We have a way: how crowdfunding can change the world

by Crowdfunder | Jun 10, 2021 | Stories

We have a way: how crowdfunding can change the world

This year we’ve been working on something a little different at Crowdfunder.

We’ve created a TV advert, telling the story of seven wonderful projects which have emerged from our platform in the past year. It’s a snapshot of the work we’ve been doing alongside UK communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our story is simple. Together we have adapted to the lockdown crisis but we face an even bigger one: climate change. And with the G7 coming to town, we need to make our point. Now.

Turning to TV is a new thing for us. Our aim is to tell as many people as possible how versatile and effective crowdfunding can be.

To do this we visited projects based in Cornwall, the spiritual home of Crowdfunder.

Our biggest challenge was to pack it all in, given the success we’ve had in the last 12 months. The platform has enabled people to rally around the things that matter to them to the tune of more than £200 million.

We invited the irrepressible Eddie Izzard to narrate it, herself a successful Crowdfunder after raising more than half a million for good causes back in January. 

She introduces Pollenize, the urban beekeepers leading the fight back against climate change.

There’s Don, representing thousands of COVID-19 heroes and the fishing community in Cadgwith who battled the odds to preserve their special way of life.

And Newquay AFC, the club that like so many others is the beating heart of its local area.

We meet Black Voices Cornwall, actively fighting racism in an increasingly divided world and Emma, beginning a new journey from her garden shed after her unexpected redundancy.

Then finally Mawnan Smith’s local school, engaging young people with nature in their new garden space. Because the next generation is our most valuable asset in climate action.

And with the world coming to our doorstep for the G7 summit this month, it’s never been more timely. We’re also hosting the fringe event at our basecamp in Newquay, inviting thought leaders and changemakers to talk about where we go from here. 

We’ve called our film We Have A Way. Because we do.

Time and again we prove anything is possible when we work together through crowdfunding. With our planet at stake, the hard work starts now.

We’ll be updating this blog with new stories every other day, talking of their passion, crowdfunding journey, and where they are now.

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