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by Yadgar in London, England, United Kingdom

Save India Club


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Help us save The India Club, a cultural institution in the heart of London! We have been served a notice to vacate by our landlord.

by Yadgar in London, England, United Kingdom

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Geoff Cox 2nd March 2021

The India Club is a unique and indescribable treasure - it must be saved for the pleasure of this and future generations.

Lucy 1st March 2021

a place in London that survives with character, such a rare thing these days- part of our history as a nation and a lovely venue

Mr David Buick 1st March 2021

We can’t lose unique places like this . I have only been once but it was like a birthday present and Christmas rolled into one , thanks Graeme

Yvonne Riordan 28th February 2021

Just love The India Club. It's like a trip back in time. It reminds me of my time in Kerela. It's so important to a community who love the food and authenticity of this place. I just hope it is saved and the greedy landlord backs off.

Helen Ottaway 27th February 2021

I ate at the India Club regularly in the 1980s when I worked nearby and I have gone back whenever I could. I love the food and the atmosphere - an oasis. You introduced me to marsala dosai - the best food ever! I'm not nostalgic for the sake of it but the India Club is a gem to be savoured and protected.

Helen Ottaway 27th February 2021

I ate at the India Club regulary when I worked nearby in the 1980s. I loved the food and the atmosphere and go back whenever I can. You introcued me to marsala dosai - the best food ever. I'm not nostalgic for the sake of it but The India Club is a gem to be savured and protected.

Dave Hogg 26th February 2021

Katha and I met and married in India and enjoyed visiting India Club as a bit of nostalgia during a weekend trip to London. The fact that on the video there’s a Greggs below (nothing against Greggs mind you) exemplifies why we support this campaign to save something with unique character and significance in the centre of our capital city.

Caroline O’Donoghue 26th February 2021

Good luck to you all. I had the pleasure to visit you once and that was just before the first lockdown. A friend brought me and I was bowled over by the ‘time standing still’ element, and was so delighted that you existed in such a central part of London. I was looking forward to recommending your haven to friends and family. I do hope you are successful in your battle. Xxxx

Bob Bevan-Jones 25th February 2021

I enjoyed numberless meals at the India Club in my 20s and 30s. I am no longer in its catchment area, but I remember it fondly, and have introduced my children to its delights.

Andy Popperwell 25th February 2021

I worked at the BBC World Service in Bush House across the road for many years. After a spell in India, I realised even more how the India Club represented that whole culture. And the food is great, too!

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