Help put a campaigning NHS doctor in Parliament

by Dr David Nicholl in Bromsgrove, England, United Kingdom

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British politics is ill. Help put NHS doctor David Nicholl into Parliament to fight the cancer of lying that has spread across our system.

by Dr David Nicholl in Bromsgrove, England, United Kingdom

Politicians Beware! The Doctor Will See You Now

My name is Dr David Nicholl and I'm campaigning to be the next MP for Bromsgrove  - the constituency where I live with my family.

Elections are expensive  - we don't have the donors and deep pockets of the Tories.  And so I'm attempting to raise £10,000 for a campaign fund to help us hit the ground running when the election is finally called.

Why Should You Help Me Become Your Next MP?

I have worked as an NHS Consultant Neurologist for over 20 years in the West Midlands. All my children went to state schools in Bromsgrove.  I have publicly campaigned on many issues over the years  - from protecting the NHS nationally to saving our school gym at home!  I won a public apology from a senior Conservative when he slandered me in the House of Commons. I think this attitude represents everything that's wrong with politics currently- what I call the Cancer Of Lying - and I believe the public deserves better.


The country - and the NHS in particular - is in a sorry state after over a decade of Tory rule.  The current MP,  Sajid Javid, former Chancellor and failed Health Secretary, is deserting the sinking ship at the next election. The Tories have replaced him with a candidate from outside the constituency, but I believe, as someone embedded in Bromsgrove, that we can stop them.


“A dedicated campaigner who will stand up for our NHS” - Stephen Dorrell, former Conservative Health Secretary


Why Do I Think I Can Win?

Last year, I was elected as local councillor to Bromsgrove District Council, pushing the Conservatives into third place, in a ward that had always been traditionally Conservative. It is time to repeat this across the constituency.   

I have campaigned on multiple issues both locally and nationally.  


“Cheerfully pugnacious” - The Observer


How Much Do We Need?

£10,000: that will provide a flying start for us to take the fight for the heart and soul of Bromsgrove. We’ll need every penny to rescue this constituency which has been in Conservative hands for over half a century.  The Conservatives have deep pockets. Unlike them we don't take millions in exchange for political favours: we rely on ordinary people like YOU who want to help create a fairer society.

Where Will The Money Go?

We want to take our campaign to the next level by reaching out to ALL voters in every corner of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire via:

  • Public meetings for people to raise the issues that matter to them.
  • Constituency-wide advertising in local media.
  • Production and home delivery of a magazine to drive our message across the rural constituency.
  • Regular leaflets on local issues.


“I must thank Dr Nicholl for his campaigning on this issue without which we possibly wouldn’t be taking this through Parliament.” - Chris Philp MP, Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Fire


Your Help Now Will Make All The Difference

This is a critical time for our country. Over a decade of mismanagement, incompetence and sleaze have led to poverty, a decline in vital public services and a rise in extremism like we have never seen before.

But there is also now an opportunity coming for a new start for Bromsgrove and the nation; help me to contribute to that. 

Thank you so much, in anticipation, for anything you can commit.

I will not let you down.

Dr David Nicholl

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats


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