Pussycat Lodge Trust

RCN 1148883, Brentwood

Provide shelter and medical treatment to sick, mistreated or abandoned cats and kittens, re-homing to suitable homes after vetting prospective owners. We are made aware of these animals by contact from members of the public, or other bodies such as vets and the local council. We also provide help and advice to members of the public or give details of someone who can help.

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Pussycat Lodge Trust

Pussycat Lodge Trust (PCLT) is a small charity entirely run by volunteers. 

We take in injured, abused, unwanted, abandoned and elderly cats. They are cared for until they are able to be re-homed or kept by us as sponsored cats. 

We promote responsible cat care and neutering. We offer a free advice service via the e-mail, telephone, website, social media and dedicated facebook page. 

We also specialise in feral cats who need trapping, medical care and neutering then we rehome to farms, small holdings, stables etc.  

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Yvonne Muller commented

Excellent idea to help animals.

22nd July 2022 at 12:45pm
dpengelly pledged £20 + an est. £5.00 in Gift Aid
11th July 2022 at 5:51pm
dpengelly has also backed 9 other projects
Michael John Purser commented

We've always had cats and know how much love they can give. I hope our small donation helps in some way. Thank you for the work you do.

27th June 2022 at 10:30am
Suki commented

I have cats but am on benefits but i hope this donation may go towards helping a cat in need.

28th April 2022 at 2:14pm
Anonymous pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid

28th April 2022 at 2:12pm

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