Help Angela Challenge her NHS Bill

by Bare Life Films in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help Angela Challenge her NHS Bill


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Angela faces a lifetime of debt as a result of being charged by the NHS for accessing vital care. Help Angela to challenge this debt.

by Bare Life Films in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Over 20 years ago Angela fled Zimbabwe and sought asylum in the UK. Angela has lived in the UK ever since. 

Following a vital hysterectomy operation eight years ago Angela was - without warning - issued a bill for £8,000 by the NHS.

The bill has changed Angela's life forever. Angela is now saddled with debt which she will never be able to afford to pay off, a debt which puts her future immigration status in the UK at risk. Angela's story exposes the real cost of the recent introduction of NHS charges for migrants, where discrimination undermines our society's commitment to universal healthcare.  

Angela needs help fighting the legality of the bill as she cannot afford the costly fees. We are determined to put an end to NHS healthcare charging and to raise to funds to help Angela keep on fighting, and we are asking for your help in doing so. 

Any amount you can donate will contribute to securing justice and will be hugely appreciated by Angela. It would also be fantastic if you could share this fundraiser widely! 

Please see our website for further information about Angela's story and the healthcare charging regime. 

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