by The Roseland Centre in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom


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The Roseland Centre charity is raising funds to buy the old school and former Cornwall Council outdoor activity and education centre.

by The Roseland Centre in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Help us Save Our Centre and change lives through outdoor activity and education in Cornwall

The Roseland Centre charity is raising funds for the former Cornwall Council outdoor activity and education centre in St Just in Roseland village

We're lucky enough to have the option to purchase this unique and much-loved community building from Cornwall Council. Our aim is to run it as a sustainable, residential facility specialising in outdoor activity and education - and a community hub for individuals and voluntary organisations. 

If we don't reach our target, the building, which dates back to 1887, will be sold on the open market.

Located on Cornwall's scenic Roseland peninsula, this former Methodist school was for many years successfully run as a Cornwall Outdoors activity and education centre and was used by organisations such as The Royal Yachting Association. It is well known as the place where primary school kids from around Cornwall and the wider UK came to have fun whilst learning to kayak, canoe, climb and sail.

We want to continue in this tradition offering children and adults residential accommodation with access to classes, wellbeing sessions, mentoring and outdoor training with a particular emphasis on water-based activities with local outdoor activity sport providers. And we couldn’t have a better location. The local creek is ideally suited to sailing and canoeing sessions, whilst nearby, summers beach is one of the best and safest places in the UK to learn how to paddleboard. There are also opportunities for sea kayaking and windsurfing, as well as land based activities including hiking and orienteering.  

Though everyone will be welcome at the Roseland Centre, specific access will be provided for local schools and schools from around Cornwall and the UK. The aim is to provide schools with an opportunity to let individual classes have a residential outdoor activity and education experience with us at the Roseland Centre. Being a community-inspired charity, it is also important to us that local children do not miss out on opportunities and activities by virtue of them already living in the local area. To this end, the project will ensure that there is direct local community impact in promoting well-being to local children through improved community access to a range of outdoor activities. We are also currently engaging with local business partners with a view to developing potential scholarship opportunities to offer training, mentoring, support and bursaries to local children across a wide range of outdoor activity sports available of the peninsula.             

Why is it so important?  

The Roseland peninsula is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). We want to ensure that young people and adults, whether from the Roseland, Cornwall, or elsewhere in the UK, can come and visit this inspiring place, learn new skills through tailored classes and sessions, make friends, and explore all that the peninsula has to offer. 

We know how lucky we are to live in such a breath-taking natural environment but we believe the great outdoors is even greater when everyone gets to share in it! And getting kids interested in outdoor activity and outdoor sports is more important than ever to children's physical and mental health and wellbeing after the Covid lockdowns. 

Community is at our core and we also see the centre as a resource for educational, voluntary and community groups and a place to promote supportive activities and networks for both young and old, so vital in these challenging times. 

If we don't raise the funds the building will most likely be bought up by a developer and become a private residence, second home or a holiday let! We're trying to stop that from happening... we just need a little help.

Self-funding and successful 

The building has strong potential to become self-funding as it comprises residential accommodation for up to 30 visitors, communal facilities and community areas. 

Its in a good state of repair and once bought, we aim to immediately get it up and running as a basic, affordable, residential facility and community venue! As everyone knows, this type of accommodation and venue are desperately sought after in Cornwall.  

Our long-term vision is to revamp the building and relaunch it as The Roseland Centre, a modern, residential and educational hub with space for community activities. Demand for such residential accommodation in Cornwall will further increase as Cornwall Council is closing all but one of its Outdoor Education sites (Cornwall Outdoors) in July 2022 (See

Many organisations have said they will use the building including local specialist water sports providers attracted by the proximity to our local creek and nearby coast (which are walking distance!). Meanwhile the Roseland Academy (the Peninsula's secondary school) is keen to use the building for educational purposes and personal development including the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 

With the support of professionals we have developed a detailed business plan to map out the path to financial viability and sustainability - and professional architect submissions for the pre-planning application have been made to Cornwall Council and received a positive response (as shown below).


An important part of St Just-in-Roseland heritage 


The building started life in the late 1880's and was the local Methodist school up until the late 1940's. Some local residents still remember it fondly as the place where they sat at their first desk in their first ever classroom. 

In the gardens of the building is the historic 'Peace Tree' (and commemorative plaque) planted by parishioners to mark Armistice in November 1918. For some it is a living reminder that WW1 took the lives of 6,300 Cornishmen - including the lives of young men from St. Just in Roseland Parish. We do not want to lose access to such an important part of our village heritage.  

A sustainable, environmentally-friendly centre 

The revamped building will be a beacon of sustainability on the Roseland, using renewables in its design and providing ecologically sensitive accommodation. Cornwall is currently at the forefront of environmental and sustainability response with Cornwall Council's Action Plan having the stated aim of regional carbon neutrality by 2030. Our plans support this goal. Even before any development, the building will offer a community space for awareness raising on important environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity.

Questions and answers

Who are the potential users and beneficiaries?  Children, the community in general and voluntary organisations. For example, local children, children from Cornwall and children from across the UK, local schools (Roseland Academy), non local schools, Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs, South West Coastal Path walkers, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme groups, outdoor activity providers, water sports specialists, health and wellness groups.   

What's the rush?  We have a deadline to raise the funds by 23rd September 2022.

Will the building be used for affordable housing? Cornwall Council has indicated that if we do not raise the funds, the building will be sold on the open market. 

What is the situation with parking? The building has its own off-street parking area and there are public car parking sites in and around the village. Children's groups have always been dropped off by coaches, with the vehicles leaving the village almost immediately. Highways and access was considered in the pre-planning application for the proposed refurbished building. 

Will it be noisy? In the many years it was previously run as an outdoor activity and  education centre, there has never been any issue with noise.

What will happen to the peace tree? The peace tree is a protected focal point in our planning design within our planned gardens. If sold to a private developer, the village will most likely lose access to this living memorial to the 1918 Armistice.

Will there be disabled access? The whole property is on one floor and all the plans have been reviewed and modified to ensure it is a disabled-friendly building.      






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