Saving Lives in Glen Ogilvie

by GORA in Glen Ogilvie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Saving Lives in Glen Ogilvie
We did it
On 4th December 2017 we successfully raised £2,660 with 20 supporters in 28 days

Our campaign aims to raise funds to help us place defibrillators in the community that will be available day and night.

by GORA in Glen Ogilvie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Thank you all for your donations

We raised £2660, which will pay for the AED, secure box, lighting and with enough left over to purchase a training device.

Saving Lives in Glen Ogilvie

When someone has a cardiac arrest following a heart attack, their life can be saved if their heart is restarted quickly using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Glen Ogilvie is a small rural community where ambulances can take 20 minutes to arrive, possibly considerably longer in bad winter weather.

Our campaign aims to raise funds to help us place defibrillators in the community that will be available day and night.

Who are we?

The Glen Ogilvie Residents’ Association (GORA) was set up by residents of Glen Ogilvie to enhance the lives and environment of the residents of Glen Ogilvie and make the community more resilient. GORA will also be willing to support our neighbouring communities do the same for their residents.

The first task the association has set itself is the provision of one or more AED devices for the area.

Where are we?

We are a small, scattered rural community of about 6 square miles. We are about 2 miles to the south of Glamis Castle. As well as a hamlet of private dwellings there are outlying farms and cottages, many with long, rough access roads.28f690630aee26bdb0b2248279883fbf2cd37c06


What is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

  • An AED is a device which automatically gives an electric shock to the heart through the chest wall
  • This electric shock restarts the normal rhythm of the heart and is an essential life-saving step in the chain of survival
  • The machine gives clear spoken instructions to the user
  • The machine will not operate unless it detects that an electric shock is required


How will the AED help?

  • Approximately 30,000 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests occur every year in the UK
  • In 2013, the Emergency Medical Services attempted to resuscitate approximately 28,000 people after they suffered an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
  • Of the 28,000 people that emergency services attempted to resuscitate, only 8.6% survived and were discharged from hospital
  • When someone has a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces their chances of survival by 7-10%
  • Currently, only 20% of cardiac arrest victims are in a ‘shockable’ rhythm when the EMS arrive; this figure can be increased if more cardiac arrest victims received immediate, effective CPR from bystanders
  • If a defibrillator is used and effective CPR is performed within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest, survival chances increase from 6% to 74%

How much do we need?

  • Our target is £ 3000
  • £ 1800 is needed to purchase and install just one automated external defibrillator in a weatherproof case along with automated lighting, security camera and signage
  • We also want to purchase a training unit (about £ 500) so that residents can practice and become familiar with the operation of the AED. It is a high stress situation when you have to resuscitate someone, especially if the person is a loved one, friend or neighbour. Being familiar with the AED and its operation will make responders more confident and effective.
  • In addition we want to set up an 0800 number to call for help from dedicated members of the local community who will be able to assist the caller.

Latest News

We have raise over a quarter of our target in 10 days. Keep up thegood work

At the recent meeting of the Glen Ogilvie Residents' Association a logo competition was judged and the members voted for the best logo, which you can now see at our Facebook page at


GORA members choosing the new logo.

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