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Community Innovation Fund: up to £10,000

Funding for organisations working with vulnerable communities in Birmingham to improve independence and wellbeing and reduce reliance on health and social care.

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Supporting Birmingham citizens to lead healthy, happy, independent lives within their own homes and communities. 

Funding available to projects that can reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst older people, support people who are carers for family or friends, or prevent homelessness.

The Community Innovation Fund

Birmingham City Council is offering match-funding to projects which can contribute to and support its vision for adult social care and health in the city.  This is about supporting citizens, communities, the networks and connections to people and places across Birmingham’s homes and neighbourhoods.

There are three particularly big issues for Birmingham which we want to support and raise the profile of.  The first is loneliness amongst older people and we want to support ideas, campaigns and projects which can help increase social participation and get people more connected to other people and places in their communities.  

The second is a big hidden issue, which is the often unrecognised work of people providing full-time and unpaid care to family and friends (adults).  We want to recognise and support carers to help them get more involved in their communities too.

The third issue is well known, but we want to prevent homelessness and invest in projects which can prevent people from slipping into crisis and becoming homeless in the first place.  This is about supporting people to develop their own capacity and ability to live independently in their own homes.

What do we mean by innovation?  We’re looking for ideas, projects and proposals which do things differently.  This is recognising that there are big issues and problems which can’t be solved through continuing to do the same things.  So we want to support things which don’t necessarily conform to the norm.

There’s two ways of accessing the funding.  You can apply to us before you launch your crowdfunding campaign and if your proposal matches what we’re looking for we’ll provide your first pledge to get your campaign started.  If you’re already up and running with your campaign you can apply to us anytime and if you’re successful we’ll make a pledge during your campaign.

So if you have got something up your sleeve that’s going to make a real difference in Birmingham, then the Council could back you to the tune of up to £10,000, or 50% of your funding total (whichever is the lesser).

Want to learn how to crowdfund? Join our next series of online workshops for projects on Crowdfunder. 

If you have already started a project, find out how to apply for this fund.

Projects that fit the bill

Afterlife - the documentary image

AFTERLIFE - The Documentary West Midlands

The ONLY universal guarantee in life is death. But have you ever wondered what happens next...If anything? KEEP READING...

Stretch target £5,000
  • 38 supporters
  • £3.4k raised
  • 5 days left
Permission to smile campaign image

Permission to Smile campaign West Midlands

Less 'keeping ourselves to ourselves'; more friendliness, smiling, greeting, helping, joining together to make a difference where we live.

Successfully overfunded

  • 70 supporters
  • £20.1k raised
  • 56 days image West Midlands

Rightmove for Homeless People and Sofa Surfers. Matching vulnerable people to over 500 EMPTY supported accommodation rooms in Birmingham.

Successfully overfunded

  • 63 supporters
  • £15.1k raised
  • 96 days
The bridge, birmingham image

The Bridge, Birmingham West Midlands

We want to help struggling men and women beat drug and alcohol addiction and thrive in their local community. Help us make it happen!

Successfully overfunded

  • 46 supporters
  • £10.4k raised
  • 56 days
Oomph active adults image

Oomph Active Adults West Midlands

To enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older & vulnerable adults in Birmingham through exercise in the community.

Successfully funded

  • 20 supporters
  • £10k raised
  • 60 days
Dig for disabilities image

Dig for Disabilities West Midlands

To enable 250 people with mental health diagnosis & physical disabilities to continue their community gardening projects in Birmingham

Successfully overfunded

  • 28 supporters
  • £9.3k raised
  • 56 days