We firmly believe that no child should go hungry, especially in the fifth-richest country on the planet, so we’re joining the fight that Marcus Rashford has started to help end child food poverty in the UK by offering our platform 100% fee free to those raising money to help.

Lend your support here to one of the charities raising funds for this cause, or start your own fundraiser. If you’re helping to provide meals then why not reach out to your community to support your efforts by fundraising totally free.

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Marcus is working with FareShare, join him by donating to them here

“Selflessness, kindness, togetherness, this is the England I know”

– Marcus Rashford

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FareShare - The charity on the front line

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 17 independent organisations. Together, they take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to almost 11,000 frontline charities and community groups. Every week they provide enough food to create almost a million meals for vulnerable people.

Latest messages of support


Margaret Marshall 13th July 2021

Cannot rely on the present government to look after the poorest in society so it is up to citizens to support each other.


Pam Lawson 13th July 2021

The mural is perfect again, now we need to stand with Marcus to feed the children.❤️


MacIvers 12th July 2021

We wanted to say to Marcus and the others who took the penalties that we thank them for the courage they showed and to ask them to be kind to themselves, they have achieved so much. Also, the courage you showed last night is matched by what you took on to help children and their families in this country through this work here. Thank you and well done. Look up the quote about noisy crickets and cows by E Burke, there are a lot of quiet cows supporting you, you just have to look here!


Mark 12th July 2021

Future Sir Rashford keep up the good work


Devon Williams 27th February 2021

Hi, I hope you are all doing your best at this moment. Take care


Carl Crabtree 21st January 2021

You are forced to enter 5% fee or above. Why ?


Varsha George 21st January 2021

Great cause! Thanks for raising awareness


Chris Corrall 15th January 2021

Thank you for all you are doing especially during the past few months


Deborah Clarkson 13th January 2021

Hopefully this will go a little way to helping end this terrible child food poverty. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


lisa maltby 12th January 2021

Appreciate everyone working towards a fairer society and helping those who need it most.


Adrian Myer 17th December 2020

Hunger and need is bad enough - waste is so much worse.


Alexander Elliott-Welch 17th December 2020

Let's keep the good work, folks! - Al Welch

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