We're changing the face(s) of British politics

Changing the face(s) of British politics: General Election 2019

General Election 2019: Powered by the Crowd

We’re the UK’s number one crowdfunding platform and the home of political crowdfunding until the country votes on 12 December 2019.

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Do you need to raise funds to stand in your constituency?

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Do you need to raise money for marketing materials?

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Do you want run a national campaign for your central party?

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Are you a non-partisan organisation that wants to make change?

We can help you.

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So, what are you looking to crowdfund?

Crowdfund your

political party

We can help you raise money for election campaigns

Crowdfund your


Raise funds to stand in your constituency

Crowdfund for

political change

For non-partisan organisations who want to make an impact

People powered politics


Targets hit to date

£1.2 million

Funds raised so far


Supporters and counting

This is our moment to take back our political system. Let's begin as we mean to go on.

More United, raised £275k from 8,761 supporters

Why Crowdfunder?


2 for 1

Take the opportunity to gain funds towards your campaign whilst raising awareness.


Keep in touch

Stay connected with your supporters and get real feedback from real people in real time.


Grow your online identity

Build a positive online image for your party and engage people with your policies.

How crowdfunding works

start crowdfunding

Get started on Crowdfunder

Create your unique page. Tell your story and explain your idea. Then set a target and how long you need to reach it.

Get the word out

Get the word out

Spread the word to friends, professional contacts and others in your community. Tell everyone you know about your crowdfunder.

Get funded

Get funded

People who like your idea donate or pledge money in return for a reward they’ll receive once your crowdfunder succeeds.

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