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Holistic personal training with a focus on fitness AND wellness. Welcoming beginners young or old, over 40s & 50s, and menopausal women.

by LiveFitterCoaching in Denton, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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On the 28th June 2023 we'd raised £240 with 11 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Hello, I'm Andrea! I'm a qualified personal trainer who wants to mentor and educate others to live healthier and more positive lifestyles, starting up LiveFitterCoaching as way to help me do this. This a change of career direction for me, but I also want to offer some community initiatives alongside my work, which I have detailed below.

Working previously as a funeral celebrant, it became clear that many people spend considerable years in poor health before their time comes too soon. Yet in many cases, improving lifestyle factors and activity levels would have likely changed their outcomes.

Being in this field was my own personal motivation to become fitter. I used to be one of those people who 'hated' anything labelled 'exercise'! But seeing how my own life and health has improved has kept me disciplined.

Fitness helps you live better!

In July 2021, I ticked off a bucket list desire - climbing Ben Nevis

As well, I think the journey I've had through peri-menopause has been made better due to my level of fitness - and maintaining good nutrition and healthy lifestyle factors.


Have you got a dream?

So much difference can be made to our personal enjoyment of life and our outlook by improving fitness and health. When you are fit, life isn't 'boring' - you can start living more and doing more! Whatever age, we can also set ourselves up for independent and active older lives by our actions now. 

Becoming a qualified personal trainer was a natural progression for me. I want to empower people to make positive changes, and help several types of clients, but especially:

  • 'Late starters' and over 40s/50s
  • Beginners to fitness 
  • Anyone who feels intimidated by 'the gym'
  • Peri-menopausal and menopausal women
  • Those who want a more holistic approach to getting fit

Mobility, flexibility and strength, not just cardiovascular fitness, are also important. Especially as we age - but in youth, as well. Training with me will encompass many aspects of health and fitness, depending on your individual needs.

Why a Crowdfunder?

Through this Crowdfunder, you can do one (or more) of 3 things:

1. Become a client at a launch offer rate

2. Buy a reward on offer which will support my new startup

3. Simply donate to support my startup

Personal training is no different than any other business in that a certain amount of advance funding is needed to get things off the ground. 

On 1st June, I will be self-employed at The PT Factory in Denton, from where I will be able to train clients and help them achieve their own health and fitness goals. 

The PT Factory is ideal for clients because:

  • It is easy to access as located on Holland Street at the M60/M67 junction
  • It is a non-commercial, private and independent gym
  • It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere inclusive for all
  • Premium equipment which is well-maintained with a great range
  • There is space to work out without rubbing sweat with someone else
  • No corners cut - even the hairdrier in the changing room is high-end!


To be at The PT Factory, though, I will pay a monthly rent. This is payable whether I have clients or not! I also need to pay for uniform, insurances, professional memberships, Emergency First Aid at Work certificate, and so on. 

I also want further training to gain the Exercise Referral qualification (£425), as this will qualify me to work with clients who have certain health conditions. I will then offer some free wellness initiatives alongside my private work.

So. Knowing I have some personal training clients before I start will be a great security for me - and gaining some clients (who will receive launch offer discounted prices!) is the main focus of this Crowdfunder.

However, I am offering a variety of rewards which take into account that not everyone who may want to support me can or wants to be a personal training client. 

But for those who want to be clients, they will benefit greatly from committing now to start training with me in June and over summer!

  • For prospective training clients:
    Once I am underway at The PT Factory, my fees will obviously fall in line with their advertised ones. But sign up as a client in my launch period to commit to training with me while I am getting established, and you will be rewarded with a generously discounted 'startup' package!

    Remember, the real value of a personal training programme is in working with you over a period of time for your continued development. The packages offered at The PT Factory are for a MINIMUM of 12 WEEKS commitment, to enable you to get results. For this Crowfunder only, I do have some 'one-off' and limited type rewards available, but overall, client programmes will be for a minimum of 12 weeks.

    Instructions to sign up as a client
    If you sign up as a personal training client via this Crowdfunder, please go to the REWARDS section and choose the package you want.I will send the Terms & Conditions to review, and we will book you in for an initial consultation (NB: If it turns out at consultation you have any contraindications to training, you will be refunded). Following consultation, your first session will be focused on induction and nutrition. Your second session will be the start of your training.


  • For other supporters:
    You might want to still support me (THANK YOU!) but being a personal training client isn't for you, for whataver reason. Please take a look at the other rewards I have for those who can't be PT clients. Most of these will not be available once I am fully active as a personal trainer.

It's not just about personal training!

One of the things that most appealed to me when joining The PT Factory was their ethos - a friendly, non-intimidating environment that is about getting people fitter, not about big pouty egos. The equipment is top of the range, and I will have the freedom to host health, fitness and wellness events, including my idea to start a 'menopause cafe'.

Menopause Cafe

Going through the menopause for many is no easy feat, yet there is so much difference we can make by changing our lifestyles and habits during this time. Our fitness and health requirements also change through these years - for example, more strength training is needed to counter the muscle mass loss as hormones alter.

One of my ideas is to launch a 'menopause cafe' - a monthly support group to help both my clients and also non-clients, who are in peri-menopause (which can start in the 30s!) or in menopause. The objective of this is to provide a local space where anyone who is affected by menopause (which can include even partners and spouses!) can get together in a friendly environment, once a month, to support one another. I will be there also to offer menopause-relevant fitness and health tips.

I would like to provide the Menopause Cafe on a donation basis for attendees, with refreshments available and offering up my own time for free. This will be reviewed in time, but any ongoing donations will help to keep this active once it has started up.


Wellness Events

Later in 2023 or in 2024, I plan to also start offering a variety of health and wellness events. Themes might include sleep clinic, plant-based nutrition for fitness, exercising with health conditions, weight management, and so forth. I am still developing ideas around these and how they will run, but my Level 3 Exercise Referral Qualification, once gained, will especially come in handy for these.

Any questions?

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. 

And local people who want to be personal training may have many questions! It's a big commitment. So fire away. 


This project offered rewards

£5 or more

Donation for Menopause Cafe

This is a donation to support the 'Menopause Cafe' initiative for those who can't or don't want to attend! This will help provide refreshments and cover costs and offer a space for someone else to attend!

£10 or more

£10: Personalised Spotify Fitness/Workout Playlist

Pledge £10 to receive a 45 minute personalised Spotify workout playlist! In order to receive your reward, provide me with some ideas of your favourite genre of music and I will make you an upbeat playlist to keep your workouts motivating! You will of course need to be registered with Spotify to receive this :-)

£15 or more

Food Diary Analysis

Want to see if you're eating right or what you could do better? Buy this reward and I will send you a 7 day food diary to complete. I will then analyse your food diary to see how I can advise on improvements. This can be done over a 15 minute phone / video call, or via email (your preference).

£20 or more

Online/Phone: 'Sleep Better' Coaching Session

Above all else, good quality nightly sleep for 7+ hours should be your biggest priority. This is a 45 minute online or telephone coaching session where we can discuss your current sleep issues, and look at ways to improve your sleep patterns.

£25 or more

Healthy Walk & Talk Session (1 hour)

Walking for fitness and 'green therapy' (being in nature!), plus health coaching - in one session! We will meet at Hyde Central train station for a walk around the Lower Peak Forest Canal, while you have an opportunity to talk about some of your fitness and wellness goals, with some tips and coaching from me. NB: These are NOT therapy sessions!

£25 or more

Health MOT

Come for a one-off 'health MOT' at The PT Factory, where we can check your blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat percentage, weight, and also do some fitness testing. Get an idea of where you are at on a fitness level. In our 1 hour session, we can also discuss your health habits such as diet, exercise levels, nutrition and sleep, and determine what you can work on.

£40 or more

Group Training with Friends (1 hr session)

Club together with friends to have a group training session for up to 3 people. Of course, group training cannot be tailored in the same way as 1 to 1, but it is good fun and you can purchase several sessions to take over a few weeks, and get much better results!

£90 or more

Block booking of 4 x 1 hour 'Walk & Talk' sessions

This is a block booking 4 x 1 hour 'Walk & Talk' sessions to get more from it than a one-off! The first session will be open where your goals, health habits and requirements can be discussed. In the following sessions, we can work on progress, ideas for habit change, healthy lifestyle ideas, and so forth. We will meet at Hyde Central train station (or Hyde Park, if preferred) for a walk around the Lower Peak Forest Canal, at a time agreed.

£145 or more

PT Taster: 4 x PT sessions over 4 weeks

ONLY available for launch! This is a taster programme of 4 sessions over 4 weeks. Since a minimum of 12 weeks with 2 sessions a week is really needed to see results, this taster just allows a glimpse of what you might expect with personal training. If you choose to continue training after 4 weeks, The PT Factory rates will then apply. Only 5 of these on offer, so be quick if you want this!

£288 or more

8 x PT sessions over 4 weeks (12wk program)

Save 20% on the normal price! Commit to 3 months of personal training with 2 sessions per week. This reward pays your first 4 weeks, and the remaining 2 x instalments of £288 per month become due in your 3rd week of each month. The total cost for 12 weeks is £864, at £288 payable every 4 weeks. If you choose to continue training after 12 weeks, The PT Factory rates will then apply.

£360 or more

12 x PT sessions over 4 weeks (12wk program)

Save 25% on the normal price! Commit to 3 months of personal training having 3 sessions per week. This reward pays your first 4 weeks, and the remaining 2 x instalments become due in your 3rd week of each month. The total cost for 12 weeks £1080, at £360 per month payable every 4 weeks. If you choose to continute training after 12 weeks, The PT Factory rates will then apply.

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