We have a way: the next big challenge

by Crowdfunder | Jun 18, 2021 | Stories

We have a way: the next big challenge

At Crowdfunder we have a way. 

A way to help prepare for the next big challenge. 

Just like Mawnan School Nature Garden, who we have featured in our new TV ad.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Those are the words that inspired a Cornish school’s dream to create a safe, natural haven for wildlife on the grounds of their school. 

With so much time spent inside over the last year, the sound of birdsong, the smell of wildflowers, and the feeling of fresh air is appreciated now more than ever before, by both children and adults alike. 

By building this natural oasis, the school would be creating a place to learn, connect, and get away from the classroom. After all, evidence shows that time spent outdoors reduces anxiety, improves mental health and wellbeing, and increases a child’s ability to function in school!

Better yet, it would ensure a love of our planet from an early age, empowering the children to take care of the environment and tackle climate change as they grow older. 

To make the garden as beautiful, inclusive, and sustainable as possible, they needed at least £2,450 which they aimed to raise through the power of the crowd. Soon enough, their message inspired a movement and they smashed their initial target and went on to raise an incredible £7,410 (plus £1,245 in Gift Aid). This included £1,300 in extra funding from our funding partners. 

In an update posted to their Crowdfunder page in April, the team said, “Thanks to all who donated to our project, we were able to employ a team of brilliant landscapers to come and turn our vision of a school garden into a reality over the Easter holidays.”

Inspiring a love of nature in the younger generation is so incredibly important and something that everyone at Crowdfunder is passionate about. This is why we knew we wanted to include Mawnan School’s nature garden in our TV ad. 

Time and time again we see communities come together to fund the ideas they believe in, helping to create a more sustainable future. At Crowdfunder, we have a way to prepare for the next big challenge. Start your own crowdfunding journey today.

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