Invisible Army - SEND Sanctuary Play Park

by Lee West in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

Invisible Army - SEND Sanctuary Play Park


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To build a safe, accessible sanctuary and play area specially for SEND adults and children in the South West of UK.

by Lee West in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

After much work it’s been highlighted through public petition of the enormous need to create a safe, fun, accessible and life-changing disabled adult and child play park with the South West.

Many of the carers say that they mostly stay at home within the same 4 walls, due to limited access to safe, understanding places to visit. They know that if they take their loved one to a play park there is a risk, they may unintentionally hurt a small child or receive verbal abuse from other people at the park. There are hundreds of real people trapped in their homes often deteriorating as the world is not designed for them.

To date over 54k people have signed the petition and with the support of The Avon Centre, the Incredible Army representing every carer in Bristol and the surrounding area have been given the opportunity to make a long-term difference to many lives. Click Here for Petition Update

"This is so needed! I also have a 24-year-old ASD daughter who would love to go to the park on a more regular basis but now won't go out at all because of the comments, laughs and stares”

The list of benefits is endless:


Improving mental health

Community for disabled adults and carers

Coming out of isolation (especially after Covid)

Job or volunteer opportunities (such as caring for the park, garden, a potential café)

Fun (and a sense of development, release and safety)

Respite for carers 

Reduced loneliness

Increasing people coming into Bristol 

Lowering discrimination against disabled adults

Accessible equipment and changing places

A doctor which signed the petition wrote:

"This would be amazing. I hope Bristol city council take the lead on this. As a doctor I can say that lack of exercise & obesity can be severe problems in growing adults with learning difficulties, so somewhere to let off steam & have fun would be invaluable both from a mental & physical health point of view. "


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