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Up to £5,000 of £50,000 fund

Crowdfund Norwich has been set up to support community groups, social enterprises and charities across the city.

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Crowdfund Norwich

£50,000 for community groups, social enterprises and charity projects in Norwich

Crowdfund Norwich is an innovative campaign to support the ideas that you have for the city and its people.

Norwich City Council is looking to give a boost to projects that support the growth which local developments have brought to an area.

You could get up to £5,000 or 50% of the funding target for your project if you meet the eligibility criteria.

All projects in Norwich

Patisserie image

Patisserie Norfolk

To open a small patisserie in Norwich specialised in French Portuguese and English patisserie.

  • 3 supporters
  • £50 raised
  • 37 days left
Atrel cabin refurbishment image

ATREL Cabin Refurbishment Norfolk

The funds will be used to refurbish 6 ATREL cabins plus associated equipment for eventual display at a local heritage centre.

  • 29 supporters
  • £1.3k raised
  • 35 days left
Help me shed my scarred skin image

Help Me Shed My Scarred Skin Norfolk

I have badly scarred forearms from self-harm. 20 years on I want to have the scarring covered with beautiful sacred geometry tattoos.

  • 5 supporters
  • £110 raised
  • 18 days left
Msc in project management image

MSc in Project Management Norfolk

I would like to improve my qualifications and to learn the necessary skills to get a good job in the field I like to work.

  • 2 supporters
  • £350 raised
  • 22 days left
Angelica's rainbow image

Angelica's Rainbow Norfolk

Angelica's Rainbow is a social enterprise organisation that provides animal encounters for education, therapy and practical purposes.

  • 8 supporters
  • £220 raised
  • 56 days

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