Make it a December to remember

Believe in the magic of the season has worked with hundreds of communities to help raise the funds that they need to make it a magical Christmas. 

We spoke to some of our project owners, both past and present, to find out what crowdfunding meant for their community at Christmas time. 


Crowdfunding was the perfect solution as it didn't just get the community donating, it also got them talking to each other and excited for the event.

"Herne Bay is a great town full of community spirit. We are crowdfunding for a Memory Tree to remember loved ones at Christmas time. We all work hard together to make sure that things happen and we believe that Crowdfunder is an excellent way for the whole town to support a project."

Nikki, Herne Bay's Christmas Memory Tree 2017

"By crowdfunding for our Christmas lights, our local community can get right behind this project. The fantastic group of students that we are working with can get hands on involved in helping to raise funds for a project that they are all really passionate about." 

"With limited funding elsewhere, we rely on the generous donations made through crowdfunding to cover the £15,000 needed for our Christmas lights each year. It’s a simple way for the whole community to support our project and we hope that together, we can make this Christmas in Thirsk the most festive yet. "

Faye, Buy A Bulb For Thirsk's Christmas Lights


Following the success of our event last year, we decided to try crowdfunding to give the community a chance to contribute to the exciting event.

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