We have a way: Emma’s house plants

by Crowdfunder | Jun 23, 2021 | Stories

We have a way: Emma’s house plants

At Crowdfunder we have a way.

A way to help people adapt when life throws us challenges.

Like Emma from Trillium House Plants, who we have featured in our new TV ad.

The last year has been incredibly difficult for so many, especially for those who were made redundant or lost their jobs. Their lives changed overnight and they were left facing an uncertain future. This included Emma Gunn from Newquay. 

After 22 years at the same company, she was unfortunately made redundant. Her previous job revolved around the care and design of plants, flowers, and show gardens and, during lockdown, she realised just how much she missed being around them. When garden centres reopened, she filled her house with as many beautiful plants as possible which gave her an idea. 

What if she started her own indoor plant business? After all, she loved plants and had a lot of extra time on her hands. It was the perfect solution to her redundancy so she set up a crowdfunding campaign with our Crowdfunder Startups initiative. Through Trillium House Plants, Emma would prescribe the perfect plant for her customers, taking into account their lifestyle. 

Her community believed in her idea and soon she had raised £3,355 to open her own shop and set up her website! 

Her situation proves that sometimes when you’re down the only way is up. 

Since the launch of Crowdfunder Startups, we’ve helped raise over £777,000 for new businesses. At Crowdfunder we have a way to turn ideas into a reality, just like Emma from Trillium. Start your own crowdfunding journey today.

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