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by Molly Cheeseman in Weymouth, , United Kingdom

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Up_Keep is a slow fashion studio which offers an alternative to the existing unethical industry.

by Molly Cheeseman in Weymouth, , United Kingdom

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After feeling a bit lost graduating in lockdown, I decided to convert our closed family grocery store into a slow fashion studio. I started Up_Keep with the aim of offering an alternative to the existing fashion industry and show people they can still enjoy clothing without the unethical, unsustainable practices. 2 years later, I have worked with over 10 small businesses, completed hundreds of repair and alteration projects and created my own brand MollyAlice.1677444745_crowdfunder_pics-06.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                    Having worked as a one-woman band and being self-funded, in order to expand, I need the help of a seamstress to help me complete the day-to-day jobs which include cutting out, alterations and sewing products. The help of a seamstress will allow more capacity within the business, allowing extra projects to be taken on.

1677444918_crowdfunder_titles-01.jpgUp_Keep is a professional and ethical product development and sewing service for both small businesses and individuals. I help small businesses turn their design ideas to life through sustainable, innovative product development and product sampling. I also offer small batch production and other additional production services such as sustainable designing, tech packs and grading. Over the last 18 months, I have worked with over 10 small businesses, allowing them to become in touch with the manufacturing process and their customers to have a transparent view of how their garments are made.


I offer an alteration/repair service as well as specialist and bespoke creative sewing projects. This year I hope to start workshops and clothes swaps to help educate people in being able to make more sustainable choices with their wardrobe. 

Up_Keep operates a fair and flexible service and centers around the community and the future of a more sustainable industry.

1677445137_mollyalice_logo_2021_name_only.jpg1677445209_crowdfunder_pics-03.jpg                        Designed, pattern cut and handmade by me, the MollyAlice accessories are guaranteed to bring you a dopamine boost. Designed to brighten up the greyest day or the most basic outfit, I wanted to create an easy solution to help you slow it down… and bring joy to your everyday life. Adding colour to my outfits has always been a signature part of my style and I hope I can pass on the delight of creating and accessorising an outfit.                                                                                            The MollyAlice slow fashion accessories and homeware are all about having fun, but conscious design is at the centre of my design processes.

With MollyAlice, I have 3 stockists, have attended a number of markets and have been featured in simply sewing magazine. 


1677446464_crowdfunder_titles-04.jpg1677446515_crowdfunder_pics-01.jpgI grew up in Weymouth, Dorset and then studied for an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University and later a Master's degree at Winchester School of Art. As a part of my degree, I did a year's industry experience at River Island where I worked in the garment technology team and gained invaluable experience in garment production.                                                                                                        Whilst studying, I learnt of the devastating effects the fashion industry has on the environment and the unethical practices which take place to produce poor-quality clothing. Since then my research and work have focused around how to create a more positive, slower, fashion industry which takes into consideration both people and the planet. Starting a business on my own has helped me develop skills in a range of areas and has allowed me to be able to explore new ideas and concepts.

1677446917_crowdfunder_titles-02.jpgMy hope for Up_Keep is to be a hub of sustainable fashion services, which offers affordable and accessible help to anyone who would like to start a slow fashion brand. I want all my services to be high quality with ethical practice and support businesses in aiming for a more circular economy.

The impact of Brexit, covid-19 and the climate emergency means that people are increasingly going to be looking for more local places to source manufacture and the landscape of the garment production services as we know them now will completely change. Being at the forefront and offering an alternative option from mass produced models, will be important as we navigate through a new industry. 

I would also like to be able to offer services to communities such as clothing rental, repair and workshops, offering an inclusive fashion experience.

Photography: Ellie Smeaton + Emily Stokes


MA X Saskia Thank you Note ☺


MA X Saskia Notebook set gift set ☺


MA Scrunchie set ☺

1677451442_crowdfunder_pics-04.jpgMA x Saskia Large Scrunchie + bracelet set ☺


MA x Saskia Daisy Tote ☺


Make your own Tote Bag Workshop- Crowdfunder exclusive!!  ☺



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£100 or more

Make a Tote Bag Workshop- Crowdfunder exclusive!

A day workshop to learn how to make your own MollyAlice Tote Bag. The workshop will include: ♥How to thread up and use a domestic sewing machine ♥Using and cutting out a paper pattern ♥Adding your own design ideas to a pattern ♥Constructing your own accessories ♥All materials and equipment included ♥Maximum group size 4 people ♥ Tea/coffee/drinks included

£5 or more

MA X Saskia Thank you Note ☺

A beautiful A5 postcard, designed with Saskia Karin. ♥ Printed on the front + back. ♥Postage included ♥All MollyAlice orders and rewards include beautiful packaging and a postcard

£15 or more

MA X Saskia Notebook set gift set ✰

A set of 2 beautiful A5 notebooks, designed with Saskia Karin. ♥ Printed on the front + back. ♥Unlined ♥Postage included ♥All MollyAlice orders and rewards include beautiful packaging and a postcard

£20 or more

MA Scrunchie set ☺

A set of 2 beautiful medium MollyAlice scrunchies. ♥ Considered fabrics ♥Handmade ♥Postage included ♥All MollyAlice orders and rewards include beautiful packaging and a thank you postcard

£25 or more

MA x Saskia Large Scrunchie + bracelet set ☺

A beautiful organic cotton large scrunchie in a Saskia print with bead detail and a funky beaded bracelet. Each bracelet is handmade and unique so beads can vary. ♥ Considered fabrics ♥Handmade ♥Silver chain and clasp ♥Postage included ♥All MollyAlice orders and rewards include beautiful packaging and a thank you postcard

£40 or more

Garment Alteration ☺

Get an item of your choice altered and make it fit you perfectly!

£50 or more

MA x Saskia Daisy Tote ☺

Useful and colourful! If you’re looking to reduce plastic, make sure you have this reusable and chic tote. Fully lined. Handmade ethically in the Up_Keep studio. External fabric: 100% organic printed cotton. Internal fabric: 100% Cotton. ♥Postage included ♥All MollyAlice orders and rewards include beautiful packaging and a thank you postcard

£50 or more

LOCALS - Pick 20 secondhand items ☺

Pick 10 secondhand items from our selection of secondhand clothing. Update your wardrobe in a sustainable way.

£75 or more

Alteration voucher ☺

A voucher towards 1 or multiple alteration projects.

£200 or more

6 hours 1:1 sewing lesson- Crowdfunder exclusive!!

Improve your sewing skills with a 1:1 lesson. The session will be specifically designed for your own skill level and can focus on any project of your choice. ♥All materials and equipment included ♥ Tea/coffee/drinks included

£250 or more

A handmade garment of your choice!! ☺

Design or have an item of your choice created in fabrics of your own choosing. The Item will be made specifically for you! ♥All materials and equipment included ♥ A fit session

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