Community Project Tennis Court & Floodlight Refurb

by Bath Tennis Club in Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

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We urgently need funding help, to restore our only floodlit outdoor tennis courts, to open up tennis to our community all year round.

by Bath Tennis Club in Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 16th May 2024 we'd raised £43,202 with 124 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Provide additional equipment and services for free access to tennis and wellness, including rackets, balls, excericse and fitness equipment. Add post protectors to all floodlit posts. Improve gate access system to the club.  Provide enhanced social facilities for regular community meet ups.

  • Who are we?


Think of us as more than a tennis club – picture a thriving hub buzzing with over 200 PARTICIPANTS, a place that's open to all. Our fuel? The sheer drive of VOLUNTEERS and under direction of an appointed CLUB MANAGER. Our ranks boast vibrant individuals, from the high-spirited 90+ YEAR OLDS to brave souls battling mental health challenges and those hitting financial roadblocks to participation. Inclusion isn't just a word to us; it's our core. With a heritage spanning 144 YEARS, pride swells in our commitment to community service. Our doors are always open, welcoming every age, background, and ability, to not just play tennis but to bask in its myriad of benefits and the camaraderie it fosters.

Our Mission:

Our club is all about bringing people together. We're working hard to make tennis even opened up, more inclusive and diverse. Upgrading our facilities not only enhances our club but also invites more members and non-members from the local community.

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Why are we crowdfunding?

We urgently need to resurface our existing and only floodlit outdoor tennis courts to provide a better, more durable and safer playing surface for our members and local community. Club members and the wider community would also greatly benefit from an upgrade to our existing floodlights, which are currently unsuitable for tennis, to more sustainable and economic LED floodlights.

New floodlights would allow us to play consistently in the evening, particularly throughout the winter months, creating more opportunities for individuals to participate. We have received a quote for between £12,000 -£14,000 to upgrade the current floodlighting system, as long as the masts are still structurally stable, subject to a proper site inspection. 

Why Resurfacing Matters:

Post covid the club through grit, determination and support of it’s members manged to resurface it’s hard courts, completely self-funded.  Two years on we now find that our only floodlit courts have deteriorated dramatically, driven by their ageing and the increasing wet weather, where we now recognise that environmentally, the courts also require permanent improvements to the drainage systems. Your support will play a crucial role in maintaining the affordability of tennis at our club, ensuring that the benefits of this sport are accessible to all. We are excited about the positive impact this project will have on our community and appreciate your consideration.

Set in the heart of Bath, as an outdoor venue we are described as the ‘lungs of the city’. Our club plays a pivotal role in providing tennis opportunities to our local community, with great walking and cycling accessibility to the club. The absence of overlapping catchment areas emphasizes the importance of our continued operation.

To maximize our community impact, we aim to expand our membership base, as well as providing more non-member tennis, fitness and wellness opportunities.

Increasing our membership not only aligns with LTA recommendations but also has a positive ripple effect. The rise in members will lead to a corresponding increase in club revenue. This, in turn, will facilitate easier maintenance and improvement of our club facilities. 

The urgency of our situation lies in the need to sustain our unique position in the community. Your support will directly contribute to our efforts in expanding our membership, ensuring the long-term SUSTAINABILITY and enhancement of our club facilities.


How we’ll spend the money raised

Our Funding Challenge:

The two floodlit outdoor courts urgently require resurfacing and floodlights replacing as they were last addressed 17 & 28 years ago respectively. Without prompt action, we risk being unable to offer any participation on these courts during wet periods, or at any point during the darker evenings

The resurfacing project is critical to maintain the viability of our courts and to ensure continued participation in league matches. The total cost of the project is £68,000 representing the most cost-effective quotes we have received.

Currently, the club holds funds amounting to £30,000. To bridge the funding gap, we are seeking support from you to cover some of the remaining £38,000. We aim to raise £25,000, which will activate a pledge from Sport England of £10,000 any other donations and funding we can secure will make up the difference to complete the project.

Given the urgency of the situation, we aim to commence the resurfacing as soon as we secure the necessary funds and most certainly before the Autumn sets in.

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Community impact

Tennis is for everyone at our club! For 2024 and beyond want to be even more ‘Opened Up’. We set our core values to highlight the vision for greater inclusivity and diversity opportunities, through community passion and teamwork.  Year on year we try to develop and promote new opportunities to broaden the entry points, whether it be led by a need for social inclusion, encouraging a more active lifestyles or simply for the love of being on or around a tennis court; simply enjoying the outdoors and the sounds of tennis and the joy it can bring.

For example this spring, we will be driving our community outreach program aimed at primary and secondary schools, inviting the local schools to a schools’ day event. Through this initiative, we will introduce tennis to students, encouraging them to join coaching sessions at our club. Additionally, we will extend invitations to their parents to participate in fitness sessions at our facilities through cardio tennis. WALKING TENNIS will be added to the coaching timetable in May, enabling those returning from injury or simply unable to move at the pace required to compete with others more agile. We see this as a real opportunity to enable those who may also be experiencing loneliness or isolation since coming out of the covid era. For our 2024-25 membership year we will be offering a family membership to those families who find themselves on a subsidised school meals program. We will assist them in accessing local funding to support their broadened opportunities to engage in active tennis opportunities.  

Supporting Underrepresented Groups:

Additionally, this year we are looking into providing regular, high-quality tennis lessons that cater to individuals with diverse abilities and needs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their learning disability, physical disability, or mental health condition, can participate and thrive and creating a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

In addition to social and competitive tennis, we provide a supportive community where participants can connect with others, BUILD FRIENDSHIPS, and experience a sense of belonging. This effort is spearheaded by our Community Tennis Ambassador, who on a voluntary basis, promotes our inclusive approach which extends beyond the tennis court, fostering a supportive network that promotes social inclusion and well-being.

Committed to breaking down barriers to tennis participation by offering free courses for beginners as well as affordable membership options. For between £1 & £10 per week, our members can gain access to both social and competitive tennis opportunities, fitness and wellbeing activities, making our club a cost-effective alternative to other facilities in Bath


How you can play your part

There are four simple ways to help us reach our target, and make this project a reality.

1. Make a pledge to buy a reward. Don’t delay if you’re going to support us because momentum is key to our success!

2. Spread the word. Share our project on your social media pages and tell the world to get behind us! The more people we reach, the more support we will get.

3. Offer rewards. Get involved if you are a local business by donating things we can offer to our supporters. We will give you a shout out!

4. Fundraise for us. If you want to run your own fundraiser – maybe a sponsored activity or similar – use the 'contact project' button at the top of our page to let us know. Setting up your own page only takes a few minutes and you won’t need any bank details. Just a fun idea!

Some of our rewards…



This project offered rewards

£5 or more

Bath Ace - Come Try Cardio Tennis

Bath Ace are offering a come and try cardio tennis. This 50% discounted reward (RRP £10) offers a cardio tennis sessions for those looking to have fun whilst getting fitter.

£5 or more

Rich Little Adult Group Coaching Session

Rich Little Tennis ( is offering 12 discounted spaces on a ladies group coaching session lasting 1.5 hours with coffee and cake to finish! (RRP £15.00)

£6 or more

A New tube of 4 tennis balls

New Balls Please! 4 new tennis balls ready for action. (RRP £8.00)

£14 or more

M&S Coffee Morning Letter Box Gifts. have kindly provided 5 Coffee Morning Letterbox gifts (RRP £20.00). Inside, they'll find three varieties of coffee sachets including Jump Start, House Blend and Italian. They can enjoy a cup with a sweet treat or two, including carrot cake, chocolate biscuits, indulgent millionaires shortbread, chocolate flapjacks and caramel waffles.

£15 or more

Fudge Kitchen Selection Box

L&N Leisure have kindly offered up a real sweet treat. The selection contains 5 delicious slices of slab fudge, go visit and get inspired. (RRP £22.00)

£18 or more

We Love Our Beach - Childrens Hoodie

We Love our Beach ( have kindly offered 2 children's hoodies with an RRP of £26.00 each.

£24 or more

Youth Tennis Holiday Camp Days

Focusing on fun, introducing and improving on speed, agility, co-ordination, quickness and ability. The camps are available to all ages from children as young as four (4-14). Typically, the camps run on Tuesday - Thursday from 9.30 -13:00PM, thorughout the holiday periods. Usual rrp price £32.50

£25 or more

Rich Little - Group Beginner Tennis Course Reward

Rich Little Tennis ( Access to a 6 session group beginner tennis course. (RRP £48.00)

£25 or more

4 Hours of Court Hire

Take advantange of 4 hours of court booking time (RRP £48.00), for you and up to 3 other guests. Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Rackets and balls can be provided.

£40 or more

Bath Ace 2 Restring Offer

Bath Ace is offering 2 tennis racket restring to get you ready for the summer campaign. Usual RRP £52.00

£40 or more

August Holidays Family Membership

Enjoy the club and all it has to offer for the month of August with a 31 day membership for the family. Free use of the courts, floodlights and access to reduced price coaching. RRP £100.00

£40 or more

£50 PDH Sports Voucher

A kind donation offering 2 £50 PDH sports vouchers. (RRP £50)

£60 or more

2 Year Junior Under 12 Membership Reward

2 Year Junior Under 12 Membership Reward. Providing free access to the courts and discounted coaching and tennis holiday camps. (RRP £85.00)

£150 or more

2 Year Junior Under 18 Membership Reward

2 Year Junior Under 18 Membership Reward. Providing free access to the courts and discounted coaching and tennis holiday camps. (RRP £192.00)

£220 or more

Club & Coach for the Day

Hire the entire club and up to 2 coaches for 4 hours of structured activity. Coaching, Competition, team building for groups up to 24 people. (RRP £350.00)

£12 or more

We Love Our Beach - Adult T Shirts

We Love our Beach ( have kindly offered 2 adult t-shirts with an RRP of £19.00 each.

£15 or more

Haircut & Beard Trim

Our local business A.K.Barbers offering a great snip reward of a haircut and beard trim. (RRP £20.00)

£15 or more

Lowtide 12 Pack

The Lowtide Brewing Company have kindly offered a refreshingly tasty 12pack with an RRP of £29.34. Take a look at what's on offer

£30 or more

Vibe Fintess Circuits

Simon Ridley, Vibe Fintess is offering 4 particapants the chance to paricipate in his 6 week circuits sessions during 2024-25. (RRP £42.00)

£70 or more

10 * 60 minute Cardio Tennis Sessions

Access to 10 * 60 minute group Cardio Tennis Sessions. RRP (£96.00)

£120 or more

2 x Babolat Tennis Racquets and Racquet Bag!

These are used but in great condition (One has a small chip on the frame). Both have good strings. They are light racquets weighing only 260g each (unstrung). Grip size EU3 (US 4 3/8, Hand Size 109-111mm). Complete with Babolat Racquet Bag with small external storage pocket. (RRP £170.00)

£300 or more

Rich Little 10 * 60 Minute Tennis Coaching

Rich Little Tennis - 10 Individual one to one 60 minute tennis coaching lessons. RRP £395.00.

£390 or more

2 Year Off Peak Membership Reward (RRP £406.00)

2 Years Off Peak Membership to the club, including free access to the courts and discounted coaching.

£640 or more

2 Year Adult Membership Reward (RRP £665.00)

2 Years Single Adult Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching.

£960 or more

3 Year Adult Membership Reward (RRP £1,020.00)

3 Years Single Adult Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching.

£1,140 or more

2 Year Couples Membership Reward (RRP £1,186.00)

2 Years Couples Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching. For all couples living at the same address.

£1,260 or more

2 Year Family Membership Award (RRP £1,310.00)

2 Years Family Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching. For all members of the same family living in the same address.

£1,710 or more

3 Year Couples Membership Reward (RRP £1,820.00)

3 Years Couples Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching. For all couples living at the same address.

£1,890 or more

3 Year Family Membership Reward (RRP £2,006.00)

3 Years Family Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching. For all members of the same family living in the same address.

£2,520 or more

4 Year Family Membership Reward (RRP £2,756.00)

4 Years Family Membership to the club, including free access to the courts, floodlights and discounted coaching. For all members of the same family living in the same address.

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