Help Laila create natural skincare solutions

by Laila Majeed in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help Laila create natural skincare solutions
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Help young Afghani refugee businesswoman Laila achieve her dreams of formulating and producing natural and organic skincare products!

by Laila Majeed in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Pay the full tuition of the 36-week Formula Botanica course.

Thank you so much for visiting my Crowdfunder. My name is Laila Majeed, and I am on a mission to develop natural and organic skincare products for people with dermatological skin conditions.



When I came to the UK from Afghanistan 8 years ago, I developed the dermatological skin conditions acne and eczema. As I began settling in this country, they became significantly worse, and I experienced severe eczema and swelling, especially around my eyes which impacted my eyesight, as well as my confidence.

I am still unsure why my skin condition worsened so much when I moved to the UK. The doctor said it might have been the stress of starting a new journey as a refugee. It is not uncommon that when you go through this level of stress, your body reacts in skin conditions, and I found out that many other people also suffer from stress-related skin conditions.

I was prescribed lots of different medications, and I spent a fortune buying different creams promising to heal my dry chapped & painful skin. What happened however, was instead of making the Eczema better, it gave me even more skin issues! Acne flared up on my face due to the oil levels in the medication. But the problem was, using an Acne medication would dry up and worsen the Eczema. So I started to instead take oral medication for the Acne, but this then gave me rashes all over my body! I found that I became very allergic to products that had even the smallest amount of alcohol and chemicals in them, because my skin was so sensitive from the medication I was taking and everything I had been through. 

It has been a very long journey for me and at times, I had to stop taking my medication just to catch a break. The whole time I was trying to find products that helped, not aggravated my conditions, that did not cause me further damage and pain.



According to the British Skin Foundation. 60% of people in the UK struggle with skin conditions. Products in the market containing harsh and unnecessary ingredients such as: Alcohol, Oxybenzone Fragrance, Parabéns, and mineral oil doesn't make it any easier for them.

Currently in the market it's very difficult to find affordable skincare products that are clean, organic and gentle for people with skin conditions. I myself have tried many products for many years and none of them have helped; in fact they damaged my skin barrier even more and made my skin very sensitive to sun exposure and chemicals.

I have done so much personal research, and grown very passionate about this issue- that is why I founded Sada Skincare. Sada wants to change this problem, and develop products that nourish skin and relieve the pain & flare ups that our customers suffer with.


One way that I will work to find this product is to bring together people with skin conditions to build a community of people who can support one another and share their research, trials and wins! I wish there had been a close-knit community like this when I was looking for answers around my skin conditions. Sada will create a community of like-minded people with similar conditions who can share tips and resources of what works for them. This community will primarily be on Instagram @sada_skincare.

Based on community feedback, data, and knowledge that is gathered in this space, I want to formulate a product that works to heal the symptoms of sensitive skin conditions. Through the Sada community I will understand their real needs and desires, to create products that are made for and by people with skin conditions.



I have been working hard since May 2021 with TERN, in their pre-incubator and incubator programmes to develop a business plan, financial plan, brand and website to start to build my own community. I have met with countless advisors and chemists and started to explore manufacturing the right product for people that suffer from dermatological skin conditions. 

I understand the ingredients that are beneficial for skin conditions, but I need to take the next step to be able to build a first product for my community and for SADA. 



My next step is to learn more about formulating natural products, sterilisation, storing it, preserving and the entire start to finish procedure of creating the right formula. 


I have decided not to depend on a supplier or manufacturer but rather, to formulate the products myself at first, because I personally know the pain of skin conditions and I want to make sure that the product aligns with my values and is beneficial for people with skin conditions.


There is a renowned course called Formula Botanica which will teach me this so I can build my first product, but the course costs £1997. With your help I can take this course, which will qualify me to make my own products that will be beneficial for so many people suffering from dermatological skin conditions.

I want to follow all the right steps to create my first product for people with dermatological skin conditions but I need more in-depth information than is available for free. That is why I am running this Crowdfunder campaign. If I reach my goal, I can pay half my tuition for the course. If I reach my stretch goal, I will be able to pay the whole course!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£150 or more

Sada Swag Grab

For those who contribute £150 or more to my campaign, I will custom print for you a Sada Skincare toiletry bag/wash bag with a beautiful purple Saffron flower to contain your cosmetics! You will also receive an invitation to my sample testing event and a 20-min skincare coaching session.

£20 or more

You're invited

For those fabulous people who contribute £20 to my business, you will receive an exclusive invitation to my sample testing party in autumn 2022- where we can get together to try my samples, enjoy refreshments and make new friends.

£60 or more

Skincare coaching session

For those amazing people who contribute £60 or more, I can offer a 20-minute bespoke consultation where I listen to and try to understand your skin's needs, and share with you any information I've gathered that might help from my years of research in DIY natural skincare & helpful ingredients! You will also receive an exclusive invitation to my sample testing party in autumn 2022.

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