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For some, Christmas is a magical time of year that shines bright with tinsel, gift-giving and sparkling lights.  However, it's also a time to come together and extend that festive spirit to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

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Support these Christmas charity projects

The christmas dinners 2018 image

The Christmas Dinners 2018 Greater Manchester

To raise £30,000 to fund joyous Christmas Day experiences for care leavers across the UK, with a dinner, presents and all the trimmings!

Successfully overfunded

  • 847 supporters
  • £30.3k raised
  • 56 days
12 children's education for christmas image

12 Children's Education for Christmas Nilgiris

Educate 12 Children for Christmas is to pay for the education of 12 tribal children from the Masinagudi area to go to school for one year

Successfully overfunded

  • 57 supporters
  • £5.6k raised
  • 52 days
Burning the clocks 2018 image

Burning the Clocks 2018 East Sussex

Burning the Clocks brings Brighton together to celebrate the winter solstice each year and has become a much loved tradition.

Successfully overfunded

  • 57 supporters
  • £5.1k raised
  • 42 days
Brum xmas dinner 2018 image

Brum Xmas Dinner 2018 West Midlands

To give young care leavers in Birmingham a chance to come together on Christmas Day and have a Christmas Day like all other families

  • 58 supporters
  • £2.9k raised
  • 35 days