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Welcome to Startups 2023. Let’s get ready to start your journey. 

Getting started

Now is the time to think about how your business idea will form a crowdfunding page. Think about how will you tell your story?

Start with mapping out your network of people who are most likely to support your startup business. Decide how much you need to raise and what tempting rewards you could offer. Take a look around the Crowdfunder site and look for your own inspiration as well.

Start building your page
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Explore our series of free business masterclasses with expert speakers on hand to help inspire you throughout your startup journey.

Within each one hour masterclass you will hear from a range of speakers - including previously successful startups - who have experience in crowdfunding plus other experts in their field.

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Session one: How to crowdfund your startup

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Session two: How to market your startup

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Session three: Been there, done it

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Session four: Making the

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Get inspired by these successful startups

Sarah had a vision to start a sauna business, and thanks to Crowdfunder’s amazing community she was able to see that dream become a reality with her business, the Seaside Sauna Haus. In February 2020, 128 supporters helped raise over £9.5k for Sarah’s startup.

Since then it’s become a mainstay in the small town of Seatown in Dorset, UK. Nestled right on the ruggedly beautiful Seatown beach next to a local pub, Sarah hosts regular sauna club sessions and private bookings, and firmly believes in the healing affects of making sauna a part of your life.

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The Public Spirit

Successfully raised over £15,000

In October 2020, Olly & Naomi chose to launch their craft spirits brand - The Public Spirit. After being made redundant, they used that as the opportunity they needed to really focus on launching their new venture.



Successfully raised over £16,000

Zena founded MasterPeace in the summer of 2019 to create unique art experiences for adults in London who want to learn to paint mindfully and express themselves creatively.



Successfully raised over £23,000

Husband and wife team Antonia and Jonny started their business Nursem which is specifically formulated for nurses and is loved for its natural ingredients and amazing effect on hard working hands.



Successfully raised over £3,000

After being made redundant, Emma didn't want to give up her connection with plants and wildlife so she used Crowdfunder Startups to grow Trillium House Plants from an idea into a fully fledged business.

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