A Bigger Tent

by Greenbelt Festival in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

A Bigger Tent

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We’re crowdfunding because this year we want to invite some people who might not usually feel welcome at festivals (and we can change that!)

by Greenbelt Festival in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

One of the things that makes Greenbelt who we are is our belief that we’re somewhere to belong to, as well as somewhere to believe in. Everyone’s invited to be part of our accepting, inclusive festival community. 

It’s right there in our festival manifesto

“Whether it’s your first time or your fifteenth, you can expect a warm welcome”. 

The reality for plenty of people, though, is that festivals are out of their budget, for all sorts of reasons. Whether financially or culturally (or both), it’s not “for them”.  Buying a ticket is just one of the hurdles they face in trying to experience all Greenbelt has to offer. 


This year we’re working closely with our partners such as Let’s End Poverty, Refugees at Home, Citizens UK and the Pickwell Foundation (to name just a few), to invite, support and amplify the voices of people with experience of poverty or seeking asylum in the UK. 

That also means making it possible for the people with those voices to come to the festival, and feel like they belong. We want to make a space where they really can expect a warm welcome. A tent that’s big enough for everyone, if you like.

What we want to do

Our hope is that we can raise funds to help us offer the sort of radical, inclusive hospitality we’d love to offer those who arrive at the festival on a free or subsidised ticket, perhaps never having been to a festival before.

If we raise £10,000 through crowdfunding, we'll be able to create wraparound support in meaningful ways to make sure that basics like food and accommodation are provided, along with access to spiritual and wellbeing support and ensuring there are friendly, welcoming spaces in the campsite and the festival village. It means we’ll have the people and resources available in our campsite hub to make sure there’s welcome and hospitality waiting for our new Greenbelters, for example.

We'd love to be able to hit our target of £10,000 and extend a welcome to as many people as possible, but – even if we don't make it – your generosity will still make a big difference in lots of small, important ways.

  • For £16 your fellow festivalgoers could enjoy a few hot showers over the weekend
  • For £24 you could buy three meals in the festival village
  • For £33 you’d be sorting their tent out for the festival


Why we’re crowdfunding this

This isn’t about sponsoring someone to come to Greenbelt. It’s about investing in the support network we want to create once they're there, so that people can come for the first time and feel like they are seen, valued and looked after. 

It's about looking at the reality of the barriers some people face and working out how we can remove as many of those hurdles as possible. Would you find other festivals crowdfunding like this? Possibly not. But then, that’s what makes it Greenbelt, isn’t it? 

We want to keep our festival brilliant and affordable. That’s why we’ve already got pay-what-you-can ticket pricing and our Open Festival scheme. We didn’t want to add the cost of this directly onto our ticket prices. For one thing, festivals are already as expensive as they’ve ever been to produce. After we successfully crowdfunded our 50th book last year, our supporters told us that they’d like to see us try and use the same approach to make the festival more accessible to more people. 

So here we are. Gift-giving is an important part of our festival economy. We rely on the gifts of time, expertise, friendship and prayer to make Greenbelt happen each year. Around 20% of our annual income comes in the form of charitable giving. 

If you’d like to help us crowdfund a community welcome this summer, we’d love you to get involved.


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