performances, charity fundraisers, yoga, brewing and business conferences, festivals and award ceremonies.

Tap Social Movement, Oxford

Our Project

We have been absolutely blown away by the level of support we have received from the community in our first year, and have grown much quicker than we had expected. With that, we are crowdfunding to expand the brewery to keep up with demand and to make some much-needed taproom renovations to make our space better suited to hosting such a wide range of exciting events.

We are offering lots of exciting rewards in return for your support, but most importantly, by helping us to grow the business, both the brewery and taproom, you are helping us to grow our impact, getting people back into work after prison, and thereby helping to break the cycle of reoffending.

Brewery Expansion

We make beers that we love to drink! Our core range includes CAMRA award-winning Goodsize eh? American pale ale, English and gluten-free pale ales, strong Belgians, stout, and exciting sours. We also brew seasonal and limited-edition beers, and collaborate with other breweries and local businesses.

We only use water, malt, hops and yeast to brew our beers, and add local fruit, herbs and spices for great flavour. We don’t use any finings to clear our beers so they have a natural haze and are vegan-friendly. Our beers are served in bottle and keykeg. They are naturally carbonated through the conditioning process, meaning we don’t add any gas to them. 


In our first year of operations, we have featured at several festivals, including Peckham Beer Festival, Reading Beer Festival and Oxford Beer Festival (where we won runner up!), and we have been included in CAMRA's 2018 Good Beer Guide. As well as selling beer over our own bar, we have been stocked at 75 locations in Oxford and surrounding areas, Reading, London and Birmingham.

However, we are now at peak production capacity with just two fermentation tanks. With your support, we will be able to increase our brewing capacity, keep up with demand and continue to grow our wholesale side of the organisation. This means more brewing, bottling and kegging days, more employees and more impact

Our Current Brewery (with Jason the Head Brewer)

Taproom Renovations

Video by Matt E Jones, Music by Roguey Roads

We are so grateful for all the support we have received, it is incredible to see so many people visiting our taproom every weekend and such a wide range of events being hosted here. We would love to stay open all winter long but unfortunately, this huge space with high metal ceilings gets absolutely freezing during the winter months. With your support, we will be able to put some much-needed heating in our taproom, making it comfortable for you to enjoy the space all year round.

Hosting so many events at the brewery has brought all types of different people here, and often in large numbers! At the moment we only have 2 toilets, which often means a very long queue. We know you shouldn't have to wait for a long time to use the bathroom. With your support, we'll update and improve our toilet facilities, so that you can enjoy the venue free in the knowledge that you'll have easy access to the porcelain goddess.

The Taproom and Community Space; Photo by Ian Wallman

The Team

Having experience in a range of positions across the criminal justice system, our team have all witnessed the difficulty people face when trying to turn their lives around after coming into contact with the law. The founders of Tap Social are Tess, Amy and Paul. Tess worked as a councillor in a Canadian NGO which helped ex-offenders to obtain pardons, clearing their criminal records and assisting them to obtain employment and travel visas. Amy has worked for the police, the courts and the UK Ministry of Justice as a senior policy adviser on youth justice, and is now undertaking a PhD on the subject at the University of Oxford. On her move to the UK Tess worked for a year managing a craft beer bar for a rapidly growing craft beer company in London, which is where the idea of combining the craft beer industry and criminal justice reform began. Paul is a criminal barrister at 6KBW College Hill and a visiting fellow in criminal law and criminology at the University of Oxford.

Our dedicated core team includes head brewer Jason, Matt, Colin, Max and Marcus. We are joined by a number of others who come to work at Tap Social on day release whilst still serving their prison sentences at local open prison HMP Spring Hill, with whom we work closely. 

Team Tap Social, Photo by Ian Wallman

Social Justice Mission

Employment has a huge proven impact on reducing the likelihood of reoffending.  50% of people released from prison will reoffend within one year (Ministry of Justice 2017) costing the tax payer around £15 billion annually (National Audit Office 2016), and yet having a job makes an individual up to 67% less likely to reoffend (Clean Sheet 2017).  We know from our diverse professional experience across the sector that there is a lack of support and assistance available in finding employment, and criminal records often dissuade employers from hiring otherwise eligible candidates. Many of the people we have worked with, especially those who have spent time in prison, struggle to access education, training and employment, hindering their rehabilitation, and drawing them back into a life of crime.

Having worked closely with many people who have been through the system we know that there is so much talent and potential going to waste. Tap Social Movement was founded in an attempt to stop this vicious cycle by providing opportunities which set people up for long-term fulfilling employment. 

Tap Social Movement | Testimonials; Video by Nate @ Startup Stories. 

The Craft Beer Solution 

We share a passion for social justice and were looking for ways to reduce the staggering reoffending rates caused by barriers people face when trying to get a job after prison.

The innovative craft brewing industry, involving technical, transferable skills, presented a perfect opportunity to combine our passion for great beer and justice reform, whilst having a wider social impact. Aside from the technical skill it involves, craft brewing is a young, social and vibrant industry in which people are proud to be involved. A brewery offered a great forum for creating a space where people from all walks of life come together to share skills and talent, exchange ideas and experiences and create new opportunity.

Our Super Amazing Rewards

If helping us with our social justice mission isn't enough, we've come up with a range of awesome rewards to say thank you. Check them out on the right-hand side of this page. 

FYI - Everyone who pledges will have their name written on our Exclusive Backers' Wall of Fame for eternity, well for as long as we exist.


If you would like to get to know us a little better, here is a look at some of the press we have received in the last year:








See you in the taproom!


Team Tap Social



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

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Get your hands on one of our exclusively branded tote bags and enjoy a pint on us in the taproom. Includes UK shipping.

£20 or more

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Pledge £20 and you'll get £30 worth of beer in our taproom! Perfect for the regular taproom visitor and perfect for when you've got the next round...

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Not only will you get one of our exclusively branded tote bags and a pint in our taproom but you'll also receive a Tap Social tshirt and a Tap Social 40cl beer glass. Includes UK shipping.

£25 or more

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Pledge £25 and get your hands on one of our 2L Tap Social stainless-steel growlers. Growlers are refillable take-home containers, they're a great way to enjoy Tap Social beer in the comfort of your own home! We'll also throw in a free pint when you come by to collect it.

£35 or more

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A selection of 6 of our beers in one of our exclusively branded tote bags AND a Tap Social T-shirt. Collection only but enjoy a pint in the taproom on us when you come by!

£50 or more

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Become a Tap Social member for a year! 10% off in the taproom, a Tap Social tshirt, a pint on your first visit and a high-five from one of the team!

£50 or more

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Pledge £50 and you'll get £100 to spend on draught beer in our taproom! That's right - double the beer! Half the money!

£100 or more

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You and a friend spend an afternoon touring the brewery, learning about our exciting brewing process and tasting our beers. Walk away with a Tap Social tshirt each.

£150 or more

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Pledge £150 and you and a friend get to come party with us! We'll say thank you with an evening of live music, friends, fun and most importantly BEER, all on us.

£200 or more

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Get your hands on one of our specially designed Tap Social growlers and drink our amazing beer in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a pint on us when you come to collect your growler and then return once a month to refill it with ANY beer of your choice (value up to £320) for a YEAR!

£250 or more

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Pledge £250 and you and a friend will join our head brewer for a full day's hands-on experience. At the end of the day, you will leave full of knowledge about our brewing process as well as a case of beer, a Tap Social tshirt and a ticket to our EXTRAVAGANZA BACKERS PARTY.

£500 or more

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Not only do you get your hands on one of our specially designed Tap Social growlers but you will get to refill it every FORTNIGHT for a YEAR (value up to £750)! Enjoy a beer on the house on your first visit as well as TWO tickets to our EXTRAVAGANZA BACKERS PARTY.

£1,000 or more

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Get 10 cases of any beer of your choice with custom labels to match your party theme or company logo. Not only will you be drinking the best beer but it will be specially branded! Also includes two tickets to our EXTRAVAGANZA BACKERS PARTY!

£2,500 or more

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Design your own recipe with our head brewer, brew it yourself and pick up 5 kegs and 5 cases once it's ready. All bottles will be branded with custom labels and we will provide one-night free loan on a kegerator so you can pour your expertly designed beer at your own party! Included also are TWO tickets to our EXTRAVAGANZA BACKERS PARTY.

£5,000 or more

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Pledge £5000 and we will throw a bespoke private party for you and 50 guests in our taproom with a fully stocked OPEN bar and street food catering for all! Perfect for birthdays, a post-Christmas office party or team off sites!

£25 or more

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A selection of 6 of our beers in one of our exclusively branded tote bags and a Tap Social 40cl beer glass. Collection only but enjoy a pint in the taproom on us when you come by!

£90 or more

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Criminally Good Beer x four! Collect four of our exclusively branded tote bags each filled with a selection of 6 of our beers, plus four Tap Social 40cl beer glasses. Collection only but enjoy a pint in the taproom on us when you come by!

£250 or more

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Pledge £250 and you and a friend will join our head brewer for a full day's hands-on experience. At the end of the day, you will leave full of knowledge about our brewing process as well as a case of beer, a Tap Social tshirt and a ticket to our EXTRAVAGANZA BACKERS PARTY.

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