Marketing basics

Marketing basics

Great tips for launching your project in style

Once you’ve decided on a launch date, make sure everyone has it marked on their calendar. 

Make sure that you are clear on the plan to promote your Crowdfunder project from the first day to the last. Check which messages you’re sending out to which groups, when they’re being sent, and how.

Set up a virtual event on Facebook, send out messages or even postcards to start getting people excited.

From your Crowdfunder project page, you can send ‘Updates’ to keep your supporters in the loop. It’s the best way to keep in touch with everyone, make them feel valued and excited about the campaign. It’s also a brilliant way to show newcomers that you’re active and engaged – make them want to join your crowd!

Keep your supporters up to date and build stronger relationships for the future.

Our downloadable guides, written by our crowdfunding experts, are crammed with information on marketing – grab yours for free lower down on this page.

Prepare some 'exclusive' content: behind the scenes, sneak peek, different perspective.

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Getting your project off to a great start

Launch day can be both exciting and nerve-racking. If you’ve put in the work and followed your plan, it could be one of the biggest and best days of your Crowdfunder campaign. There are three main ways of getting off to a good start. If you want to get off to a great start, do all three.

Line up the first 10 pledges

The hardest part is getting off zero, so aim to have secured at least 10-20% of your target in promised pledges before going live. Make sure those people know exactly when your project is launching and encourage them to make their pledge in the first couple of hours. Getting a strong number of supporters early on will give your project credibility and make it look much more attractive to wider audiences.

Pick up the phone

Call, text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger – all give you access to your friends and family at the touch of a button. Drop them a line to let them know that the big day is here as soon as your project goes live. Try not to stress if people don’t reply immediately. Give them a gentle reminder in a day or two, be persistent and they’ll probably still pledge in the first week.

Throw a launch party

The best way to get everyone excited about your campaign is throwing a party. It can be an informal affair in your living room or as lavish as you like. Ask all the key groups on your network map to come along and get them to bring a friend. Make it fun, showcase your project video, serve great food and introduce people to some of your rewards. Choose somewhere where attendees can access the internet on their smartphones or other devices and get the pledges flowing!

Crowdfunder Bootcamp: Running your project

You've planned and created your project, now you need to promote it. There's nobody better to help you make some noise than crowdfunding queen Jess Ratty.

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Real Junk Food Brighton

Good images of the project were key. It made creating flyers, posters and social media posts much easier and more successful. We would definitely suggest getting good photographers on board to help promote your campaign.

Graeme Roy

Have first pledges lined up for the first few hours of the campaign to assure a great start and secure the social proof that encourages your wider network to pledge. Aim for 10% of your target.

Matt Giles

Crowdsource some of the content, ask your community for opinions and share the results.

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