Help us save our venue before it gets developed!

by Leon Pattrick in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

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Help us buy our venue and secure a grassroots music hub in Bristol for generations to come.

by Leon Pattrick in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

Help us raise the deposit to buy our venue before it gets developed.

We've been given an ultimatum, buy the pub or get out! This is our chance to keep one of Bristol's third spaces within the hands of the community and remain a place for the people.

We’re the team behind Noods Radio and we opened the doors to our pub/venue Mickey Zoggs in 2021. Since then, Zoggs has become a hub for the local creative community, serving as a place for people to hang out, meet like minded people and discover music. 

In that time we have leveraged our space to get the resources together to provide a number of projects and activities that help to aid and grow our community including:

  • A programme to help women and non-binary individuals get into broadcasting
  • Hosting roughly 230 artists every month from the pub on the radio
  • Launching a number of initiatives that help young people gain the skills and experience needed to enter the creative industries.


Unfortunately though at the end of the year our lease is coming to an end, and we’ve been told that if we don't buy the building our lease will come to an end. However, our landlord has given us the opportunity to buy the building first, ensuring that the space remains to serve the city.

We’re looking for support to raise £70,000 to go towards paying for the deposit on the building. With this money we’ll be able to lock down our mortgage offer and secure Zoggs’s place in Bristol. Through owning the building, we’ll ensure that Zoggs remains for the community and that Noods Radio has a secure home to keep broadcasting. 


  • If we lose the building, we lose Mickey Zoggs.
  • If we lose Zoggs, the radio will not be viable.
  • If we lose the radio, all our community focus projects will be put on hold.

Without Zoggs, the station may cease to exist.

Not only that, but the last few years have shown us that third spaces such as Zoggs are essential places for Bristol’s cultural landscape. They are a place for people to feel connected, make friends and unwind.



Mickey Zoggs rose from the ashes of The Surrey Vaults. Reviving the commitment to supporting underground alternative music without the chaos. When The Surrey Vaults closed, it was enough to bring protests to the streets and raise awareness of closing music venues to the house of commons.

The building has been a chapel for the local creative scene over the years hosting legends such as Tangerine Dream, Detroit in effect, Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Carla dal Forno. And even served as the home to Oscar Wilde’s favourite drinking stool!

In recent years the space has become an open platform where emerging talent plays alongside established contemporary artists including Dr Banana, Lena Willikens, Tash LC, Astrid Sonne, Main Phase, E Saggila, Prosumer, Tim Reaper, Coco Bryce, RP Boo, Kahn, Valentina Magaletti, DJ Sotofett and more.

By helping us to ensure our future at the address, we will commit to ensuring that the space remains operative for the creative community and remains a third space for music lovers from across the globe.



Mickey Zoggs is run by 3 individuals with a love for music. 2 of which founded Noods Radio along with another who started as a volunteer of the station who became a dear friend, and then business partner.

Running a pub alongside the radio was always a dream of ours. We started in a pub and always longed to have a social space for the community where people can come together, talk about a bunch of nothing whilst discovering new music.

Our space is blessed to have exciting selectors broadcasting from our tiny space every week, providing people with a unique opportunity to catch their favourite artists for free. In doing so Mickey Zoggs has become a space for music lovers, dancers and creatives living in or visiting Bristol, acting as a home for those looking to discover new sounds and nurture an open and tight-knit community. 



Your contributions will go towards us paying for a deposit to acquire a mortgage on the building. By acquiring the building, you're helping to ensure the survival of an independent music venue/pub in Bristol and survival of Bristol’s radio station Noods Radio. As well as this, this will also help to ensure the ongoing work of the CIC arm of work Noods Levels that produces projects and programmes for Bristol’s young people.

If for any reason we are unable to buy the building, we will use the money to invest in a new space.

* With every raffle ticket you now also have the potential to win the digital discography from OO Recordings.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£25 or more

Get your name on the wall at Mickey Zoggs

A reason to bring your ma and uncle down to Zoggs — show them that your name is on the wall!

£10 or more

Raffle Ticket

Every £10 you donate will earn you a ticket to win one of these prizes: - Soapbox VIP tickets - Avon Gorge Rock Climbing Experience - TURBO ISLAND PARTY BAG With Tee, Cap, Print, Shopper, Pin & Stickers. RRP £65/70 - Steve Davis Pool Cue

£10 or more

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Enamel pin

Limited edition Mickey Zoggs enamel pin.

£10 or more

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Mickey Zoggs Bday Fundraiser Street Party

Join us on Surrey Street on 1st June to celebrate Zoggs bday and help us raise a few more coins for the cause Info here:

£40 or more

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2 hour DJ / Radio workshop w/ Lupini

Get learnt with Lupini in either Manchester or Bristol.

£50 or more

One off t-shirt

Super exclusive one time t-shirt that reminds everyone that you personally saved Zoggs!

£50 or more

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Boulderhead 1-1 online production feedback

Mint Tea records founder and part of the Down To Earth collective will offer his production prowess!

£50 or more

2 of 3 claimed

1-800 Girls 1-1 online production feedback

Production knowledge from one of the best — can be done from Bristol studio if local!

£50 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Pluralist 1-1 online production feedback

1-2 hour online Ableton production session with the legend Pluralist

£50 or more

0 of 3 claimed

2 hour DJ workshop w/ Fiona Finn Teo at Pirate

DJ Workshop with a qualified Pirate Studios DJ teacher

£60 or more

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Master your track at Optimum Mastering

Each redeems one track to be mastered at Optimum Mastering in Bristol.

£75 or more

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Custom UX/UI Consultation Package

1 hour sessions to help businesses or individuals improve their digital products. Redesign suggestions, usability testing or creating wireframes for new features.

£100 or more

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Screenplay Consultation with Kate Novo

Full read & 1 hour Zoom call with Kate Novo offering feedback on your screenplay.

£170 or more

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Love International Ticket

Access to all 7 Days of Love International. Doesn't Include Barberellas

£500 or more

Mickey's best friend

Earn yourself best friend status with Bristol's most beloved landlord.

£1,000 or more

Bespoke legendary members card

Devote yourself to Mickey with this grand and commendable sum — in return you will receive a bespoke engraved metal members card, earning you 10% off EVERYTHING until you meet your maker. Be the talk of Surrey Street!

£20 or more

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Dummy Hand 12" Vinyl Trilogy

Get yourself all three Dummy Hand records from for a corker of a bargain!

£30 or more

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2 hour DJ workshop w/ sadsugar at Zoggs

As it says on the tin — 2 hours DJ workshop with local legend!

£40 or more

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Selected GOODS from RWDFWD

Mystery pack from the RWD FWD crew worth £50!

£40 or more

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Selected GOODS from Disk Frisk

Mystery bag from Disk Frisk with both records and merch worth £50.

£50 or more

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Om Unit 1-1 online production feedback

As it says on the tin — run your productions by the one and only Om Unit.

£50 or more

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1 hour Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Shake off the stress of losing your favourite boozer with a Therapeutic massage in Bristol courtesy of Revitalise Massage.

£75 or more

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3 hour music production session at Edgar Studios

Music production session with Bruce at Edgar Studios.

£150 or more

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Necessary Evils tattoo

Tattoo up to 10 x 10cm from a Bristol location (@necessary__evils).

£200 or more

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Alice Jennings sculpture

Sculpture by Alice Jennings (20x20cm) valued at £250 (@alice.jennings).

£200 or more

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Martin Parr Signed Print

Edition of 100 — valued at £250.

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